A Story and a Song for anyone who has gone anywhere: https://medium.com/@DonCummings/cloud-people-65508f458a53

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Cloud People and more...

Cloud People

A Story and a Song for anyone who has gone anywhere:


Comedy Central Sit 'n Spin: Thursday July 20 @ 8PM

Come Hear About Fame and Locally Sourced Happiness.

Sit n' Spin
july 20th - 8pm
Melinda Hill
Jack Sundmacher
Carlos Kotkin
Debbie Jhoon
Don Cummings
with music by Erin and Melissa

Make your RSVP now!
At the comedy central stage at the hudson theatre- 6539 santa monica blvd- hollywood, 90038
call for reservations~ the show is incredibly free! 323-960-5519
or go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sit-n-spin-tickets-28897452057

**please note~ there will be NO LATE SEATING for this show**


Box: Released from its Contract, now Available for Free Screening

Screen it here:      https://boxthemovie.wordpress.com/


Alaska: Homer & Seward Pics, September, 2016

Alaska Photos


Incest, with Animals on the Side: Two short Plays, August 25 at 8PM

Incest, with Animals on the Side

A reading of two short plays by Don Cummings

Don't Touch the Orangutan
The Horse Latitudes

Directed by Anne Etue


Loretta Fox, Don Cummings, David Kaufman
Hilary Schwartz, Madelynn Fattibene, John Marzilli and Ben Horwitz

Thursday, August 25
5571 W. Pico 90019 (At Curson)



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