Hello friends! Today I thought I'd share with you a little something I do with my Christmas card photos.(After they have done their time on the front of the refrigerator of course :) I love photo Christmas card photos, and it seems like they just get ...

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  1. Altered books for Christmas Card photos
  2. Hand stitched felt hearts
  3. "Five for Fridays" Tammy Tutterow's Creative Team Candy Jar
  4. Christmas star using Fancy Pants Designs and sharing photos from Winter Wonderland at Sycamore Farms
  5. Embroidery Hoop Projects and Christmas gathering with the girls
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Altered books for Christmas Card photos

Hello friends!
Today I thought I'd share with  you a little something I do with my Christmas card photos.(After they have done their time on the front of the refrigerator of course :)
I love photo Christmas card photos, and it seems like they just get more and more popular.
It seems the front of the refrigerator is the place of honor for them in the beginning, right?  After that what happens?  Into the photo box?
Well, I've put mine into a book for the last few years.  That way they can sit out in the living room where I have them handy to show off the family photos to company.
I have a "how to" up on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog today on how I created mine.  You can make them as simple  or as involved as you like.
Here is the link to the tutorial

I share more of the pages and information over in my post on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog. But here is a couple of photos of pages  so you get the idea.

In previous books I've used more of a Christmas theme, but in this one I used lots of color!

If you like a more altered mixed media type book, here is one a did a few years ago. It is done in an actually old print book.  I removed about half the pages to allow space and used the other pages as my base to work from.
For this book I drilled holes to add the rings.  This book holds a few years worth of photo cards where as the one above is just for this year.
Here is my original link on my blog to this Altered photo book HERE

Here are a couple of pages, but you can see more by going to the link above.

If you want to make one of your own, you can get more ideas here

my post on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog HERE
my original post on the more altered looking photo book HERE  

It's a great January project don't you think? 

Enjoy the process!

Thanks for stopping by! 


Hand stitched felt hearts

Hello friends! Happy 2018!  Here's to hoping it's fantastic for all of us!

How did I ring in the new year?  In bed sick : (    I did still manage to stay awake until midnight tho, if that counts) lol. 
It's been so cold and there has been so many people sick after the holidays.  I am just glad I made it thru Christmas without getting sick.  Once this cold hit and the temps kept dropping.... I STAYED IN!   Seriously, I haven't left the house since Christmas Eve!  Not that I've been that sick for that long, it just felt good to stay in. It seems a lot easier to do that when you live in the country for some reason. I tend to keep stocked up on groceries and things for the most part, so we can go quiet a while without going into town. ( not that town is that far away anyway).  It's just nice not to HAVE to go out if you don't want to. Dan has been off for a number of days over the holiday and we are preparing for him to change shifts. This will be an  adjustment for both of us.

I made a lot of this hand stitched hearts last year and sold a bunch. I love hand stitching, so I really enjoy making them.   Not feeling well, and wanting to stay in out of the cold, made these days a prime opportunity to do a little stitching and spend some quality time with Netflix.

If you are interested, they are $9 each ($2.50 shipping with can be adapted if multiples are purchased)
You can email me at vickichrisman@hotmail.com

Today I"m digging into the scrapbook pages I'm working on for hire.  Feels good to be back in my studio playing with paper again, since I took a bit of a break preparing for Christmas.
It's still FREEZING out, but atleast the sun is shining so it's pretty. ( and it's WARM inside)
I always love the view from my studio window, no matter what the season.

Yes, so.... BRRRRR...!!!
I hope you are all off to a great new year, even if your new years was ... like me.. not that exciting. lol
 ( photo source unknown)

Happy New Year my friends!

Hugs, Vicki

"Five for Fridays" Tammy Tutterow's Creative Team Candy Jar

Oh, it's a Bittersweet day.  I love Five for Fridays with these talented ladies, and always look so forward to seeing what they have created for these Fridays.  This team is coming to an end and that is sad, but I will certainly still be using Tammy's beautiful stamps and dies... and will defiantly  be staying in touch with Tammy and all these lovely ladies.
Tammy has been a friend of mine for years. We have worked many trade shows together. She has such talent and such a kind heart. I wish her tons of good luck in all her new endeavors.  Big, big hugs to Tammy and all the ladies!

If your looking for a fun last minute gift.  How about filling an old jar with candies and embellishing with these fun mittens?
I added the "for you" stamp of Tammy's also.  It's hard to see here ,but I stamped these mittens twice and cut out and colored the hears and mitten cuffs, raising them up with small foam squares from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.   It really gives it so much dimension.  I added some silver Stickles to the cuffs also.
This jar used to be my moms. I'm sure she used it for many years.  This will be a gift for my niece. I know she will treasure this jar.
I just attached the mittens with Adhesive Dots so that they can be removed so the jar can be used year round.
I'm a big fan of just embellishing things for the Holidays. It sure saves on space.  I certainly have plenty of Holiday bins in the garage. yikes!  I look for ways to reduce.

Stamps and Dies

Please pop over to Tammy's blog, give her some love, and see the beautiful things the ladies have created this week.

