My boys (and husband) don't just walk the corn maze, they play a pretty serious game of tag in the corn maze every year. This time the boys decided to go for some of the specialty pumpkins that come in different shapes & sizes. Those'll be fun to carve.

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Morning at the Pumpkin Patch

My boys (and husband) don't just walk the corn maze, they play a pretty serious game of tag in the corn maze every year. 

This time the boys decided to go for some of the specialty pumpkins that come in different shapes & sizes. Those'll be fun to carve. 

The Boys' Monthly "Chopped" Cooking Night

We've been working on sticking to a budget and saving money on small purchases lately, so we challenged the boys this month to do "Chopped" with ingredients we already had around the house. 

They decided to do a Halloween themed dinner with a snake-shaped pizza roll with fresh veggies inside, deviled eggs with olives on top cut in the shape of spiders, and Frankenstein marshmallow pops with marshmallow ghosts to go in the hot cocoa. So cute!


General Conference

Twice a year our church has a General Conference, when people from all over the world can travel to attend the conference in person or tune in via the internet and hear uplifting talks by church leaders. Michael, Kolby, & Elijah are at the conference in person right now, on a trip with our church youth group. And the younger boys and I are watching from home.  It's kind of nice to relax and have church at home in our pajamas once in a while.  And this morning it's been pretty peaceful around here during the first session of conference. (There are 4 two-hour sessions, 2 sessions today and 2 more tomorrow). So we'll see how the boys are doing with their attention spans by the end of the sessions tomorrow. But we've got some pretty good boys.  :)

These two talks from this morning's session especially spoke to me. I'll definitely need to go back on and listen to them again in the future. 

Bonnie Oscarson, Young Women General President:
Talk about service -- specifically those who are closest to us: family, neighbors, church members 

Jeffrey Holland Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:
"Be ye therefore perfect" -- Self improvement without getting down on yourself. Every one of us is a debtor deserving imprisonment, freed only by the gift of Jesus Christ's atonement.  Strive for steady improvement without obsessing for toxic perfectionism. 


Biking with Mom & Matth

Matthew surprised us and came into town for the weekend. Mom, Matth, & I had fun doing a little mountain biking on Monday. We went up the switchbacks, and when we were going up the hill on Artesian Road my chain suddenly snapped in two while I was riding. Don't know what caused that to happen. Matth was sweet and towed me and my bike up a couple of hills, then he and Mom took off to get the car and come pick me up. I just kept chugging away, using my bike kind of like a scooter -- standing with one foot on one pedal, while using my other foot to push off along the edge of the curb, and occasionally being able to coast down hills. I made it to the local bike shop and got the chain repaired, before Mom & Matth came and met me for lunch. It was a good day. 

(Notice anything missing?)

And I'm starting to get excited about mountain biking again. I met a new friend in my neighborhood named Tami who invited me to help her out with a little neighborhood Facebook biking group she had created, and tomorrow we have our third weekly group bike ride so far. I've even started thinking about whether I can fit in more than one or two rides a week. We'll see. But it's fun to have several friends from the neighborhood & from my church who have signed up for the group and want to do it too. 

Malabar Spinach

My mom and I had a day out together today, and we decided to check out City Farmer's Nursery in City Heights. I had read this little description of it online about a year ago, and thought it sounded fun:

"Looking for backyard chickens, and free classes on how to raise them? A sack of “worm poop”? Or a chance to see Georgette, the Shetland-Welsh pony? Find them all at City Farmers Nursery, a working farm inspiring garden lovers since 1972 that also offers live music, brunch, and cold beer next door at Nate’s Garden Grill.  4832 Home Avenue, City Heights."

It was a really fun little nursery to explore, with lots of different kinds of plants and trees, a store filled with seeds, all things gardening/bee keeping/chicken or goat raising/etc. mixed with a spattering of antique decorations. The outdoor portion of the nursery was larger than it looked from the street, and we noticed a few plants we'd never seen before. My mom got a little "wasabi mustard" plant to try out. I saw their turkeys and thought it could be cool to have a turkey (never going to happen, but they were rather pretty, and made a much more quiet, pleasant sound than chickens). And we saw a cool looking vine that had pretty green foliage, a purple stem, and large dark berries that looked something like blackberries, but not quite. We asked about it, and they said it's called Malabar Spinach. The leaves and stems are edible (I tried a berry too, but it was gross and I ended up spitting it out). But they were still very pretty plants, and we asked if they had any for sale, but they didn't. So the lady who worked there cut off a part of the vine for each of us and told us we're welcome to try to propagate it at home.  After watching a couple quick YouTube videos, it looks like you can get them to grow roots just by putting them in water. So Isaac and I tried it out. Then I decided to try it out with some cuttings from my lovely sweet potato vines that are potted in the front yard, to see if I can get some more of those so I can plant them in the back yard. Who knows? It's worth a try. 


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