Ronel and I met online over 10 years ago, she was one of the first subscribers to this blog of random thoughts on faith and family. Even with over 2,000 miles between us we became fast friends. We were both in a season of feasting on the busy-ness of ...

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  3. Where Am I Going to Church?
  4. It’s a Noisy World Out There
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Freestyle Faith

Ronel and I met online over 10 years ago, she was one of the first subscribers to this blog of random thoughts on faith and family. Even with over 2,000 miles between us we became fast friends. We were both in a season of feasting on the busy-ness of church life and women’s ministry yet starving for authentic connection. Each of us have flown back and forth to catch up over a cup of coffee and even shared a few speaking events through the years. I love tag-team speaking with Ronel, she is extremely easy going and always has insight that makes you pause.

I have to warn you, if you enjoy being stuck in a rut of mediocrity and hiding in a crowd afraid to step into your truest self, this book is not for you. Ronel did not write this to make you feel warm and fuzzy for 10 minutes and then let it sit boringly on your shelf and gathers dust. Freestyle Faith is written for the woman who wants more from her life. More joy, more fulfillment, more of Jesus. Not the religious Jesus in the picture on the wall whose eyes follow you around the room, but the Jesus who looked at the most hated man in town and called him out of a tree so he could go to his home for dinner. The Jesus who told the local pastors that *“people look at you and think you’re saints, but beneath the skin you’re total frauds.” The Jesus who would not throw stones or even insults at the woman who was clearly guilty of the darkest of sins.

This book will call you out of comfort zones into deeper places of truth. It will shift you away from a complacent-agreeable life that has kept you stuck for longer than you want to admit. Ronel gives you permission to be fully who you were created to be and the tools to guide you through the process.

I have known Ronel long enough to trust her heart and her intentions of this book. She is passionate about helping women not only become who they were meant to be, but also recognize that the journey is the most important part. Freestyle Faith is power-packed with quote worthy material and tidbits of wisdom woven through it. Savor each Conversation around a table with friends or tucked away in your quiet place as you discover who you really are and how to love and appreciate yourself as much as the Father does.

Available now on Amazon:  Freestyle Faith

Check out Ronel’s page here: Ronel Sidney



I Want To Be Wonder Woman

I confess wanted to be Wonder Woman, who didn’t. It was the 70’s and she was beautiful, strong, and amazing.

I had the bracelets, but that’s a close as I came!

My daughter-in-law has some great insight on how we CAN be Wonder Woman in our homes…check it out!

Love The Mom Life



Where Am I Going to Church?

I often get asked where I’m going to church, *smile* I’ll get to that.

When we left the church in 2000 that we had helped plant in 1996 (let me be completely honest, we were kicked out for disagreeing with the pastor and “causing discord”), I was so hurt. I felt discouraged, displaced, and completely destroyed.

I have to add here…there was a day when I couldn’t admit that we were kicked out, I was ashamed and I would feel the need to explain, but not anymore. I will explain if asked, but I just don’t need to anymore. I know that Mark and I stood for what our hearts believed and would do it again, only this time I wouldn’t be ashamed.

Six months later when the group we were meeting with in our home grew too large for our house we moved into a building and had ‘real church’ (meaning we were in an actual building).

Six years of pastoring a growing church and it was finally time to focus on our own lives. Mark’s business (the only one we actually took a paycheck from) needed him more and we had just brought Lauren home from China so she needed me. We knew that it was time to hand the church over to our leadership team.

I was peaceful, content, and knew that we made the right decision. Thankfully, there was no pain or heartbreak this time, but I still had so many questions and didn’t understand the road we were now traveling. Why did I feel we didn’t need to be in church every Sunday? How could I be a Christian and not “plugged in” to a local church? I was a very good church girl and could preach a persuasive message on why we all needed to be there, but now, strand by strand, the fabric of that was unraveling for me.

I started this blog and began exploring what living for/with God really meant and my questions led me to a book titled “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore” and a podcast called “The God Journey.”

The unraveling continued and God begin a beautiful work of knitting me back together by showing me that His love has always been there, that HE’s always been there, even in the midst of betrayal, loss, and pain.

Now I look back with gratitude for all that we walked through on this journey. The dark times brought me to the light. His light, His love, His grace.

This past year I read this amazing book which also gave me freedom to be myself and embrace the life I chose and not the one I was told I should live: Present Over Perfect. 

I have no desire to convince anyone that they need to do what I did, or follow the footsteps I’ve taken with my faith and choices. I just want to encourage you to follow Him. Trust Him. All of our paths are unique and yet similar in that as we lean on and follow Him, they will draw us closer to the Father and His heart…however that looks in your life.

So when I am asked about “where” I go to church, I smile, because it’s not about a place, church is not a place, the church is people, people who’ve chosen to follow Him.

