Early in the year, which is to say a few staggeringly long and tumultuous weeks ago, I took a photo out a particular window, propping the phone in the frame and keeping the flash off, trying to avoid getting the device's reflection into the shot. The ...

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  1. New habits in 2017
  2. Communication
  3. One week in Denmark
  4. Status Update
  5. I will be teaching a Writing the Other: Comics & Graphic Novels class on September 10
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New habits in 2017

Early in the year, which is to say a few staggeringly long and tumultuous weeks ago, I took a photo out a particular window, propping the phone in the frame and keeping the flash off, trying to avoid getting the device’s reflection into the shot.

The next morning I took another.

It hasn’t been every day.

It hasn’t been the same time of day each time.

I haven’t kept the phone in precisely the same position.

But it’s becoming a small habit, these photos that are mostly the roof of the house next door, the tops of trees, snow when there’s snow, clouds when there are clouds.

Consistency and variation.

Another habit I’ve been forming is to note small actions I’m taking in my journal. Calls, emails, letters, events, donations. Time strategizing, commiserating, and simply being with people I care about.

And writing, because yes, that counts.

It helps to remember what I’ve done and am doing on an ongoing basis, in the face of the endless and terrifying deluge of everything else that needs to be done.

It also helps to think about the rest of you, and everything you’re doing, too.




the word "communication" in relief on a metal grate

Seems like the more I prioritize it offline, the less I do on.

But I’ve enjoyed the various instances of the 2006/2016 meme that have come across my feeds, so here’s a version of same.

2006: Working on The Rules for Hearts, also minicomics. Helped gut a house in New Orleans. Acquired Snag.

Had braces. Went to my first BG Literary retreat. Had a LiveJournal, username “thisisnotanlj.”

LJ userpic, November 2006:

2016: Working on novel which will likely have a different title by the time it’s done, therefore I won’t share its working title. Plus some comics which may also end up with different titles than their working titles therefore ditto. Had an essay published in The V-WordWent to my tenth BG Literary retreat. (Can that be true? I think it can.)  Taught comics writing in Denmark. Mourned, organized.

Selfie after most recent haircut with same stylist/friend as 2006:

Basically the same pose and also yeah I’ve had variations on the same asymmetrical haircut for more than a decade, fight me.

N.B. I was already going gray in 2006, but I wasn’t letting it show yet.

And here’s 2016 Snag, as recently documented by Jay Edidin:

snag drinking from the faucet


One week in Denmark

Last week I had the excellent opportunity and challenge to be a guest instructor in the Graphic Storytelling program at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

animation workshop exterior

The opportunity aspect is obvious, including but not limited to: international travel, working with engaged & talented students, absorbing the culture of the school.

The challenge, or rather challenges: getting to know twenty students well enough, quickly enough, to offer useful feedback on their writing; assigning work that was demanding without being overwhelming, recalibrating assignments and talks based on student responses, and last but not least, doing all this while jetlagged! (I tried not to dwell on that last, though; the program employs a lot of guest instructors from outside of Denmark and the students told me they all complain about jet lag!)

I did have one day to adjust to the nine hour time difference before I started teaching. I spent a chunk of it at the cemetery, impressed by the hedges that provided a sense of privacy between graves, and by some of the older stones that included the profession of the deceased.

viborg cemetery  grave at viborg cemetery

I also wandered around Viborg.

I like taking shots of architectural details; I tend not to take photos of people which perhaps makes it appear that I was in a post-apocalyptic landscape. But there were people in Viborg, I promise.

img_6458 img_6426 img_6490 img_6495 img_6356  img_6503 img_6497 img_6492

Steve Hickner was also a guest instructor during the week I was there. He gave a talk with advice and insights about working in animation, applicable to related fields as well:

slide "Surround yourself with people who love their jobs" slide "Take advantage of where you are" slide: "Don't just show up. Participate. Ask questions."

Here’s the door of the room where I taught:

Tupilaq Room

One concept I emphasized: imposing constraints at the beginning stage of writing can paradoxically make it easier to get started. For instance, I suggested writing a story in which every important element starts with the same letter.

large letter S made of rusty metal

I expected that I’d learn a lot, and I did. I didn’t expect to also come home feeling especially inspired to get back to my own work. But seeing the students’ enthusiasm and lack of second-guessing throughout the week as they tackled the various writing assignments was incredibly valuable, and it made me excited to approach my writing in the same spirit.

Just as soon as I’m over this jetlag.



Status Update

Suddenly it’s more than halfway through September and I haven’t posted since July. The longer it’s been since my last post, the harder it is to decide what to tell you. What’s been happening when perhaps it seems like nothing has been happening?

Well: a lot. A few highlights:

I visited Jessamyn, and she took me to some of her favorite libraries. (Not all pictured.)

photo of brass doorknob with book detail

photo of cool metal library staircase

metal grate and wooden step stool

The BGLiterary retreat happened. It corresponded with both an air show and the Perseid meteor shower. So, in between, and sometimes during, discussions of craft and business, we stared at the sky.

I tabled and spoke on a panel at the excellent Boise Library Comic Con. Notable table interactions include the teen who told me they like “anything non-hetero” and the parent who talked about the limitations of the gender binary.

I moved a lot of furniture, including this filing cabinet.

filing cabinet with drawers removed filing cabinet drawers

I taught a Writing the Other class focused on comics.

I hung out on the periphery of the second day of XOXO.

heben negatu at xoxo 2016

Next month I’m teaching a week-long writing workshop for Graphic Storytelling students.

I met some alpacas.

mother and baby alpaca

As always, I’m trying to figure out how to make the best use of my time. Opportunities to teach are exciting but require a lot of preparation. The dayjob takes at minimum 40 hours per week. Spending time with friends & family is essential. (Spending time with alpacas is perhaps not strictly speaking essential, but is pretty great and was done with a friend, so.) Writing requires — well, again, a lot, including but not limited to focus, momentum, and stamina. I’m striving to get and/or maintain all three.

Hoping you all are finding focus, momentum and stamina for your endeavors, and that you also have chances to encounter, if not alpacas, then equally delightful equivalents.



I will be teaching a Writing the Other: Comics & Graphic Novels class on September 10

I was/am honored to be invited to teach a class that falls under the Writing the Other umbrella. I’ve been recommending the book by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward for years, and admire the ongoing work that they, K. Tempest Bradford, and others are doing to teach and expand on the concepts and strategies the book offers for writing characters and settings outside writers’ own experiences.

Here’s the class description:

Comics is a visual medium. Not everything about a story is apparent from a quick glance, but comics readers can tell a lot simply by flipping or scrolling through pages about who is, and is not, included. The class will be an overview of strategies for Writing the Other sensitively and convincingly in comics, including character and setting design, finding useful reference for your artist (including when the artist is you), dialogue and captions, and staging scenes.

You can register for it beginning August 6th, unless you’re a Writing the Other alumnus, in which case you can register for it Right Now.

It will be September 10th, 3-5 PM Eastern/12-2 PM Pacific, online via GoToMeeting. If you’re thinking of taking the class and there’s something you especially want me to cover, let me know!

And please also check out the other upcoming classes!


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