Hello friends! Popping in for my Five for Fridays post with my Tammy Tutterow Designs girls. It will be a quick one, as I just walked in from being gone for a couple of days. My friend Julies husband has been in the hospital for a month now, and it's ...

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  1. "Home Sweet Home" Embroidery Hoop Wreath Tammy Tuterow Designs
  2. "Summer Loving" Embroidery Hoop Door Decor using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L and Fancy Pants Deisgns "Hello Summer Collection"
  3. ADORNit cards using Mini card size images / Cabin 4th of July Parade
  4. Sunflower card - Tammy Tutterow and Spellbinders
  5. "Thinking of you" Card - Tammy Tutterow Designs
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"Home Sweet Home" Embroidery Hoop Wreath Tammy Tuterow Designs

Hello friends!
Popping in for my Five for Fridays post with my Tammy Tutterow Designs girls.  It will be a quick one, as I just walked in from being gone for a couple of days. My friend Julies husband has been in the hospital for a month now, and it's been such a trying time for them. With my stupid foot situation I haven't been able to help her like I wished I could.  She is always the person who is there for everyone, so I was feeling so sad about not being able to help her.  The past couple of days I knew Dan would be here to take care of our dogs so I went to her house to take care of her dog and some things around there for her.  It wasn't much, but I knew even a couple of days would help her out.
 I spent some quality time with her 13 year old Chihuahua "Ellie".  I'll share some photos in my next post.

I not only love Tammys' stamps but her amazing dies also.  I used both on this embroidery hood wreath I made for my front door.

See all Tammy's products HERE
She has some amazing stuff! And now Stencils also!! 

Isn't this the most adorable stamp??  ( I used Tombo markers and chalk )

Can you see the gorgeous embossing on the leaves?  LOVE!

You can see the Five for Fridays Blog post on Tammy's blog here showing all the gorgeous projects from the ladies and links to their blogs also.

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this team.  Working with Tammy's products and these lovely talented ladies is just great.  Feeling Blessed.

Have  yourself a wonderful weekend my friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  You know I appreciate is so much.


"Summer Loving" Embroidery Hoop Door Decor using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L and Fancy Pants Deisgns "Hello Summer Collection"

Hello friends!!

Today I have a tutorial up on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog, showing how to make this fun door decor project with embroidery hoops.  I show how I used the Dual Tip Glue Pen for creating this project. 
If your looking for a fun Summer decor project this is fun and easy. I used the new "Hello Summer Collection" from Fancy Pants, and boy did it give it that Summertime vibe.

I'd love it if you popped over HERE to the SA blog and  took a look. 

I'm happy to say that this project has found a perfect home with my friend Gabby's mom.  She has little camper herself, so this will be perfect for it. ( And yes, I've already made another hoop project for MY door". lol I'll be sharing it here soon.

It has been so HOT here the past couple of weeks.... but... I'm still thankful for an chance to get out for a while ( if I know air conditioning is on where I"m going) lol.
We did get a car to replace mine, so we have taken it for a ride a couple of different days.  I cant drive yet, but hopefully that isn't too far down the road.

There are miles of corn , which makes me think .. I haven't even had fresh corn on the cob this Summer. Nothing about this Summer has been normal. lol   I was thinking yesterday, I haven't even worn flip flops!!! ugh!

Oh , I guess I did have THIS corn. lol

The kids were here Saturday night for a bit while their parents went to her class reunion.   I can not tell you how much these two brighten my day. They are a hoot!  They were playing restaurant with the new toy food I got. One would take the order while the other one cooked an then they would switch.   They are good at it! Their Uncle and Grandma run a restaurant in a town near here so this is something  they see a lot.
Here is a photo of the restaurant .. They have amazing, amazing food!

You can find them on Facebook "EAT Restaurant in Doge"

There was actually a breeze when we were at  the cabin so Jarad and Kate took their four wheeler and we took their side by side and went for a little ride on the trails to the river.
Loved getting to see Jarad and Kate. They have been so busy with selling their house and getting ready for their move that we haven't see as much of them.
They will be moving to the new house the first part of August.  It will be a busy time with Kate being a teacher.

