In the earlier posting of October 2007, we had mentioned about Catholic Syrian bank's development of core banking software jointly with Laser Soft Infosystems Limited. Now on 20th October 2008, the Bank completed the project and also networked 100 ...

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  2. How to use Corporate Podcast to disseminate media information
  3. Corporate Podcast helping health care industry - A success story
  4. IMPACT's story on Podcast
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Sample Corporate Podcast - Catholic Syrian Bank and Laser Soft Infosystems Ltd

In the earlier posting of October 2007, we had mentioned about Catholic Syrian bank's development of core banking software jointly with Laser Soft Infosystems Limited. Now on 20th October 2008, the Bank completed the project and also networked 100 branches. This is the podcast of the launch function. The Bank had launched 'Marvel', the core banking software product developed by them. Please watch this podcast:

(The streaming of this podcast is comfortable in broadband of minimum of 150 kbps. If you have a lower bandwidth or streaming is not continuous, please download the podcast in wmv format and play with your windows media player)

You may also watch this podcast from the following links: (audio only)

To download to your desktop
right click here and save to desktop (3.65 mb)

How to use Corporate Podcast to disseminate media information

Many of the Corporate professionals have been enquiring with me as to whether the Corporate podcast can be used to disseminate the media releases or media information. Whatever information that can be communicated to the media through 'hard or soft copy' can also be released through audio and visual podcasts.

I wanted to demonstrate the usage of podcasts for this purposes. On 17th October 2007, I was managing a Press Conference of Catholic Syrian Bank, one of the leading Indian Private Sector Banks. I have created a 'media release' corporate podcast based on the press conference. If you can get the quotes of the spokespersons earlier, you can release the podcast simultaneously.

About this sample podcast

The background information is like this. Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB) is already developing a core banking solutions jointly with Laser Soft Infosystems Limited, a Chennai based reputed banking software developers. Now the Core banking product is getting ready for implementation. The Bank will be networking all their 347 branches shortly and implement core banking solutions. For this purpose, during the press conference, they have signed 'service level agreements (SLA)' with Wipro, BSNL and VSNL for networking, connectivity and data centre integration.

In this corporate podcast, Mr R Venkatraman, Chairman and CEO of the Bank and Mr K S Viswanathan, Chief Executive, India - Geography of Wipro Infotech have explained this project.

Please watch and listen the visual podcast (click to play) - 7 minutes

If you want to listen to the audio version (click to play) - 7 minutes

If you want to download the visual podcat in wmv format, right click here and save to your desktop ( 2.6 mb) - this can be played in windows media player.

If you want to download the audio only in mp3 format, please right click here and save to your desktop (6.8 mb)

Alternate link for downloading mp3 format (right click this link and save)

Please send your questions and comments to me to

Corporate Podcast helping health care industry - A success story

Please read the success story published in The Hindu, one of India's leading Newspaper.

Staying tuned
M. Soundariya Preetha
Photo: K. Ananthan
(Pic below) CONNECTED: U.K. Ananthapadmanaban listening to a pod cast.

COIMBATORE: Stepping out of a conference on healthcare in Chennai about a couple of months ago, U.K. Ananthapadmanaban, president at Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, was stopped by Srinivasan, a pod caster, for a short interview
on his views on the event.

Having known about pod casting already, now pod casts have become almost a daily source of information to Mr. Ananthapadmanaban.

At least for an hour every day he has his ears plugged to his ipod.

As the use of portable media players witnesses a growing trend, people like Mr. Ananthapadmanaban use it to gather professional information too.

The Digital Planet on the BBC and the Special Programming on the CNN are some of his favourites.

"The information available on pod casting is amazing. It makes a lot of sense and what is fascinating is that it is not at all expensive," he says. "The programmes available ranges from technology and profession to entertainment and philosophy."

As the chairman of the healthcare sub-committee of the Confederation of Indian Industry, Southern Region, he feels this can be used as an effective tool in turning Coimbatore into a healthcare destination. It can be used to disseminate information on the healthcare facilities here to overseas patients and to project the facilities available here.

The former chairman of the Southern India Mills' Association, Vijay Venkataswamy, points out that this can be an important and convenient source of information.

IMPACT's story on Podcast

PodUniversal, India's first PodMagazine has successfully completed 75 episodes of podcasts, on various themes of general interest. We were the first podcaster to get the interview from former Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam also.

September (03 - 09) 2007 issue of Impact, India's leading media, advertising and marketing weekly has carried an exclusive story on this. The story also carries as to how Corporates can make use of the Podcasts for their marketing and communication strategies. You may download the file in pdf format (112 k).

Please read the story below:

NEWAGEMEDIA 03 - 09 September 2007 Page 52

Kalam on Podcast

That new media will be largely consumer-generated is obvious. And examples of the same are in evidence increasingly around us. One such example is PodUniversal.

With the third part of former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam’s interview, PodUniversal, an initiative by Chennai-based Prime Point Foundation, has so far produced 75 podcasts (both audio and visual). Started in August 2006, PodUniversal, billed as India’s first Pod Magazine, has seen 18 editions come out till date.

