by Molly Noble Bull Do you chicken and dumplings? When I was a child and a young adult living at home with my parents, I especially liked that particular meal, and I assumed that everybody else liked it too. But apparently, not everyone likes chicken ...

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Chicken and Dumplings

by Molly Noble Bull

Do you chicken and dumplings?
When I was a child and a young adult living at home with my parents, I especially liked that particular meal, and I assumed that everybody else liked it too. But apparently, not everyone likes chicken and dumplings.
The Bible says that the true church is the Bride of Jesus Christ and that when Jesus returns to earth at the second coming, he will marry the true church, and they will live happily ever after—in eternity—a place called heaven. Knowing this, is it any wonder that women like to read and write romance novels with forever after endings?
A marriage is the blending of two different families into one new and often unique family, and in order to make this new family work, many if not most brides and brides-to-be spend time before and after the wedding learning what her groom likes and what he doesn’t. The same is true with the church. The true church spends time reading and studying the scriptures in order to learn what the Lord likes and what He doesn’t like.
Charlie Bull is my earthly husband, and we have been married for many years. But like the church that is the bride of Christ, I had to learn what Charlie liked and didn’t like as a newly married bride. Sometimes, these lessons can be painful.
Charlie and I had been married about a year when I decided to fix chicken and dumplings for supper. It was a meal favorite in my family, and I was sure Charlie was going to like it too. But when I poured chicken and dumpling onto his plate that evening, he did not look happy.
Charlie looked up at me and frowned. “This is nothing but watered-down biscuits.”
I couldn’t understand why he was so angry. Until that moment, we had never had a single disagreement must less an all out argument.
It was like two football teams fighting, the Dumplings against the Anti-Dumplings, and the anti-dumplings won. In the new family that came about as the result of our marriage, chicken and dumpling were never served in our home, and I doubt if our children even knew it was a family favorite on my side of the family.
The true church is like that. The bride of Christ learns what her groom likes and what he doesn’t like from reading and studying the Bible, and not only does she stop doing the things he doesn’t like, she repents for doing it in the first place.
Although I never served chicken and dumplings in our home again, I have ordered it at restaurants, and it doesn’t taste as good as I remember it tasting when Mama cooked it.
Speaking of romance novels that women like, two of my Christian romances were published in May 2017.

The first one, The Secret Admirer Romance Collection, is a collection of 9 historical novellas by 9 different authors. My novel is titled “Too Many Secrets.”

The second of my books published in May is 
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May Pippa and Hedge live happily ever after.

by Molly Noble Bull

People have always told me that I am a funny lady—that I make people laugh. But as any writer will tell you, humor is hard to write. One man’s funny is another man or women’s corny, silly, stupid.
Nevertheless, Cinderella Texas, my soon to be published western romance is a little scary. Is it another Christian Gothic like Gatehaven where my setting was a haunting mansion in England?
No. Then why is it scary?
Because Cinderella Texas made me laugh as I was writing it. But were readers going to like my kind-of-funny novels? As I was watching Fox News and reading about the wedding of Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, in a line of updates at the bottom of the screen, I read it like this. Pippa Middleton weds Hedge Fund Manager.
Hedge. Or Hedge Fund. Or Hedge F. Manager. What a terrible name for a romantic hero any way you write it—much less the name of the husband of someone as lovely as Pippa Middleton. I’m so glad that Hedge’s real name is James Matthews. It’s more heroic and romantic, too, than Hedge Fund Manager. But then, what do I know?
To read the first chapter of Cinderella Texas, go to my website. www.mollynoblebull.com down and click Molly’s Free Downloads, and while you are there, check out The Secret Admirer Romance Collection and my novella in that collection, “Too Many Secrets.”  It’s funny too—or corny. You decide. To see all my books, click here.
P.S. That’s me in the wedding dress on the arm of my late father, waiting to walk down the aisle. I don’t own a picture of Pippa in hers.