I hope things are going well for all of you. I love that you take time to stop by and check in .

More projects to share, so I'll be back sooooooon!~



ADORNit cards using Mini card size images / Cabin 4th of July Parade

Hello everyone!

I told you when I started using these paintable (and  also stamped images),   practicing with watercolor pencils, paints, markers ect.. that I would share along the way.  I  didn't start coloring stamps back when everyone else did, because I just didn't think I was interested in that as much as I was with other things in my creative world. Coloring tiny images while trying to master shading and blending , was truthfully kind of intimidating to me. Ok... REALLY intimidating to me. lol
But.... a few things have changed that for me.  First of all, I'm a lot easier on myself than I used to be. I  made myself to stop and think about why I really loved to craft in the first place. It's fun and relaxing.  Reminding myself that everything I do, isn't always going to be my best work, ..just enjoy the process.  *Trying new things help you grown creatively.
Then, along came these printed images and stamps that are larger and (in my opinion) much easier to color or paint.
So, as I try different things and learn, I'll share.  These images are from  ADORNit  mini coloring books.  They are printed on great watercolor paper! That is one of the things I realized right off the bat, that made a huge difference in my end result. I often used to stamp on white cardstock which was okay for colored pencils, but watercolor paper for markers, watercolor pencils, and watercolor paint works SO much better.   Like I said.. this is all new to me.  I'm just playing and learning.
These where done with watercolor  for the most part, but I with use paint, markers, pencils, chalk ect.. whatever mix of those I want.  No rules.
These images are card size so they pretty much stand alone. Just mat them and you are done.  They make great little note cards.

And so you know...... my sweet and talented friend Catherine Scanlon as a book with ADORNit with her beautiful floral images.  You can see it here
I'll be sharing some things done with her images soon.

I'll be sharing some things using her images soon.

I'm suddenly feeling kind of insecure sharing these. lol   I need to take my own advice and chill.  Everyone has to start somewhere.   My blending skills are certainly in the beginning stages.

Well, I did enjoy the process :)

My coloring looks so much better when the images are tiny thumbnails on my computer. lol


Today marks two months since my car accident.  I have been housebound for the most part, except for doctors appointments and a couple of therapy sessions.  Yesterday Amy and Wes invited us out to the cabin for the annual campground parade. The weather was great and I was ready to get out of the house. After about 4 hours I was pooped and ready to come home.  Baby steps, I guess.  I cant see it's going to take some time to build up my strength.     It was so nice to be out tho!
I have to share some photos from the day.

Dan and I didn't ride in the parade.  Sitting and taking photos was more up my alley this year. I just sat out on the deck , waved and took photos. lol

There's Amy and Wes
Kate ( with her niece) and her friend Megan.

Coming and going.

Even little ones. I don't know who she is but shes adorable.

There goes Jarad.

Amy and Wes.

I couldnt share ALL the photos because I took a lot! But you get the idea :)

I was thankful for a nice outing.

I hope you all had a nice weekend also!

Happy Fourth of July!


Sunflower card - Tammy Tutterow and Spellbinders

Hello friends!  Kind of a quick post today while I'm up in my studio. It seems when I am up here, there are so many things I want to get done. One trip up here a day is about all I can do, so I work up here until I can tell it's time to go ice and elevate my foot.  I'm excited because after this week, I will be able to put some weight on my foot, while it's in the boot.  That will make things a lot easier.

This is a card I created with one of  Tammy Tutterows sweet Stamps, and Spellbinders Dies.
She has some great new smaller sentiments that I am in love with. I occasionally like to make so cards to keep on hand that I can just add a sentiment to the inside when I know who I am sending it to, and if it's going to be a Birthday wish, Congratulation, Thankyou ect...

