The Naive studio has come to an end. New and exiting projects await :) Thank you so much for all your support!

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  1. Moving On
  2. Ummagumma - a new chic boutique in town, a new challenge for us :)
  3. Ready to wear Fabrique?
  4. it's about time to visit Bunny :)
  5. and so it is...
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Moving On

The Naive studio has come to an end. New and exiting projects await :)
Thank you so much for all your support! 

Ummagumma - a new chic boutique in town, a new challenge for us :)

'122, Calea Victoriei: is where you find, in a Bohemian alleyway, the fancy boutique Ummagumma – a daring concept, which invites you to stand out the standard norms of mass products. Clothing, shoes, accessories, made in small or unique pieces, new designers and fresh collections, is the main clock card of Ummagumma. A visit in there won’t disappoint you with groundless prices, and this is another argument to comeback to Ummagumma...' This is how its eloquent presentation should sound :)


Now, we'll let you decide whether this place deserves at least a visit, and therefore we present to you our 3 main lighting objects which hang daily in the boutique from 10 to 20 p.m. Those are all labeled naiveDesign :DWhether is about the naive umbrella, the jelly hat :) or the sketches dryer, we wanted to underline through design the free spirit of Ummagumma concept.

We also took care of the changing room and we painted an eye to an existing spot - we've called it the eye-setter :)

Well... we didn't stop here, as Oana (the brain behind Ummagumma concept) decided to leave a naiveDesign mark on the interior design as well. A few framed posters having as main character inverted silhouettes in different postures were hanged in the left corner of the main entrance as well as on the furnishing above the clothing hangers. Some festoons made from cotton wool and mull painted in red or wrapped in aluminium foil were also used for decoration. For the spot corner in the pay desk area, we used aluminium as main material, incorporating in it a framed grained-vintage portrait decorated with red feathers.

Curious enough? Come visit this visionary and chic place :)

design by Cristina Ivan

Ready to wear Fabrique?

We were keeping this post in draft for quite a while :) Yes, we are proud to introduce a new and unique concept - the first on line boutique in Bucharest - It's stylish, always being a step forward . So, if you want to be familiarized with names like Abirota, Mimotica Micola, Big Feet, Swear, Eliza Yokina, KTZ, Dr.Denim JeansMakers and many others (don't want to spoil the pleasure of personal finding :) or if you want to buy one of naiveDesign objects :D just click


This is the page where you can find indoor products in one of these categories: comfort, light :), object

We can only ask in addition: Do you Bucharest? :D as the Fabrique team questions its soon to be faithful clientèle.

it's about time to visit Bunny :)

20 April... La Scena... yard, funky, fresh and green. Yes, we're talking about the new edition of My Grandma's backyard. Seemed the corner from the Red room was expecting us this time too... our room mates also :) same happy faces, same funky people, same supporting visitors, same fluttered Gabi :), same Grandma, but much more nephews!

We've also got the chance to take for a walk our new and ready baked 'Aiurea' shoes :D Thanks again to Gabi for believing in them. and in us.

Had a lot of fun, bought some new bunnies :), made lots of friends. All in one, this kind of event makes you addictive.. Soo, can't wait for the 4th one :D

for more details on this event click here

and so it is...

the Earth Hour past. firstly, we would like to thank all of you who followed our petition. thus, together we managed to classify Romania on top ten :), almost 200 people having signed up (out of 1,100 from around the country).

those who still believe in such actions, had a great time celebrating this green event. we even forgot to turn ON our lights at 9 o'clock :) besides the feeling we are part of the world community, we had also experienced that lack of electricity bring people closer. we played Macao tiganesc, a card game which some of us haven't played since we were kids... and we've exchanged jokes (bancuri). What did You do? Apart of this quality time, you actually can use your individual power to 'make a difference'. No need to wait for others, just take action against this...

Of course there were a bunch of skeptics, who wanted to participate in their own way at the event :) Some of them replying us to our reminder sent a few minutes before 8 o'clock, such as: 'i turned it off, as i just left the house' or 'don't forget to unplug the fridge!' or (at 9 o'clock) 'turn on your lights!" :D

As long as the
people didn't remain cold-livered, we are content. As an averse example, this article welcomes the project having a positive approach on the subject. Many thanks to Ioana Mitu for her support! :)

Well... if you feel to join us in the future, you can always sign up for the 2009 EH

Until then, you can find here some images on the 2008 event or here some of the stories of EH around the world.


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