Carol Barber's hand painted earringsLast Spring and through the Summer I started painting on large paper, 18" x 24" and wooden shapes for earrings. I finished the first release of earrings and sold quite a few, so I am working on a second release for ...

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Painting Earrings and Large Paper

Carol Barber's hand painted earrings
Last Spring and through the Summer I started painting on large paper, 18" x 24" and wooden shapes for earrings. I finished the first release of earrings and sold quite a few, so I am working on a second release for November 2nd, 2019. The earrings are very interesting to make. I have discovered I like quick gestures and a scraping technique the best because of the organic feeling to the paint. Sometimes this works easily but sometimes I really struggle with it. So many factors come into play from paint consistency to how much pressure I use with my hand or tool. I have discarded many attempts. I also have to make the two earrings match in mirror image which is an added challenge. The large paper has helped me to produce many pieces quickly and it is surprising how many layers of paint one piece of paper will take.

"All Along the Watchtower", 18" x 24" mixed media on paper
Carol H. Barber © 2019


Prints !!

Check out my new collection, "Touch of Earth", on Fine Art America. This work is from a new series where I am incorporating neutral colors into my palette while exploring line, shape and mark making. The many layers and delicate lines give each abstract piece a rich surface. Fine Art America offers prints in a variety of sizes and on many products. I think the weekender tote bag looks especially nice with my art. Please check it out!


Music, Art, Creativity: Come Compare on October 5th

At Second Street Gallery 

On October 5th from 5:30 to 7:30 there will be an opening reception at Second Street Gallery and the featured artist is Lana Guerra from New Orleans. She will also be presenting a puppet show at 6:30.
My work will be in the "Backroom" which is really the office area, but I am still very excited to have a presence at this gallery. When I moved to Charlottesville seven years ago, I wanted to do art that was contemporary and could be shown at this gallery. Now after working these years to find my own voice in abstraction, my wish has come true. I am happy to be working in a manner that is abstract, intuitive and feels good to create.
When you go through the gallery you will see that Lana and I use some of the same bright colors such as fluorescent pink and teal but the over all feelings of the paintings are so different. Her art is like punk rock and mine is like jazz. I wonder if my art really is like jazz? I looked up Jazz on Wikipedia and maybe Lana's art is more like Jazz, both originated in New Orleans. I do not know much about music, but I thought Wikipedia would say that jazz was improvisational and playing with the elements of music. However, it didn't really say that, maybe I should ask a musician how they feel about it. I am in love with the art and design elements and I feel I do intuitively play with the elements to make finished compositions. Lana is working in an intuitive stream of consciousness, letting her creativity run wild. I hope to find out more about the narratives she creates on October 5th. She may have purposes and reasons for the stories or she may create them and the meanings emerge. I feel pretty sure the need to create is another common bond between the two of us and not just the same bright colors.

 LANA GUERRA 9.7.2018 TO 10.20.2018

red, purple abstract painting
"Melt My Heart" 2018 © Carol Barber


Work up at Random Row Brewing Company

I had fun hanging pieces together that have never shown together before. Join me for a beer on Wednesday evening, June 6, from 5 to 8 pm to check it out in person. I would love to see you! 

From the Organizer:

Random Row Brewery features Carol Barber for the month of June. On June 6th a reception for the artist will be held 5 - 8 pm. A great time to enjoy art and great beer. Location: 608 Preston A, Charlottesville, VA 22903 Hours: M-F 4:30 - 11, Sat-Sun noon- 9pm, (434) 284-8466


Cheers to 2017!

I was so happy with my studio time this year. Making new connections on Instagram and being involved with the Welcome Gallery in downtown Charlottesville, VA were also some highlights. So many things I want to accomplish in 2018: one is getting my art out into the world in an organized way, working on exciting compositions and bringing the magic of working on paper to canvas. I am also working on my teachers' certification. Hope all of your dreams come true in 2018!

Built on Broken Dreams
18” x 24”,
acrylic on canvas

Spring Blossoms
18” x 18”,
acrylic on canvas

Alternate Paths II
14” x 17”, 
acrylic & cut paper on paper

Alternate Paths I
14” x 17”, 
acrylic & cut paper on paper

Where the Green Grass Grows II
14” x 16”, 
acrylic & cut paper on paper

14” x 17”, 
acrylic & cut paper on paper

Destination Vacation
24” x 36”,
acrylic on canvas

Available works on paper matted to 8" x 10"
Carol H. Barber © 2017


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