«As web developers, it’s important to stay up to date about the evolution of the web. A few months ago we  started  a simple dashboard on   to track new feature development within Blink. It’s become a valuable tool for … Introducing the (New) ...

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Introducing the (New) Chromium Web Platform Feature Dashboard

«As web developers, it’s important to stay up to date about the evolution of...

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Long live Chrome Web Lab

«After just one short year and over half a million visitors to the Web Lab...

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Reach a global audience with video in 3 simple steps

«At Google, we believe that video is such a powerful way to build your brand...

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Better Know an Intern: Aayush Upadhyay

«It’s intern season at Google! Interns are located at offices all across the...

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Google Cloud Platform enhances Compute Engine, App Engine and Cloud Datastore

«By Greg DeMichillie, Google Cloud Platform team

Cross-posted from the...

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