Digital Scrapbooking Kits give you all you need for scrapbooking without the mess. Digital Scrapbooking Kits have papers and elements you can use for scrapbooking traditional layouts (by printing the single elements and papers from your computer) or for ...

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Digital Scrapbooking Kit to scrapbook without the mess

Digital Scrapbooking Kits give you all you need for scrapbooking without the mess. Digital Scrapbooking Kits have papers and elements you can use for scrapbooking traditional layouts (by printing the single elements and papers from your computer) or for scrapbooking digital on your computer. Then online printing services can print out your digital scrapbooking layouts. 
The biggest advantage to scrap digital is definitely that you can re-use the digital scrapbooking items. While traditional scrapbooking gives you just one chance to create your layout digital scrapbooking kits allow you to use the "undo" button and simply redo your layout. You can even use the items again and again - this is perfect if you want a whole scrapbook e.g. about a wedding and use the same style.
Today software such as Photoshop Elements have a product creator guide included. This allows you e.g. to create a photo book with your digital scrapbooking layouts and send them to an online printing service. A photo book from a special event such as a wedding or baby’s first year is the perfect gift. There are not many more gifts you can give which are more personal. 
Beside that digital scrapbooking kits often come with 100s of elements and papers and are much cheaper than traditional scrapbooking supplies. While you pay for each paper in a scrapbooking store you can pay once for your digital scrapbooking kit and download your file. 
Make sure that you make a copy from your digital scrapbooking kit to an external hard drive or a disk. 
But you are not limited to layouts or photo books. You can create many more nice supplies with digital scrapbooking kits. You can create an individual bookmark, a door sign, a notebook or a mousepad. Be creative and make a unique collection of articles for your personal needs filled with your memories.
All in all - digital scrapbooking is scrapbooking without the mess and much more flexible and cheap than traditional scrapbooking.

iPad covers - a good collection

There are tons of iPad covers available online - you can find leather or neoprene cases or the hard plastic cases from Apple - but no matter what you choose, do it - your iPad gets scratches easily and you can also damage your display when it slips out of your hand.
When you first hold your iPad in your hand you'll notice how easy this will be to damage it. To me at least it seemed to be really "breakable". In any case - you won't want to do so. So best is to bit the sour apple and get yourself a nice case.
In the following article you'll find some nice iPad covers to protect your valuable gadget.

My secret garden - as a freebie

I´m in spring mood and that means I´m in cleaning mood. So the past few days I´ve deeply cleaned my store and my blog is completely redone - I switched over to wordpress because I think it´s a good system which offers you more possibilities than Blogger does. comes the deal for you.
First - ALL my digital kits have a BLOW OUT SALE which means that they are gone at the end of the month. Some will be completely redone, some will stay and some will be gone forever. If you want the one or other - it´s your chance, they are all 60% off!

The second good news - yesterday I´ve realized how many have subscribed to my blog mailing list. Although I hardly get comments here I obviously have many friends out there. You cannot imagine how happy I was when I realized that!!!

That´s the reason why I´ve added a new, more comfortable mailing list to my new blog. I won´t update this blog anymore but keep it for anyone who has saved the blogadress.
The problem is - you need to subscribe again. It´s not a big thing - you just add your name and your email and that´s it :-)

When you do that you will get automatically an email delivered with a coupon code for my kit "My secret garden", one of my most famous kits ever! Check the layouts lilja made with it.

Anyway - you get it free - for your subscription to my newsletter. If you are an "old" reader or new - doesn´t matter. When you subscribe, you get a coupon code where you can grab it.

So enjoy and go here - you find the formular on the right side!

Digidesignresort has two freebies for you!

This weekend will be full with many changes here on my site - my blog will move to wordpress because this awesome software offers many many great modules which allow you to make it awesome! Sooo i will also have my VERY own newsletter LOL so be sure to watch it out and sign up for it as it will come with an awesome freebie.

Ok here are the beautiful freebies from digidesignresort

First from Vintage Paris Princess who has a great 25% off sale and also from Junia from Julaender Designs who is the featured designer this month and celebrates her birthday with a 40% off sale! WOW

Grab the freebie now :-)

Freebie is now up and running!!!

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