The themes vary and include subjects like corporate, communication, media, education, health, India vision and career growth. Till date, the podcasts have featured interviews of Dr Kalam, Dr U Srinivasa Raghavan, former Chairman of the Indian Postal Board, T S Raghavan, former Chairman of Indian Bank and K Pandiyarajan, Chairman of the MAFOI group, among others.

The thinking is that Podcast are emerging as an effective marketing tool. Based on the experience gained over the production of podcasts, the people behind it have also commenced a ‘Corporate Podcast Service’.

Under the aegis of the foundation, which by definition is not-for-profit, the entire creation of content to its dissemination is currently being done free. The initiative was conceived and is headed by K Srinivasan, Chairman of the Prime Point Foundation, with active participation from members of several online groups he runs – several of them for journalists and communication professionals.

impact caught up with Srinivasan for a peep into the conceptualization and road map for this year-old entity that has attained a fair level of traction.

Podcasts can be accessed at, and The foundation also publishes a corporate e-zine every month, titled ‘PR-e-Sense’, since the last 17 months. All the e-zines are integrated with podcasts.

impact: The foundation seems to be engaged in several activities targeted at building communities, with the commonality being the internet. Could you list out the objectives of PodUniversal?

Srinivasan: Podcast is emerging as a new media for communication. Since many of the young people spend more time on the net, this is a powerful media to reach young and tech savvy people. In view of this, we started PodUniversal, as a Pod Magazine. We have also named the anchor as ‘PodJockey’ -- like RJ and VJ. Through

this Pod Magazine, we are able to bring out podcasts on various themes like education, health, current affairs, corporate, marketing, management, communication, career, etc. For us also, it is a great learning experience, as this is a new media, in terms of production, reach, quality, etc. We have so far produced 75 podcasts.

Your constructive use of members to generate content is another interesting aspect. What prompted you to start such a service and what are the different groups?

Prime Point Foundation is moderating four major groups. Image Management is the second largest yahoo group on PR globally; prpoint group is the single largest yahoo group on PR in India; India Vision is the largest Indian group on India vision (with many patriotic and vibrant youth as members); new media forum is a large group for Indian media professionals.

We are running two e-zines. PR-e-Sense is the Corporate e-zine produced on a unique theme every month. We have so far produced 17 issues without break. All the e-zines are integrated with the podcast.

We have lot of talent in our discussion groups. To provide an opportunity to the talented professionals in our group, we have introduced a system of Guest Editor from last month. The Guest Editor brings with him new thoughts and views. The Guest Editor gets the interview from globally renowned persons through his contacts. This enables members to get the best inputs from different sources from across the world.

India Vision group runs an e-zine, Vandemataram. This is run by the youth of the group. In the last issue, we carried the lead story of an exclusive interview with Dr Abdul Kalam. This motivates youngsters to achive greater things for nation building. We also bring out success stories of ‘hitherto unknown heroes’.

When do you see the bouquet of services becoming monetisable? What do you then see as the revenue streams?

Now that PR-e-Sense and Vandemataram are stablised, we are interested in seeking sponsors and advertisers.

We are one of the pioneers in podcast, having released 75 quality podcasts successfully. We are now creating awareness amongst corporates to use the podcast as a ‘branding and marketing tool’. We have also started a blog for this purpose. Now we are ready to produce corporate podcasts on commercial basis.

What is the current number of people receiving the podcast? How has it grown and how do you see it growing?

Podcast is a not a ‘mass media’. It is a niche media. It is also a ‘media for mainline media’. Many of our podcasts have been reproduced in the mainline media. We circulate the e-zine and podcast through our various groups. It reaches around 20,000 inboxes directly. It has a viral effect. It will also be re-circulated by receivers.

With the emergence of ‘broadband’ in India, I see a greater potentiality for podcasts. It is cost effective, simple and available on the net on all days and at all times. That is why I’m saying that it is a great marketing and communication tool, to promote products, services and also to communicate corporate information.

Please enlist the core team on the same.

Some of the fellow young professionals assist me in producing Ezines PR-e- Sense, Vandemataram and Pod Magazine ‘PodUniversal’ on a voluntary basis, as it is not yet commercialised.

Please enlist a few people to be featured in coming podcasts.

Already we have featured many eminent persons like Dr Abdul Kalam, Mr T S R Subramanian (former Cabinet Secretary of India), Mr S Narendra (fomer Information Advisor to Prime Minister), Dr U Srinivasa Raghavan (Former Chairman, Indian Postal Services Board), Mr T S Raghavan (Former Chairman, Indian Bank), Mr K Pandiyarajan (CEO and Founder, MAFOI group of HR consultants) Ms K Bhavani (President, IPRS, Singapore), Prof. Y S Rajan (Co-author of the book India 2020), Prof. Sreenath Sreenivasan (Dean, Columbia University) and many others.

