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Tijuana Temple

Last night we went with our friends, Aaron & Karen Lloyd, tothe Tijuana temple and out to dinner. It was a really fun experience. That temple is absolutely gorgeous!  And it was really cool being in another country where the main language isn't English -- it brought back fond memories of when my mom & I went to the Czech Republic and made our way through the tiny little towns where no one spoke any English. A few words & phrases started to comeback to me from my very limited Spanish that I had begun to learn when Michael used to speak Spanish to our older boys when they were very small. It made me want to go somewhere and really immerse myself and become fluent. It was a very pleasant night.



School Dance

On Friday night Kolby & Eli went to the 6/7/8 grade dance at school. I helped plan the dance and set up the decorations, and Michael & I chaperoned the dance that night.  (I love that middle school dances nowadays aren't about dates & slow dances, but more about groups of friends & having fun -- so there's no pressure, and very little pairing off).  I think it went really well, and our boys had fun.







And last year after we stayed late to clean up after the dance and we were almost the last car left in the parking lot, I let Kolby practice driving the car around the parking lot for a while before we went home. He remembered that, and was eager to try driving again. I guess we've started a tradition. It worked out well that Michael and I had driven 2 cars to the dance at different times, because we each took a boy and let him drive around the parking lot. 



Camden's having fun watching our friends' bulldog puppy, Gus, while they go to Disneyland for the day. Such a cute little thing!


Cute Kid!


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