I used to believe that the building a person sat in on Sundays was an indication of their faith, now I feel that nothing could be farther from the truth. Now I believe that that kind of thinking is just linear, and my walk with God has become so much more dimensional as my relationship with Him grows.

He is a part of every bit of my life. The times I’m doing “good” things, the times I’m blowing it, and everything in between. His love never changes for me and His grace is what draws me closer to Him when I need Him most.

As I write this I hear my former Pharisee-self asking “so now what, you just go off and do whatever you want, pray, sin, act a fool, and God loves you so it’s ok?” That is exactly what I would have thought if someone said all this to me when I was deeply entrenched in performance Christianity. Back in the day when I thought I knew best and believed it was my job to correct those who had it wrong, I would have looked down on the Me of today.

Ugh, no!

Living in His love does not excuse sin and it certainly does not encourage it, but gives space to the fact that we are so flawed, and yet we are loved. That love calls me to walk closer to him not farther down a path away from Him, though at times on this journey I admit I have strayed from the peace which comes from fellowship with Him.

So to answer the question, where am I? I’m right here. You might find me in a church building occasionally on a Sunday but more likely home with my family. Thankfully, I now know that the body of Christ is not a building we call church. I don’t forsake gathering with believers, it just looks a little bit different now. Please understand, please, I’m not AGAINST church attendance, I’m FOR relationship with God, however that looks in your life today.

I admit that I considered writing this post for about 3-4 years now but didn’t have the courage to do it. I was worried that it would ostracize me from people I care about or stop the requests for speaking engagements, but now, I hope it opens doors for deeper conversations. I am so happy to be in a space of freedom about my faith/church life and if I never speak in front of a group again, I am ok with that. I just want to share life with whoever God brings alongside me on this journey.

I really love this quote:

“Jesus didn’t leave us with a system to manage, but a Spirit to follow.”

Wayne Jacobsen, Finding Church

It feels so good to not be ruled by “shoulds” but able to follow my heart and hopefully His Spirit each day.



It’s a Noisy World Out There

Hello! It’s been a while friends, I’ve missed this and I’m hoping to get back to some writing this year.

Can you believe that Praise and Coffee is 10 years old?!

Hmm…might be fun to do an Anniversary Magazine…??

Anyways. I’m still having fun doing my “Real Moms” segment on Star 105.7 with Tommy and Brook and have had the awesome opportunity to sit in live for Tommy a couple times. So. Much. Fun!

Also, having fun at Mezzo Coffee House and we opened a gift boutique with over 30 local merchants- adjoining Mezzo- called “Marketplace at Mezzo” in Sept. 2016 and wow, what a lot of work blast! My sweet friend Sarah Knash has been incredible…it would not be open without her.

My daughter Steph has also been a HUGE help at both the coffee house and Marketplace. She’s actually the reason I dusted off the blog today. She wrote a post that I think is so timely and I think it will be a blessing to you. Check it out: Just a Small Reminder

Looking forward to more connection with you this year! Look for more inspiration on our Praise and Coffee FB page.

Much love,




Now Available In Print: Praise and Coffee to Go

Connect, encourage and inspire…
Now available in print!


Six Praise and Coffee Conversations to help you facilitate a Praise and Coffee group (or any small group or personal devotions) as you gather in coffee shops or around kitchen tables.
No preparation required.

Invite two to twelve friends to a coffee shop/restaurant or around your kitchen table. It’s that easy!

Consider these six conversations a springboard. Do not hold rigidly to them, instead let the conversations serve your group fluid and flexible. We pray they lead you into conversations that promote connection, encouragement and inspiration. No one in the group is required to participate, but do encourage anyone to share.

Praise and Coffee to Go is not intended to resemble a classroom with students and a teacher but, instead, a group of friends sharing life, laughter, tears and the desire to connect, encourage and inspire one another!

Praise and Coffee to Go is set up for gatherings of two or more, but of course you could use the lessons as a personal study or devotional.

And to answer the question: why this book? I thought you wanted these groups organic and self led???

I do. The reason I put this together is: so many women wanted to host a Praise and Coffee group with their friends but were uncomfortable with the idea of how to do it and what to say. I DO NOT want you to use these as a script, with ladies sitting stoic around a table, answering questions when she is called upon. I want you to use this as a springboard for conversation that will lead you to connect, encourage, and inspire one another. I trust that when we meet, 2 or 3 or more, and He is with us….He will direct the conversation. You don’t need a book for God to move among you, but I wanted to help you take some steps into conversation with this book.

$$? I certainly did not create this as an income source, I added pictures to make it interesting and I think I make about .12 cents per copy sold on Amazon…and only because they would not let me offer it cheaper.

I pray that this helps women do what God intended us to do, connect and love one another, appreciating that we are all unique and beautiful women.

We are hardwired for connection… Click here to read why connection is so important.
If you are interested in starting a Praise and Coffee group in your community, feel free to join our online group page:

Praise and Coffee Leaders


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