Since we are able to record the interviews over phone, it is not a problem for us to get eminent persons from all across for our podcast. Since we are one of the well known podcasters, it has become easy for us to enlist the eminent professionals.

What would be the future initiatives of the foundation?

The Foundation has got a great credibility. We always believe in making use of the technology for improving the skills and knowledge of communication professionals.

It must have been memorable interviewing Dr. Kalam. Please share your experience briefly.

Podcast with Dr Kalam is the ‘mother of all podcasts”. This is also for the first time Dr Kalam gaves an interview to a podcaster. I sought his time for interviewing him for the 60th Anniversary of Independence Day. I had also given links of all my earlier podcasts. Three days before the Independence day, Dr Kalam called me on my mobile and introduced himself and said that he appreciated my earlier podcasts. I could not believe myself. I could not speak for a moment. That was an exciting and thrilling moment for me. He enquired about the theme of my podcast with him and gave me the time for recording.

At the appointed time, when I called him from Chennai (he was at Delhi), he was ready for the interview. He was able to remember my meeting with him both at Anna University and at Rashtrapathi Bhavan. He was very friendly and his answers were crisp and to the point. After completing the interview, he was talking to me informally as to how we can motivate the youngsters of this country.

Dr Kalam has given many interviews to Print and Broadcast media. I am fortunate to be the first podcaster to interview him.


Podcasting for Business - Important tips

From Ana Rincon,
Your Guide to Online Business / Hosting.

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Thanks to Guest Author Jeff Mills for this introduction to podcasting.

Interested in a new, cutting-edge tool that can reach millions of potential customers? Then you are looking for podcasting!

A podcast is an audio file stored on the Internet that customers can download to their computers or MP3 players and listen to whenever they want. Now, you may be thinking, "So what - MP3 files have been available for download from the internet for years!¨

Well, what makes podcasting different and truly useful as business tool is that customers can subscribe to programs they are interested in. This means that free and easy-to-use podcasting software automatically downloads new podcasts to your customer's computers as soon as they are available.

Recently Apple iTunes 4.9 added Podcast subscriptions and also allows information marketers the ability to have their podcasts listed in their vast directory, so you can catch more customers.

Just how big is the potential reach of podcasting? Consider these numbers from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

According to their research,

-- More than 22 million US adults own an iPod or other MP3 player 13% of men and 9% of women
-- 20% of the lucrative 18- to 28-year-old market owns an iPod or other MP3 player
-- 29% of the people who own an iPod or MP3 player have downloaded a podcast

This translates to 6 million U.S. adults who have downloaded podcasts; a truly impressive figure considering podcasting is still a relatively new technology.

The keys to the early success of podcasting is that it offers great choice and convenience.

Offer Your Customers Choice

Podcasts can be about any topic you can think of. They might be music, a talk show, a lecture, a recorded tele-seminar, a sermon, etc. Possible applications for podcasting include:

-- Interviewing authors and leaders in your industry, then offering the interviews through a podcast on your website
-- Offering late-breaking industry news
-- Offering in-depth information to niche customers. For example,


MMedical organizations can offer podcasts on such topics as bariatric (weight loss) surgery, diabetes control, glaucoma, alternative medicine, and more·

ReReligious organizations can use podcasts to distribute weekly sermons, extol their beliefs and offerings, and otherwise share their message

· Preschools and day care centers can offer parenting tips

UnUniversities can offer audio lectures, student calendars and orientation, and campus tours

· Travel agents can offer audio tours of popular cities

· Chambers of Commerce can introduce potential tourists, conventions, and businesses to their cities

· Museums and historic sites can offer private guided tours of their facilities

· Conference presenters can offer podcasts of their sessions for people who were unable to attend the sessions

· Companies and non-profit organizations can offer training to their employees and volunteers

Offer Your Customers Convenience

If you publish or plan to publish any type of audio file for your customers whether audio newsletters, teleconference calls, interviews, lectures, etc., podcasting simplifies everything for both you and your customers. Once customers subscribe to your podcast, you won't have to worry about sending them an email to download a new MP3. Instead, your message will land directly on your customers desktops or MP3 device every time you create a new podcast.

The convenience continues even after the download. Once the podcasts are downloaded to your customer's computers, they can synch them to your MP3 player, burn them to a CD, or simply listen to them through their computer speakers. In other words, customers can subscribe to your podcast, download it, and take it with them as they go out jogging or commute to the office.

Best of all, not only are podcasts themselves generally free, but so is the podcasting software your customers will need! Both podcasts and podcasting software are easy to find on the internet and are easy to use.

Jeff Mills is a former Youth Pastor of 9 years, who is now a full time internet information entrepreneur, author, speaker, sales coach, and also an avid traveler. Jeff has passionately pursued learning everything he can about podcasts and has just released his breakthrough E-book that every Podcast Enthusiast should own, as he will teach you HOW to podcast in hours, guaranteed. Visit immediately and get Jeff's free 10 Secret Benefits of Podcasting Report e-mailed to you.


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