Sunflower Bunch

A few days ago Emmett was here for a bit.  This kid is a hoot! He is the best medicine!   He's getting so big, and talking so grown up these days. He knows the routine around here, so I when I say something like... "I need to feed the dogs now", he says ... in his most exuberant  voice.  " I'll do it!"
Cracks me up!!

I feel like I"m on baby watch.  My great niece is set to arrive soon ( my sister Jan's first girl grandbaby).   My bestie, Julie's daughter is due, and this will be Julies first grandbaby!   Also Sandy ( Crafty Secrets)  daughter Holly is due anytime. (Sandy's second grandbaby).
Such a fun time. Excitement is in the air!

I hope you are enjoying the Summer. The weather here has been amazing!  So nice, in fact that I decided I was going to crawl around and weed  a bit in my flowers out front. Yes, I know it sounds weird, and I"m sure if anyone drove by, they thought .. What the?? ( actually I tried to just sit like a normal person would while weeding if I heard a car coming). lol   I hopped to the edge of the steps, sat down to get off the steps and then crawled along as I weeded. I didn't have the wheel chair out there, because I was just imagining someone stopping to see if I fell out of my wheelchair. lol
  Trust me, if it was gorgeous out and you had been stuck inside for almost two months, you might try it to. lol
It felt great to be outside and really good to be doing SOMETHING other than sitting inside..... UNTIL I started itching and getting red bumps like crazy.  CHIGGERS!     seriously .. no fun!
I don't know if Chiggers are common all over the US, but here in NE they are.  I actually thought "I hope I don't get chiggers" as I sat in the grass.  UGH!

 Just talked to my sis. Seems she's been out weeding also. lol  She has them also.
oh man.

Well, I hope you have a great "Chigger-less" day my friends!

Thanks, as always for stopping by!



"Thinking of you" Card - Tammy Tutterow Designs

Hey friends!
I'm glad I still have some new things in my file to share with you as I haven't really been able to be upstairs enough to create since the accident. It's another two weeks before I can even start to put weight on my foot ( with the boot on). ugh   Nothing is happening fast enough for me at this point.  It's been over 7 weeks now ... and it feels like it's been every bit of that if not more. I ( strongly dislike) not being able to do what I want, when I want.  lol  I AM my fathers Daughter. lol

This is a card made using another one of Tammy Tutterows beautiful stamps.
I LOVE that these stamps are so easy to color!

I'm a member of an online group for people with foot and ankle injuries, and I have to tell you... its been a great source of info and support.   Of course each person and their injuries and circumstances are different but it still really helps give you an idea of what to expect.
I quickly saw that I wasn't the only one having a hard time being patient with this healing process.  I don't like feeling like a negative Nelly but some days are just frustrating. 
One of the ladies said "I try to look at it as a sort of vacation".     Now I love optimism and I think that trying to find the good in things is always best...... but lol  There is nothing about this experience that I could make feel like a vacation. hahaha  ( I'm thinking she has some really  great pain meds) lol

So focusing on the positive.... I am going to share the best time I've had in quite a while.   My sis and brother in law came Saturday night and brought dinner with them. Keith did all the grilling and Jan had made all the food.  It was amazing!
It was so nice, we sat outside to eat. I felt like I was part of the living world!  Such a good time. I can never thank them enough for all they have done for us since the accident. They are just amazing people.
Check out that yummy food!

Here is my other constant  company. They can be real bed hogs.
I'm so glad we have this main floor guest bedroom, because it's been a life saver.  It is actually the master bedroom and bath, but with Dans odd work hours we have always had our bedroom upstairs away from any noise.
We used this bedroom for mom when mom stayed here, and I was so thankful for it then. Dan put a tv in here also, so that helps pass the time.  I'm getting around better now so I had be in the living room, kitchen ect, but getting upstairs to the bed every night would be impossible.

I had my first therapy session tomorrow afternoon.  I'm excited to start.  It's just one more step ( no pun indented ) to things getting back to normal.

I'm hoping you are all having a great Summer!  Thanks for stopping by! 


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