I finally solved my morning blood sugars by increasing my basal rate all day from .425 per hour to 1.0. I was surprised that it worked, but it did and I guess that was what I needed. I thought my...

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"Healing Type 1 Diabetes" - 5 new articles

  1. Ion Cleanse
  2. Still Learning how to Work with my Dawn Phenomenom
  3. Dawn Phenomenom
  4. Vanishing Fingerprints
  5. Back from Anime Convention
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Ion Cleanse

I finally solved my morning blood sugars by increasing my basal rate all day from .425 per hour to 1.0. I was surprised that it worked, but it did and I guess that was what I needed. I thought my blood sugars during the day were good, but maybe I was over-bolusing for my meals.

Then about a week and a half later, I crashed a couple of times so I have recently reduced my basal rate to .75. I think it is working. Wow, what a balancing act. It's so frustrating sometimes.

Lately I have been doing foot detox baths. They are called ion cleanses. I did 8 in December for $20 each because they had a special going on. Now I buy packages of $100 for 4 foot baths, so they are still very reasonable. I am going once a week during my lunch hour. They muscle test me and I consistently test as needing the etheric cleanse. There is also an organ cleanse and a master cleanse.

I always get lots of stuff out of my joints. Sometimes black flecks show up that are heavy metal. Last time some brown flecks showed up from my liver. Here is a link to the place I go to and their description of the ion cleanse - http://clearhorizons.net/IonCleanseOverview.htm. I highly recommend them!

Here is a picture of last night's supper - chicken with lemon juice, marinara sauce, mushrooms, and provolone cheese.



Still Learning how to Work with my Dawn Phenomenom

I am still experiencing morning blood sugars in the low 200's.

At first I thought about titling this post as "Still Fighting with my Dawn Phenomenom" but decided to go with a more positive message instead.

I mean we have (the United States) had a war on cancer going on for a long time and now we have a war on obesity. I definitely don't like that negative connotation.

Some say the reason we get cancer is that it's our body's way to help us survive a little longer, otherwise we would have succumbed already and died. So maybe we should learn how to improve the person's health instead of fighting the cancer, or perhaps a little of both.

The second war has a blame factor where we are, in essence, fighting with people who are obese. Not good. The way our society is set up has made it hard to stay slim, especially for those with the thrifty gene. And there is more to it than willpower and calories in/calories out. Any type of prejudice is bad. Smile and be kind to everyone, including the overweight.

I thought back to one time when I was drinking only vegetable juice and my need for insulin disappeared except for in the early morning hours. I would be level all day and then wake up with a 300 blood sugar. So I really think a more pronounced Dawn Phenomenom is a healing sign for me.

I have been slowly increasing my basal rate everyday and will keep doing so until I wake up with a normal blood sugar. Right now my basal rate is .425 per hour most of the time but 1.25 between the hours of 2 am and 5 am.

Here's a picture of some scrambled eggs with mushrooms I had over the weekend.



Dawn Phenomenom

I had another blood sugar this morning in the low 200's. I've decided that perhaps it is due to the Dawn Phenomenom.

I never used to have much of a Dawn Phenomenom before, but now I am going to bed with a good blood sugar and then waking up to pee at 4 in the morning due to high blood sugars. I am wondering if maybe part of my healing process is to develop more of a Dawn Phenomenom, which of course my body does not react well to.

So I have increased my basal rate on my pump between 2 and 4 am. My normal basal rate is .425 per hour and I upped it to .8 for that time period. I will bump it up more if need be.

Here is a picture of one of my lunches over the weekend.



Vanishing Fingerprints

My blood sugar was 246 this morning and I'm not sure why. I thought perhaps my infusion site needed replacing, but I did do that over the weekend so that's not it - especially since my blood sugars seem to be well controlled during the day. Another possibility is that my insulin is getting old, but once again my blood sugars are doing well during the day.

The third possibility that I thought of is that Velveeta is bad. I had been using up a little Velveeta that I had leftover from Christmas and maybe I react to it like I react to grains and it affects my blood sugars for more than just a few hours. The Velveeta is gone now so we will see if my morning blood sugars improve.

I took my daughter to a naturopathic doctor over her Christmas break because of her hiccurp (that's what I call it, her friends call it her Pterodactyl noise) that happens frequently. The doctor recommended vitamins and improvements in diet for my vegetarian Celiac girl.

But one thing I found particularly interesting is that she pointed out how she doesn't really have fingerprints. Her fingertips are smooth. She said this is because of digestion issues. I also have smooth fingertips and am hoping with my low carb diet I will have fingerprints again in the future.

Here is a picture of one of my dinners of Smothered Primal Pork Chops with Mushrooms and French Green Beans. It was very yummy.




Back from Anime Convention

My blood sugar was 183 this morning. Yes, that is a little high and I have no idea why. But I feel great so I will keep on trucking with my 12 - 8 low carb diet (not a weight loss diet, just an eating plan diet). I have not crashed once since I started this on New Year's Day and that is very exciting for me.

I went to an anime convention called Ichibancon this past weekend and it was fun but tiring. My son and daughter went also. I dressed as Granny Pinako. The exciting thing is I stuck to my eating plan throughout the convention (pats self on back). I took food with me and that worked out great.

I believe I went through a detox for a few days. My muscles ached and one night I went through an emotional detox. I remembered a particularly bad time with my ex-husband and went through a wave of emotions. I also imagined a variety of scenarios on how I could have handled it differently. One included stabbing him! haha I think I have let go of that event's impact on me now.

I also thought I would finally include a picture of one of my Big Ass Salads (BAS).



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