It's been a long time since I've blogged. My Doctor at the time and I were in agreement that it was best that I retired for medical reasons. So, when OPERS told me on Friday I was eligible to retire on Tuesday I gave the notice required by Ohio law (no ...

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You say Potato, and I say Poh-tah-toe

It's been a long time since I've blogged. My Doctor at the time and I were in agreement that it was best that I retired for medical reasons. So, when OPERS told me on Friday I was eligible to retire on Tuesday I gave the notice required by Ohio law (no notice required) and left. I still have a license but I can't practice or call myself an attorney because I didn't pay the fee. I can still put J.D. after my name to show that I've got a doctorate because I earned that degree.

Since then I've had cataract surgery. I swore I'd never have eye surgery unless they knocked me out, but I made it. I didn't realize how bad my eyes were until I took off the patch and I could see real whites.

So what am I doing today? I'm starting a detox.

What kind of a detox? (Hint, look at the title.)

So, once again I couldn't get to sleep last night (Trazadone hadn't kicked in.) So here I am surfing the Internet and YouTube. I came across a woman named Leah Mae. Something said to watch one of her posts. She hasn't hit 200 followers yet, but something clicked. She laid her feelings on the table for everyone to see, her fears and continuing issues with weight. For me it was a kick in the gut. I was up until close to 3:00 AM on Tuesday night. I bought "The Spud Fit Challenge" by Andrew Taylor. It's less than 70 pages, and I blew through it. I thought it sounded familiar so I looked in my electronic library and there was Penn Jillete's book; Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales", that I bought in August, 2016. How did he save his life? Potatoes.

So, I decided to check out one of my favorite actors/Directors: Kevin Smith. What did he first eat (although he's now on W.W.) after his heart attack to lose weight? Potatoes.

So I got up this morning, screamed at Twitter, screamed at the news, drank a lot of water, and bought 13 lbs of potatoes.

Right now I'm eating potatoes.

My starting weight for this experience is 275.8. That's not my highest, but that is my business only.

Once a week I'll post my weight, and my thoughts.

Today is a new day. Damn but Instant Pot potatoes are awesome!

Check out Leah on YouTube at and show her some support. Many of us walk the same path!




When Pigs Fly! - embed games 

6 Week Deep Tissue Detox

Spring has sprung!

Time to get those lingering toxins from winter, bad eating habits, pollution and stress OUT of your body to
make room for more energy and vitality!

Sign up for the 6-Week Deep Tissue Detox before beach party season hits!

Dear Rev. King,

Dear Rev. King,

On August 28, 1963, you stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and uttered those famous words, "I have a dream..."

Your dream has yet to be fully realized, but I'm sure that you are proud of how far America has come in electing its 44th President Barack Obama. I just wish it hadn't have taken 45 years to break this barrier.

Congratulations to the United States, to the world....and of course, President Elect Barack Obama and Vice President Elect Joe Biden...

Let the healing begin.


I voted.

You can probably guess who I voted for. But no matter who you vote for, no matter what country you're in, remember to vote (as long as you can vote without some idiot telling you how to vote without an automatic weapon stuck in your ear, or other hole that might allow easy access to your naughty bits).

For those of you who have been hiding like a groundhog, or other mammal that likes to spend its time five feet underground, there was a more serious candidate running for office, with the last name of Palin. Unfortunately, Michael was born in Great Britain, and can't really run for President of the United States (like Arnold).

Of all the emails I've received, I'd like you to read the last email from the "Silly Party" (this one is not that silly).

The somewhat important 2008 election is upon us.

Silly though we may usually be, we at the Committee
to Elect Michael Palin President would like to take
a moment to say, in all seriousness...


Vote like the wind!

Vote like you've never voted before!

Vote like your life depends on it! (It may)

Vote like the ice caps are melting! (They are)

Vote like if you don't then the Spanish Inquisition
will fry you up and toss you into a Spanish Omelet!

Vote like a crazed weasel with its head on fire that
has to vote in order for someone to dunk its head in
a bucket of water, thus dousing the fire and eliciting
a collective sigh of relief from every other potentially
flammable weasel, stoat or ocelot in the vicinity.



We believe we've made our point.

And now back to our regularly-scheduled silliness...


Until next time...

Your friends at the Temporarily Serious
Though Usually Quite Silly Party

P.S. If you're not a U.S. citizen, please feel free
to close your eyes and vote metaphysically.

Michael Palin for President

11870 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 106-535
Los Angeles, CA

If you still haven't made up your mind, you might consider waiting outside on your roof for the little green men to take you back to the planet you've been living on for the past 20 months. You've missed it all.

My final thought on this whole campaign:


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