Sooooooooooooo....I know the postings have been far and FEW between since ive moved to the city of Angels...and wellllll...things are only gonna get lighter due to school and work and weekends...0:-)...that is until I revamp the blog COMPLETELY and ...
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  1. On Hiatus...if yanno...u havent noticed :-)
  2. Rhythmic Artist of the Month
  3. Something Supreme over at QH Blend...
  4. 2008 In Music...So far: The Good, Bad and the UGLY
  5. Rhythmic Interviews
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On Hiatus...if yanno...u havent noticed :-)

Sooooooooooooo....I know the postings have been far and FEW between since ive moved to the city of Angels...and wellllll...things are only gonna get lighter due to school and work and weekends...0:-)...that is until I revamp the blog COMPLETELY and relaunch RhythmicWords at the end of the year!!!! and will be bigger, better, and sassier! the same of the good shit...which is basically me talking shit! and reviews here and there yanno....but since ive been M.I.A. lately, lets do a quick run down of things ive missed, that i would normally give my 2cents on...cuz hats what i do.....

The VMAs = If the budget gets anyless, next years ceremony will be held in my parking garage...and oddly enough it probably wouldnt suck as much as it did this year.

New Music = Solange's album is amazing and Nikka Costa has a brand new album coming out Pebble To a Pearl Oct 14, so make sure you snatch it...

Fashion Rocks = You know shit is bad when Rihanna gives a better lip sync vocal than Mariah Carey....BUT! i will not and i shall not hate on Beyonce and her damn good rendition of "At last"

Raphael Saadiq = An Amazing man, releasing an amazing album SEPTEMBER 16TH!!!!!

Now sit tight till next time, but in the meantime! make sure u check out the blogroll to the right and knock urselves out :-)



Rhythmic Artist of the Month

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND IM BACK! I know i should have yanno...said i was GOING somewhere...but it totally wasnt my intentions to be M.I.A. for over 2 weeks...OOPSIES! along with work and school, ya boys been BUSY....gotta make them coins now! I gots BILLS shoooooo, commenting on how wack an album is (i see u Usher) can only get me so far..... but I am back none the less! I know you derranged lambs are glad that u have purpose yet again and can leave ridiculous comments about how much I suck, and to those that actually READ my words, I just wanna thank you guys that have checked back periodically and hit me up wondering where the hell i've been, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside....but onto the matter at hand!

The Artist of the month!!!!!!! For this months choice, I went with Jamie Lidell, an artist that ive only known about for a few months, an artist one of you guys actually put me up on him (thanks Sarah Tone In!!!).

born September 18, 1973 in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England) is a musician and soul singer. He also has a group with Cristian Vogel called Super Collider.

Lidell is known for layering tracks made with his voice into a microphones, performing the percussion and melody as a sequenced beatboxing one-man band. Then over his augmented voices, he sings soul-inspired songs.

What initially struck my fancy about Lidell was his AMAZING voice and style of music, which is very reminiscent of Jamiroquai at their funkiest. His song "figured my out" has became one of my favorite and is featured off of his latest album JIM, which is amazing, was released earlier this year to great reviews.

Check out Jamie on His MYSPACE to listen to a few more of his tracks, but remember where u heard about him first...HOLLA!

Figured Me Out - Jamie Lidell

Something Supreme over at QH Blend...

Starting today, my brother in bloggotry, QH is starting his countdown of his top 15 songs by The Supremes. For this write up, he asked for my 2 cents (because yanno..I matter lol), so make sure you guys swing by QH Blend today, and every Monday, to see the different tracks that are making the list. After listening to all of the tracks myself, I can tell you guys, your gonna be surprised by what you hear, and alot of songs you would never even associate with the supremes. So, go and get learned on everything Supreme!!!!! from the line up changes, to the evolution of their sound! reminisce, discover, and enjoy!

2008 In Music...So far: The Good, Bad and the UGLY

With us well into the second half of 2008, I'm taking a minute to reflect on a FEW stand out albums that have dropped within the last 6 months, and let me tell the words of Miss Mary J. hasn’t been all roses, y’all. We've had amazing debuts, underwhelming follow ups and over all WTF moments....Lets skip down memory lane and discuss, the Good, the Bad...and the UGLY.

The Good

Al Green - Lay It Down
GENIUS, GENIUS, GENIUS...if this album doesn’t win album of the year at the grammys, it can only mean that the Grammys have it out for Al...or that u2 or the dixie chicks have new albums out...but in any capacity, this is a genius album, showcasing QuestLove’s GENIUS production, capturing a sound that’s so vintage and’d think its an album of nothing but rare recordings from the 70s.

Janet Jackson - Discipline
This album hits HARD, from track 1 on through it’s solid, but much like other Janet albums, towards the middle and end it loses a bit of its steam for having certain tracks that could have been left on the cutting room floor. With tracks like “Feedback” and the horribly mismanaged “Luv,” this is a hot album .

