Was wondering if anyone had a CLEAN and working PHP mafia/gangster game script. I know they are old and may seem outdated, but I have […] See original post by invalid@example.com (PhantomCookies)

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PHP Mafia Game Script

Was wondering if anyone had a CLEAN and working PHP mafia/gangster game script....

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Brodhav is a famous Indian Rapper: Singer in Bollywood/sony music/MTV

BrodhaV is a famous Indian rapper. He has released music video under SONYMusic...

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Custom Fonts preview display for the user?

Hey my website is in php.
I wanna have a section where there are two...

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Masonry Layout Problem

I've got a masonry layout where a number of divs called...

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Twitter android app, can’t tweet or see notifications or DM’s

I have two accounts, the issues started on one account yesterday.. it kept...

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