Aptly named, this show is truly representative of all the exotic regions along the original Silk Road... featuring exhibitors from Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, India and the United States. Don't discount these smaller shows with their fabulous displays ...

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"Tucson Gem Show - Live!" - 5 new articles

  1. #TucsonGemShow Silk Road Gem & Jewelry Show at the Grand Luxe Hotel (formerly the Grant Inn Show) #Tucson2018
  2. To Bead True Blue - Colors of the Stone #TucsonGemShow #GuestPost
  4. Wandering Through The JOGS Show - WOW!!! #TucsonGemShow #JOGSShow18
  5. Renee Newman - a Presentation, a Book Signing and an Updated Diamond Handbook
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#TucsonGemShow Silk Road Gem & Jewelry Show at the Grand Luxe Hotel (formerly the Grant Inn Show) #Tucson2018

Aptly named, this show is truly representative of all the exotic regions along the original Silk Road... featuring exhibitors from  Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, India and the United States. 

Don't discount these smaller shows with their fabulous displays of ethnographic items in daily use in the Middle East and Mediterranean areas around the world.  

The more intimate setting allows time to develop a relationship with dealers - we spent quite a bit at this show and returned several times throughout our stay

Table after table in the Courtyard, in the Parking Lots and in the temporary building at the rear of the property, are filled with wonderfully ornate bowls and serving pieces decorated in blue & white motifs, multicolor patterns and even mirrored mosaics. 

You can find whimsical lighting options, lanterns and mosaics and stunning statuary alongside a couple of the best Turquoise dealers in town and an array of Jewelry, Gem and Mineral options.


SRGJ Shows host some of the world’s greatest collections of Ethnographic Art, Beads, Gems, Minerals, Rocks, Jewelry, and much more.  http://srgjshows.com

Grand Luxe Hotel at the corner of Freeway and Grant

To Bead True Blue - Colors of the Stone #TucsonGemShow #GuestPost

All of the Garan Beadagio Shows moved to the Casino del Sol for 2018 - I didn't make it out there but a friend did and she agreed to write a guest post...

Beverly Krueger provided this glimpse into the new location for the To Bead True Blue Show

The focus of the To Bead True Blue Show is a cross between the bead store owner and jewelry designer or crafter.

What were three separate shows in the past were all combined this year at one location, the Casino Del Sol about a twenty-minute drive from Tucson.

This show is unique for the demonstrations and workshops available. If you’re looking to learn a new technique or experiment with a new medium, you should make the trek. Good deals were available in the gemstones pavilion, but the highlight was the opportunity to interact with representatives from the most well-known name brands in bead and jewelry supplies and to see the latest they offered.

Someone on a buying trip for their local or online store should make this a definite stop. Designers should expect snippiness from a few dealers who can only imagine selling to store owners. As though if I asked about their steel jump rings I was only interested in a pack or two. Over all, it’s a good show to forge relationships. I’ll be designing my own Czech chain after finding out it was within my budget. I spent about $600 at this show. 



Good News - several of these companies will show at the "Main Event" at the Convention Center later this week...

FIRST  - this incredible three-foot tall Rubellite Tourmaline...

On to the ROOMS!!!

 Cristalle & Dave Bunk:

 I am obsessed with this huge PINK Mangano Calcite

Pala International's room never disappoints - this year it was FABULOUS!!!

...speaking of Pala, it was the Pala Room that introduced me to one of my favorite minerals, about 5 years ago...still a favorite!

...and from Cornerstone Minerals, some of the most water clean quartz crystals!

AND one of my show favorites, this incredible Paraiba Tourmaline!


Wandering Through The JOGS Show - WOW!!! #TucsonGemShow #JOGSShow18

There was a time when the JOGS Show seemed to be mostly high end Brazilian and lots of Amber - THIS IS NOT YOUR MOTHER'S JOGS SHOW ANYMORE!!!!

The range in this show is phenomenal so I'm going to let the photos tell the story...

This show starts outside and works its way in with everything from tabletops... 

...to these fabulous Arkansas Quartz Crystals from Avant.

...to this AMAZING stone bathtub!

Just inside the doors - don't miss the Burtis Blue Turquoise display...

...with the first I've seen, fossil in Turquoise!

And Now We Enter the Show!

For all the lovers of fabulous Baltic Amber - YES there is still some great Amber...

This lovely lady agreed to step in to show just how large this cathedral is!

Be sure to look around this was a lovely find...

Down the center aisles through most of the show, there are high end finished pieces...

...and as soon as I say that - a rare and lovely Spencer Opal is also on the center aisle.

Really lovely beaded chain...

Beads in every size and color...

Some with the new "mystic" coating...

T & G Trading had these nice Labradorites...

There were two Natural Turquoise vendors one who had my two favorites pieces in the show...

...and Clint & his wife from Burtis Blue Turquoise.

The Gold Sheen Sapphire is BLOWING UP at the JOGS Show!

Canadian Ammolite...

...of course they have the obligatory Cathedrals and Geodes

...and for all the beaders looking for a bargain, these are $1and $2.50 strands!!!

Stop in at the JOGS Show 
at the Tucson Expo Center
on Irvington!


Renee Newman - a Presentation, a Book Signing and an Updated Diamond Handbook

Evaluation and Pricing of Jadeite & Nephrite Jade - Part III
Jeff Mason, GG, Mason-Kay, Inc., www.masonkay.com

Renée Newman GG, Author: Exotic Gems, Vol 4: How to Identify, Evaluate & Select Jade & Abalone Pearls

Jeff Mason and Renee Newman will be giving a PowerPoint presentation on the Evaluation and Pricing of Jadeite and Nephrite Jade at 9:00 AM in the Maricopa Room of the Tucson Convention Center. Afterwards from 10:30 AM until 12:30, Renee will be doing a book signing at the NAJA booth G-11 in the Galleria of the Tucson Convention Center. 

The new 3rd Edition of her Diamond Handbook will be released in Tucson. It updates jewelry professionals and serious diamond buyers on new developments in diamond grading, treatments, synthetic diamonds, imitations, branded diamonds and fancy-color diamonds. Using close-up photos, it shows how to make visual judgments about clarity, transparency, brilliance and cut quality. 

As the Journal of Gemmology has stated in its review of the previous edition, the Diamond Handbook "gives the trade reader virtually all the essential information needed to buy and sell diamonds."

       A chapter on how to distinguish transparent and black diamond imitations from real natural diamonds has been added. The chapter on synthetic diamonds has eleven new pages, seven of which are photo pages that help trade members identify HPHT- and CVD-grown diamonds with magnification, fluorescence and crossed Polaroid filters. Photos and information have been updated in the chapters on fancy color diamonds, antique cuts and jewelry, diamond fluorescence, diamond treatments and recutting diamonds. A review in Gems & Gemology described the previous edition of the Diamond Handbook as "an entire course on judging diamonds . . . useful to both the jewelry industry and consumers."

Trade paperback, 6" x 9", 168 pages, 392 photos (178 of them new) + diagrams and tables, $19.95.


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