Recently MSF ( Medical Sans Frontiers ) announced it will bring help to Iran to cope with the corona Virus . After arriving , they set up their outdoor tent hospital in the city of Isfahan , but went on hold due to Khamenei's recent speech about Jinn ...
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  1. Khamenei Is Using The Best Medical Team But Wont Allow MSF To Help Iranian People....
  2. Ayatollah Mercy's The Criminals But Not The Political Prisoners....
  3. For Immediate Release Iran: Free Wron...
  4. UN Official Calls On Iran To 'Release All Prisoners' Amid Coronavirus
  5. WHO Must Call The Regime In Iran For Questioning !!!!!
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Khamenei Is Using The Best Medical Team But Wont Allow MSF To Help Iranian People....

Recently MSF ( Medical Sans Frontiers ) announced it will bring help to Iran to cope with the corona Virus . 

After arriving , they set up their outdoor tent hospital in the city of Isfahan , but went on hold due to  Khamenei's recent speech about Jinn attacking the Islamic Republic / American biological war against Islamic Republic . 

Mr. Reza Alijani speaking with Radio Farda said; Khamenei himself has the best medical team but won't let the MSF to help the Iranian people cope fight with the Corona Virus.

The MSF was permitted by Iran Ministry of Health and have also greeted them at the airport when they arrived but the security and military forces close to Khamenei forced them to return and leave the country.


Medical Charity MSF Says Iran Coronavirus Aid Is ‘On Hold’

 Updated on 

Ayatollah Mercy's The Criminals But Not The Political Prisoners....

News from Iran ....

It has been reported that regime in Iran has released thousands of prisoners with the order of Khamenei .

Nasrin Sotoudeh lawyer and human rights defender including Narges Mohammadi the current leader of the Centre For Human Rights Defenders in Iran are still in prison . After reports about COVID 19 Nasrin Sotoudeh went on hunger strike and demanded all political prisoners to be released because of the spread of Covid 19 virus .

Regime calls political prisoner as those who have violated the regime security code. There are hundreds of political prisoners still in prison. And the mercy of Ayatollah goes only for those economic and civil criminals .

Therefore , make no mistake, those who have been released are mostly prisoners with criminal or civil offences  and not the political prisoners.

There has been reports that prisoners with less than five years imprisonment are also going to be released from prison but not sure if the political prisoners with less than five years imprisonment are among those released .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: COVID 19 has spread from the holly city of Qom. Regime is unable to manage and control the pandemic. Report by a German media says ; there could be 3.5 million Iranian  infected with COVID 19 if not controlled.


For Immediate Release Iran: Free Wron...

For Immediate Release

Iran: Free Wrongfully Detained Prisoners 
Families Concerned Over Coronavirus Risks in Prisons

(Beirut, March 12, 2020) – Iran’s prison authorities should facilitate temporary release of all eligible prisoners and the unconditional release of people detained for peaceful dissent, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Human Rights watch said today.

The virus has spread across Iran, and poses a heightened risk in closed institutions. To reduce the risk of further transmission and mortality, authorities should also support “social distancing” measures in the community and ensure that all remaining detainees have access to adequate medical care.

“The threat of the coronavirus epidemic increases the risk to their health and safety for political prisoners, who should never have been imprisoned in the first place,” said Michael Page, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Judicial authorities should not waste any time in releasing scores of wrongfully detained prisoners who are still behind bars and granting temporary release to other eligible prisoners.”

Iran is experiencing one of the fastest outbreaks of coronavirus infections outside China, with several reported cases across the country of detainees showing symptoms. The Iranian judiciary news agency, Mizan, announced that the judiciary chief has ordered the temporary release of 70,000 prisoners for the upcoming Persian New Year (Nowruz), which begins on March 20, 2020. Yet dozens of human rights defenders and others sentenced on vaguely defined national security crimes remain in prison. Their families have said they are concerned about the health and safety of their loved ones in detention.

Human Rights Watch has received reports that prisoners have tested positive for coronavirus, including in Evin prison in Tehran and in the cities of Euromieh and Rasht. On February 27, in an open letter, families of 25 prisoners detained for their activism pleaded with judicial officials to release or at least grant temporary release to their loved ones amid the coronavirus outbreak and the lack of sufficient medical care in prisons.

On March 2, Jared Genser, an American lawyer who represents the family of Siamak Namazi, an Iranian-American businessman sentenced to 10 years in prison in an unfair trial, said in a statement that “a prisoner in Siamak’s ward, who slept just several cells down the same hallway, had acute respiratory symptoms, tested positive for coronavirus, and has now been taken to ‘quarantine.’”

On February 29, the family of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian charity worker who has been sentenced to five years in an unfair trial, said that she was experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and believe “she has contracted coronavirus inside Evin Prison.” On March 8, the family said that she still has not been tested for the virus, but that her symptoms and general health are improving. On March 11, colleagues of Fariba Adelkhah and Roland Marchal, two professors of the Sciences Po who have been detained in Iran since June, also asked the Iranian Supreme Leader to release them on “humanitarian grounds” because of their health concerns amid the outbreak.

On March 4, families of eight conservationists who have been detained for over two years and have been sentenced on bogus espionage charges wrote an open letter, reiterating their plea to the head of the judiciary to allow for temporary release of their loved ones.

UN Official Calls On Iran To 'Release All Prisoners' Amid Coronavirus

GENEVA, March 10 (Reuters) -
The U.N. Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran said on Tuesday he had asked Tehran to free all prisoners temporarily, saying it is "unfortunate and disturbing" to continue holding political prisoners amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Iran's judiciary chief said on Monday it had temporarily freed about 70,000 prisoners to help stem the spread of the coronavirus in jails as officials reported hundreds of new infections and dozens more deaths across the country.
But U.N. rapporteur Javaid Rehman said only those serving sentences of less than 5 years had been freed while political prisoners and others charged with heavier sentences linked to their participation in protest marches remained in jail.
"A number of dual and foreign nationals are at real risk if they have it (coronavirus) they are really fearful of the conditions," Rehman told a press briefing in Geneva.
"This is also my worrying concern and therefore I have recommended to the state of the Islamic Republic of Iran to release all prisoners on temporary release...," he said. It was not immediately clear whether he meant all prisoners in the country or all political prisoners who remained in jail.
Rehman also described the pace of the spread of the virus within Iran as "highly disturbing" and criticised containment measures carried out by the authorities.
"In my estimation the state has done too little and too late," he said, in response to a question about Iran's handling of the outbreak.

WHO Must Call The Regime In Iran For Questioning !!!!!

According to news by IRAN WIRE, the regime in Iran has arrested a nurse who have released statistics about patients who have died of Corona viruses in the city of Qom , a city where the virus has spread from . Ali Mozafari the head of judiciary power in the city of Qom, announced the said nurse was detained for three days because of spreading false statistics .

Another nurse in the city of Rasht said , there are no material for the prevention of virus in the hospital such as hygienes and masks .
One other person who was a clergyman distributed a video which showed the number of death in a  morgue in the city of Qom is more than what the regime has reported.

Ali Akbar Mortezaei Kashan city Governor speaking in a Television said that , only in the city of Kashan and " Aran - Bidgol " from the province of Isfahan , 88 people have died of Corona Virus.

Regime believes that, the statistics must only come from the official channels and not by others.

IRAN WATCH CANADA : International organizations should not believe whatever the regime says about the number of death and infected people from Corona virus in Iran . An independent investigators must go to Iran and investigate the situation , because regime can easily manipulate the investigators for political benefit .

Iranian people do not believe the regime officials and their statistics, they think regime is politicizing the situation and the truth is far more than what regime says.......

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