Adele - 19
The debut album of 19 year old import Adele is nothing short of amazing. Now im not saying shes the white aretha franklin by any means, so fall back Estelle! But this is an album that touches on different genres from soul (thanks to adele’s BEAUTIFUL voice) to even folk, effortlessly. The production is fitting, the writing is genius and dammit...I dig it! The girl is truly talented.

Duffy - Rockferry
While being clumped into the same raft as Adele, as this seasons new Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, Duffy and Adele have something that the 2 others seem to lack at times...common sense... Atleast thats what I think until I see a tabloid of Adele with hot pink hair and duffy somewhere free basin’ to prove me otherwise.... but I digress... This album is a sultry throw back to the sounds of the 60s and 70s, which compliments Duffy’s airy, seductive voice to a T.

Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple
Many have made the argument that this album doesn’t have as many stand out cuts like their last one, St Elsewhere, did. Now, I completely agree with that, because even in the gnarls barkley style of music, this album doesn’t have many tracks that people would coin “single worthy” ... BUT, this album in its own right is pretty damn phenomenal, the song “A Little Better” should put The Odd Couple in everyones top 10 list all on its own. The beauty of it all, this album is nothing more than just KNOW Danger mouse is not behind the boards wrecking his brain trying to figure out what sound will get them to number 1 on TRL., and I LOVE that about them.

Estelle - Shine
This album, so far this year, has been the biggest surprise for me, I honestly didn't expect to love it as much as I do. Shine is across the board a GREAT effort by Estelle, with sounds, talents and influences coming in from every angle.

The Bad

Mariah Carey - E=Mc2
This album has grown on me IMMENSELY....but still! The only reason why it did is because its MARIAH and I want to genuinely like this album and anything she does, lord knows if it was some run of the mill broad I probably would have used the cd as a coaster...but then again my argument for not liking it is because it ISN’T someone else singing this tart mess. I said it once and I’ll say it again...Mariah is ABOVE this crap she’s singing about today...Give me “Stay the night,” give me “Mine again,” hell, give me ANYTHING other than Rae rae and Mae mae.

Madonna - HardCandy
Now, I’ve never posted my opinion on this album until now, for the main reason is because at times I would feel so torn, its far from a horrible album..and not too far from a good album. I see where she tried to go and I think the intentions behind it was pure...LMAO @ me acting as if this madonna album Is a superman remake or some shit...but seriously, I think on paper this album was gonna be genius, but with uninspired beats from pharrell The Neptunes and MUCHHHHH less than Stellar, sometimes downright booboo beats from power couple Timbaland and Justin Timberlake...this album didn’t hit as hard as it could have...don’t get me wrong, I still jam to it...but I think it could have and SHOULD have been MUCH more than what it was.

The Ugly

Usher - Here I Stand
Here I stand, huh? Well I can tell you where his ass hasn’t been the top 10. This album is about as hot as a glacier. Now anyone that knows me knows im no Usher fan...BUT to say that I haven’t enjoyed a handful of songs from each of his albums would be a lie...I personally LOVED “throwback” from Confessions, along with others from that album....but this time around, the sequencing was HORRIBLE, track selections were baffling (why his song “that girl right there” feat Ludacris didn’t make the album, I still don’t know) and album length only made it that much more of a task to listen to the album as a whole.

Majority of the 106 n’ park line up
Im just clumping all this shit together, I don’t have the time nor the patience to go through those buffoons individually.

With the first half of 08' behind us, all I can say Is that theres been good, and theres been bad...sadly enough when its been bad..its been I can only hope that upcoming releases from Brandy, LL Cool J (LMAO, right), Raphael Saadiq (YES LAWD!), Eryakah Badu, T.I., Missy Eliott and Robin Thicke can make up for the mistakes of Jan-Jun...Time shall only tell...but if I left out any albums and artist (which I kno for a fact I have).....just sit tight till the year end list! Ahem...maybe they will make my top 10...who knows.

Rhythmic Interviews

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to land an interview with Singer- Song writer Imani Coppala, 1/2 of the group Little Jackie. During the Interview we touched on various subjects from What/who inspired her to write the song "Cryin' for the Queen," to what was her favorite curse word (yes, here at rhythmicwords we're abit more laid back...Dateline we are not)...Heres some background info on Imani so you all can get a better idea of who this talented woman is....

Coppola had an early brush with fame when a demo she cut with Digable Planets
producer Michael Mangini during her freshman year at the State University of New
York landed her a record deal with Columbia Records. In 1997 the
19-year-old music composition major’s debut record “Chubacabra” earned radio and
MTV buzz with the cheeky, Neneh-Cherry-reminiscent lead single “Legend of a
Cowgirl” and her dynamic NYC persona was introduced to mainstream America.

Now check it out, and make sure you guys get the album The Stoop, out now!!!!!!!


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