The Secret Admirer Romance Collecton— ...

The Secret Admirer Romance Collecton— 
9 novellas by 9 authors. 
My name is Molly Noble Bull, and my novella is titled,“Too Many Secrets.” Read the first two chapters now at www.mollynoblebull.comby scrolling down and clicking

Molly’s Free Downloads. 

To see all my novels, click here 

What is TOO MANY SECRETS about? 
Abigail Willoughby hides her feeling for Luke Conquest, the handsome cowboy who introduced her to her mail-order-husband. How could she had guessed that her future husband was ninety years old?   

I'm the One With Gray Hair.

by Molly Noble Bull

I suffer from a come-and-go digestive problem that sometimes requires medication, and yesterday, I went to the drive-in window of the local pharmacy to pick up my refilled prescription. As I was driving off, I noticed that my name was not written on the little white sack with the medicine in it. The last name was Bull, all right, but the first name wasn’t Molly.
I drove around the block and returned to the pharmacy, but this time, I had to wait in line. When I finally got to the window, I grinned at the lady I’d talked to the first time.
“I’m back,” I said, holding up the little white sack. “You gave me the wrong medicine. This is for someone else. I’m the one with gray hair.”
She laughed. Then she found what I came for, handed it to me, and I went home.
Sometimes we receive medicine, truths, really meant for someone else. The Lord seemed to be showing me that when that happens, we are expected to turn around, return the medicine, and go home. I think I learn the most about God when I am given bad tasting medicine really meant for someone else.

The Secret Admirer Romance Collection is a collection of nine novellas by nine different authors, and my novella is titled “Too Many Secrets.”

What do you have to offer the world?

posted by Teresa Slack
Most of us don’t think of ourselves as an expert at anything. We haven’t discovered anything or invented anything or cured anything. We haven’t built a business that employs millions or solved a great problem facing humankind. We downplay our abilities since they’re not that impressive. After all, almost anyone can balance a checkbook or raise kids or even write a blog post. We keep our heads down and hope we don't sound like we’re bragging.

Recently I was asked to speak at a writers’ conference. It's been a long time since I've talked about writing. To be honest, it's been a long time since I've written a whole lot. I believe I do have something to offer writers. I’ve been doing it a while and have met with some success with my published novels. But an expert…I don't know if I'd go that far.

I almost didn't accept the invitation. I worried I might not have enough to offer that the attendees didn’t already know. Actually, I was afraid. Afraid of not having as good a presentation as the other writers doing workshops. Afraid I’d fall on my face. Afraid everyone would see me as the fraud I thought I was.

Aren't those dumb reasons for not doing something I love?

No matter your interests or abilities or experience or natural talent, you have something to offer that can benefit or impact someone. Don't let fear or the thought that you're a phony or not as good as you think you are keep you from doing what you enjoy and from being a being a blessing to others. We tell ourselves we’re not that funny or talented or experienced. Consequently, we do nothing. Who suffers when we make that choice?

Not only are we hurting ourselves by not stretching our wings and doing what we enjoy, we are also hurting the people we don’t help. Vanity is sometimes disguised as fear. The fear we experience when doing something outside our comfort zone is vanity. No one wants to fall on their face in front of witnesses. But not doing something helpful or beneficial to others because of selfish reasons is vanity.

No matter how minimal you believe your talents, someone can benefit from learning them. Even if you think everyone knows how to bake a chocolate chip cookie or housebreak a puppy or sew on a button, you will come across someone who needs your advice on the subject. I am sure there are also bigger things, too, in which you have experience.

What are you good at? What are your interests or natural talents? Baking. Organization. Writing. Graphic design. Woodworking. Money management. Animal training. Crafts. Mechanics. Health and beauty. Just to name a few. There is at least one area in which you could help someone else. Probably many, but for the sake of this article, we'll focus on one. Name one thing you could teach someone else. If you share your knowledge & experience with one person, you have possibly enriched them…and yourself.

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