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"Dex Star G" - 5 new articles

  1. All is Fare
  2. Emerald City Mix Tape
  3. Then My Girl CJ Called Me...
  4. Last year was like.....
  5. U Gotta Luv Karen !
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All is Fare


Emerald City Mix Tape

The Artist Baron called up and told me to come play. I said OK.. and the music had my heart beating live- er.


You know what I'm talkin about.


Then My Girl CJ Called Me...

To come to Ladies Night in the city....


The Glenn Twins came and smoked us out.

So Amazing.


Last year was like.....

Amazing. A little bit of Amanda Lepore....

mixed with a taste of SusanBartsch

and Luka

And This Chick with the Hype Hair

I mean... Fashions Night Out in NYC was awesome.


U Gotta Luv Karen !

Hey Hey Hey, I know I've been gone for a minute, but ya boi has been BUSY doing some things to make 2011 THAT year. But enough about me.... Let's get into my girl Karen. This Miami Mammi is a ray of light. I *heart* her. I heard it through the grapevine that Karen was sitting out Fashion Week and having an intimate dinner at Buddakan NYC to.... celebrate her Birthday!!!! Yes, and you know how much DexStar G loves a good Bday, and so it began. Although I couldn't make it to Buddakan, I did manage to catch up with Karen as she invaded Secret Lounge to party it up with the gay boys for a few. And if theres one thing that you need to know about Secret Lounge, those Beautiful Black men love the some Beautiful Black women.
Such a lady..
and a Boss Chick....
always making moves...

Bellair and Roxy on the sly....

Love u much, Karen. DexStar G is all about u.


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