Hugs all around!!!


Christmas star using Fancy Pants Designs and sharing photos from Winter Wonderland at Sycamore Farms

Hello Friends!
I thought I'd squeeze in on more blog post before Christmas. Wow, I feel like I lost a week in there somewhere.  Are you sure Christmas is actually five days away???   We will be having our Dunn family Christmas as usual on Christmas Eve, and then our kids and Amy's parents here with us on Christmas evening.  Really looking for ward to being with family.

I have a  quick Christmas decor project up on the Fancy Pants Designs blog , if you'd like to check it out HERE

This was done using the Fancy Pants "Holiday Hustle" Collection.
Such a fun collection.

I really wanted to share some photos with you of Winter Wonderland and Sycamore Farms.  It was a gorgeous day for December in Nebraska! wow! unreal.   This is the first year for this event but it is at the same place that Junkstock is held. 
Wes and Amy were planning to go and asked if Jan, Keith , Dan and I wanted to come also.  I had thought about it when I first heard about the event, because it sounded really cool, but I wasn't sure who much walking I would be able to do, (and most of all if there would be uneven surfaces to walk). My foot just does not do well with that.
It was such a nice day, that we hated to pass it up, so we met for lunch  and then headed to check it out. I figured if my foot couldn't handle it, I could always find and place to sit and enjoy being there.  But it turned out fine.  I did the most  walking I've done since the accident.. and did fairly well.

There was so many pretty things to look at.
Below is Amy and Wes by the entrance as we were leaving.
We came late afternoon when it was light  and then stayed until dark to see the lights.

There were lots of vendors and lots of cool things to check out.

Did someone mention Shiny Brites?

How about cameras?

And if you had any doubt that buffalo plaid was the in thing...

There were so many cute photo props.

I had to laugh because I was just taking a random photo and when I looked at it later, I saw Dan and Wes both in the picture.   This is not the norm for my husband lol  He usually does not take in craft shows with me.  OKAY.. Never! lol   But this was a bit different because there were other things beside crafts... and remember it was just a nice day to get out of the house.  I have to laugh though, as he looks lost. lol  Slightly out of his element :)

This is the farmhouse.  This photo doesn't do it justice,. but my other photo of the front of the house turned out very blurry.

There were six of us there, but only four of us where willing to have these photos taken.  I'm sure you can guess who would not partake in this silliness. hahah

It was a really fun day, with some of my favorite people.  Maybe next year Jarad and Kate can come with us.  This year they were hosting their "Friendsmas" at their cabin that evening.

I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!
Enjoy time with friends and family!

Hugs, Vicki

Embroidery Hoop Projects and Christmas gathering with the girls

So, is everyone finished with their Christmas decorating.  Even if  you are, here is a fun decor project that comes together really quick..... so you might want to plug in your glue gun girls :)
I'm sharing some embroidery hoop projects that my sis and I made.  Each one is a little different and unique from the other. There are so many fun things you can do with these. You and personalize them to your liking.
Luckily my sis decided a while back to hang on to these "biggies" instead of getting rid of them, and boy I'm glad she did.  We put them to good use.
   * If you don't have any, you can get them at most any craft store.  I had also ordered some in sets from amazon.

I decided to age mine by staining it a darker brown. I just used some brown spray mist I had on hand and it worked great.   After that, all you need it whatever you want to add and a glue gun.

It was hard to get a good photo of mine with the battery operated candle lit in it at night, so above is it  during the day and below at night.
I didn't glue the candle in, because the on/ off switch is on the bottom of the candle... but the candle sat  in there nicely with no problem.

This is the other one I made. 

Here is my sis with the two she made.

Aren't they gorgeous?!?!
She left the wood hoops natural for this one.

 For the one below she used washi tape on the edges of the hoop, and it looked so cute!

I love the simplicity of this one so much. She has a lot of great places to hang hers. There is so much amazing natural light in her house also.. so these are going to look gorgeous.

I've made a number of embroidery hoop projects the past few months. 
Here are a couple if you missed them.

Home Sweet Home embroidery Hoop wreath

Summer Lov'n embroidery Hoop wreath

I hope you get a chance to give one a try!


What else went on this week?  Well, I had the girls over for a little down time last night.  Don't we all need that about now?   It's always such a great time with these ladies. I'm so blessed to have them for friends. I truly mean that!  Each one of them have the kindest hearts! They are just people that you WANT to be around.

We each brought some cookies to share.

Oh, did I mentioned I say, wear your slippers and pajamas? lol  I was determined it was going to be a relaxing evening for all of us.  We just ordered pizza and sat around and chatted.  Trust me, there is never a lull in the conversation. ( Oh, yeah, there never is with me around lol).  Actually we all chatted a bunch.. and it was great!
Once we had room, we  had cookies and hot chocolate.

Life is good.

I hope you all find time to step away from the hustle and bustle of this time of year ( even if just for a little bit)  to spend some time just enjoying your favorite people.  It's the best gift you can give yourself!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hugs all around!  Vicki


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