Virtual Stamp Clubs are Fun - Are You Ready to Join? My Virtual Stamp Club is in full swing and so much fun to be part of whether you live in Arizona or out of state, I would love to...
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Virtual Stamp Club is Starting! and more...

Virtual Stamp Club is Starting!

Virtual Stamp Clubs are Fun - Are You Ready to Join?classes
My Virtual Stamp Club is in full swing and so much fun to be part of whether you live in Arizona or out of state, I would love to have you join my club. 
The new catalog starts in just a couple days, are you ready to join?
Please let me know if you are interested. 

If you don't have the current catalog(s) I will get those in the mail to you and when your club fills we will begin.
Below is more information.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Virtual Stamp Club Details

What is Club all About?  Here is a great way to build up your Stamp/Scrapbook and Accessory collection a little each month, while staying on a reasonable monthly budget.

How Does it Work?  By joining my Virtual Stamp Club you agree to purchase a minimum of $25.00 (before tax and shipping) each month for a 6 -10 month period (depending on how many people join, this only increases the hostess free).  You can choose products from the current catalog or the seasonal catalog (when there is one).  You will be placed with 5 or more Stampers to form a club.  One time during the 6 -10 month period you will be the Hostess and receive the Stampin' Rewards shown in the catalog.  That means that you will receive your choice of at least 10% of the Workshop sales in free stamps or accessories. This % increases as the orders increase and may also earn you an item at 50% off based on the monthly club sales.  During your Hostess month you can choose to collect outside orders and increase your Hostess free potential. Your order will be shipped directly to you.

Club Member Only Perks:
During your Club Membership you will receive two hand stamped cards in the mail each month. If your monthly order is $50.00 before tax and shipping you will also earn my Di's Country Dozen Reward points

When Will I be the Hostess? The first person to sign up will be the first Hostess, the second will be the second Hostess and so on.

When Do I Order?  Your order will be due by the 8th of each month. So you will want to mark your calendars so you do not forget.  You will go to my online store and place your order. You can pay with Mastercard, Discover, American Express or Visa. I will give you a new Hostess Code to use each month so you can have your order sent directly to you. This is awesome if you have friends that live in another state but they want to be part of your club order the month you are Hostess, now they can!

How do I get my Order? Your order will be delivered directly to you.

Can a Group of my Friends be in our own Club?  Definitely yes, if you want to be in your own group that is so much fun to do. In fact we can set it up this way and with the new Hostess Code, all your friends from all over the US can be in one club together.  Cool eh? Let me know if you want to do it this way and we can work out the details.


I currently have a list of Stampers interested in joining my Virtual Stamp Club if you would like to participate.  You will receive the new catalog once the club is complete.

Holler at me if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Diana Gibbs, your Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
Stamping With Di
This is offered exclusively by: Diana Gibbs
- updated 5/31/2020

June Host Code & Country INKcentive

June 2020 Host Code

The new catalog starts on the 3rd I can hardly wait, did you get your catalog yet?

Did you see my post with the Seasonal AND the Christmas Card of the Month Class in the Mail?  They are already starting to fill up. I am so excited you love these classes, I love getting the packets ready each month and off to you in the mail.

Ok now onto this month's Host Code information and INKcentive, I will post it when I can show items from the new catalog.

Each month I will have a new Host Code that you will use in my online store while ordering. Above is June's code. Please note: Virtual Stamp Club Members this is NOT the code that you will use. You have a private Host Code for this month's Hostess.

All these order totals are before tax and shipping (this way I don't have to say it each time).
When you place an order of:
~$50.00* you earn a Country Dozen Reward Point but place an order of:
~$75.00 you earn the Country Dozen Reward Point and the current month's INKcentive goodie (see below). Goodies do not come with your order.  They are ordered on the first of the following month shipped to me and then sent with your thank you card.  Sometimes backorders happen and they are a tad bit late but I will let you know.
~As always if you are ordering $150.00 or more you will not use my code (that way you will earn your own Hostess Benefits), but you will still earn the Country Dozen Rewards and the monthly goodie.

This month's INKcentive goodie is to be announced.

To Be Announced (2)

Have a safe and blessed June and thanks for stopping in.



June Christmas Card Class in the Mail

Still Scenes Stamp Set (1)

This is the second month for doing Christmas cards, it is hard to believe Christmas will be here before we know it. We are having such hot weather in Arizona already it is nice to think of snow. I apologize if you are still getting snow where you live.

Who does not love getting their Christmas cards done early? No scrambling around in December to get them done, you will be all set!

I love this stamp set and can't wait to play with it. It does have a matching die, but will not be using it for the card. If you want it to use on your own let me know when ordering.

For June's Christmas Card Class in the Mail, we will be using the set "Still Scenes".

This class has been so popular over the years here are the details if you are new:

Each month you will do 10 identical cards, but each month will be a different card. Class fee is due no later than June 10 or while supplies last. These sell out quick!

Please note: this is not a club, you can do one month or two, or all or skip a month, it is totally up to you.

The Christmas Card of the Month Class in the Mail is $35.00 per month and this will include one completed card for you to copy from and supplies for 10 matching cards (sometimes the DSP varies, if used, but the card is the same) and envelopes mailed to you by priority mail.  You will use your own inks and stamps at home (you can tweak the card with what you have at home if you don't want to use this set), nothing will be stamped on your supplies.
If you want the "Still Scenes" Stamp Set #150503 as well you can order it with your class fee for an extra $22.00 (cling*), if you want the coordinating "Snow Globes Scenes die #150655 to use later you can order it with your class fee for an extra $31.00,  you save tax and shipping that way - or you can order it through my store along with anything else you may want to order. Let me know if you need it or if you have it already when you sign up for class.
*Remember with cling and photopolymer stamps you will need to supply your own clear blocks, these are sold separately.
Let me know you want to order June's Christmas Card of the Month Class and I will email you the paypal link.

Class packets will be mailed the week of June 29 and I can only ship within the US, thanks for understanding.
Have an awesome weekend.


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