addictive partners with top Brazilian Mobile Agency and more...

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addictive partners with top Brazilian Mobile Agency

We're very excited to announce a partnership with Pontomobi - the top mobile agency in Latam.

Read all about it on the addictive blog.

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New Mary Meeker data on the addictive Mobile Fix

The new Mobile Fix has new data from Mary Meeker and a preview of MWC

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New Mobile Fix - Jan14

Newest Mobile Fix: Integrating Online and Offline, Facebook, Video, and Quick Reads

Read it on the addictive blog - and sign up for the email version whilst you're there.


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Morgan Stanleys Mary Meekers 10 questions - Video & Deck

As well as the charts she shared we now have a video of the whole Mary Meeker presentation from web 2.0 on the addictive blog. 20 minutes well spent.

(btw - you can sign up for weekly email updates of the addictive Mobile Fix here)

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10 Questions - More Mary Meeker Gold

Morgan Stanley guru Mary Meeker presented a new deck at Web2.0 yesterday, using her great data to frame 10 questions every internet exec should ask and answer. As ever she nails the key questions - and mobile is central to this.

This thinking is central to what we are trying to do for our clients - help them seize the huge opportunity that mobile is delivering.

This is a must read - now posted on the addictive blog

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