Art Warrior DollsSunday November 6 from 1:30 – 5:00 Class Cost $45 In this workshop we will help you to channel your creativity to make an art warrior that reflects all that is brave, inspiring and fun. Make this whimsical creation for yourself or to ...

New class offered on Art warriors and more...

New class offered on Art warriors

Art Warrior Dolls
Sunday November 6 from 1:30 – 5:00
Class Cost $45

In this workshop we will help you to channel your creativity to make an art warrior that reflects all that is brave, inspiring and fun.  Make this whimsical creation for yourself or to use as a gift for someone who could use a little love.  The doll uses scraps of fabric, embellishments and printed sayings to convey your personality.  A secret pocket on the back of your warrior is for that special something such as a gift card or words of wisdom.  

Want to have a really fun time then this is your class.  Your inner child and creativity will bloom. 


 They look like Flat Stanley don't they.  

Painting Faces
Art Warrior Dolls
Saturday, November 5 from 1 – 4:30
Workshop $30
Participants in the
PAINTING FACES FOR ART WARRIOR DOLLS workshop will learn how to paint faces and actually paint one face that can be used on an art warrior doll. The doll will NOT be made in this workshop; however, a kit to make the doll will be available to purchase. ART WARRIOR DOLL KIT is $15.00. 

There are three possible scenarios: Saturday Workshop: $30 (plus optional $15 doll kit); Sunday workshop: $45; BOTH workshops: $75

Last session before the holidays. 
Call Cootie Coo Creations in High Springs Florida to register.

386 454-8008 

Student dolls

                                                   Nancy Roberts

Pearl Button Necklace

The Studio hosted JoEl Levy Logiudice for a workshop titled
Pearl Button Panache.


 All materials were supplied except the pearl buttons.   

 Time for lunch. 

Look at that cute outfit.  Forget the food.  Somebody is "Roe"ing besides Kathy.

 Some people tried to use a different focal piece.  

 Not really,  it was to mark the middle of the necklace.

 No Jeanette that is not a Pearl Button.  Ha ha. 
 Look Debby, Renee, Sandy, Jeanette and Pearl are busy working.

Debby got many compliments when she wore her necklace out. 

Love the star.  

Go Sandy Go. Make that turquoise work. 

 Renee created a great look combining different metals together. 

Sheila is a work in progress.  Her necklace too.  

 These next pieces are yo-yo's with pearl buttons.
  That will be our next workshop in the spring. 

 Merri McKenzie's necklace.  

Jeanette Slaymaker created a nostalgia piece.  

 Celeste used bone underwear buttons as well as Pearl buttons.
  Uh-oh someone is missing their underwear buttons.   

Kathy finished this lovely piece. 


Art Warror Dolls Return

The Art Warrior class had to have a second session for those that need this type of intervention.  These dolls are created with scraps of fabric and a whole lot of creativity.  Each doll  is stuffed inside with magic and creativity.  Any time you need inspiration just squeeze and the magic appears and the creativity flows.

The dolls special personality  emerges as you sew.
  There is even a Miss Frankenstein. 


 Sharon was gifted Slenderella.  A doll to go with her on her journey of weight loss.  Inside is a thin person.  Way to go Sharon and Slenderella. 

 Finding the right fabric takes some time.  Red, white and black.  Black, white and red.  Opps there is a piece with the wrong colors.  Michyle finds just the right combination. 
 Lorie has finished Esmerellda.  She even has a purse.  Guess what is inside her purse?  Humor.  Everyone should carry their hurmor with them. 
 Sandy is such fun to have in class.  She is making the Dragon Slayer.

 Janey, Michyle and Renee are having a contest to see who can finish first.  NOT
Kathy is busy designing her LulaRoe tights for her Art Warrior. 
Shane is getting her sewing JUJU going. 

 Dolls are almost complete.  Sandy , Renee and Jeanette are each about 75% done. 
Uh oh more dolls for the runway.  Michyle, Kathy and Jeanette just beaming with pride. 
Nancy Roberts doll can even sew.  Way too cute. 
The Goat Girls, Celeste and Merri know how to create a herd.  Join us for our next class.  Information will be posted soon.  Already postd on Facebook. 



BrushO, BrushO, BrushO
BrushO everyday
Father, Mother Brother, Sister
BrushO everyday

BrushO are watercolor ink crystals.  Quite intense.  Dyes your hands all kinds of colors.  Our teacher for the day was Lori.  Great Job. 

First we sprayed starch and then spritzed the watercolor crystals on the sheet of watercolor paper then another spritz of spray starch and covered it with saran wrap.  I thought we were making a special culinary creation. We took them outside for baking  (aka drying).  

Oh what fun the ladies had. Could have fooled me I thought they were sniffing fumes.  Look at their look of divine inspiration. 
Stunning colors.


Art Warrior Dolls

Nothing like making a great ART WARRIOR Doll. 
The doll is filled with creativity and magic.  When your art muse needs an extra dose of creativity go get your ART WARRIOR Doll. 

Goatfeathers Studio teaches this at Cootie Coos Creations in High Springs, Florida.  Each class has only 8 students so each person has individual attention.

Piles of fabric and trims are everywhere.

Stitching faces, arms and legs.  Nancy and Pearlie Girl are rocking it. 

Lila knows how to make an ART Warrior.  Princess Sassy Pants to the rescue.  POW  

Is that just the best smile ever? 

 Ok let's have a doll party.  Whoop Whoop Art Warriors one and all. 
 Now Lori, there are some sparkly legs.  I think we all should have some. 
 Great smile Sherry.  I know your doll will be ready for the ball in no time. 
 Kandy is still working on the face but she has a plan. 
 Oh Pearlie Girl:  I don't know how you do it but your doll just screams you!!!!
 Miss Joanie you sure do make a creative doll.  Your granddaughter is going to think you are so hip!
 Debbie added just the right thing for the ankle, a heart. 
Nancy really knows how to finish a doll.
It even has a name:  Charlene.  she is ready for a SOUL SISTER tea party now.  


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