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Green Light for Pain

Red light. Green light. Multi-coloured eyeset for audiovisual entrainment (AVE).

I tried the red light today with SMR/Beta because I’m so damn tired and very, very fed up. The last time I had red lights for AVE was in my psychologist’s office 15 years ago almost to ...

The Clinic Q&A Five: Shift Concussion Management

The Clinic Q&A Five is designed to help people discern what clinics will suit their brain injury needs best. Read what Shift Concussion Management will provide you in your recovery. I ask five questions; the clinic provides answers, links, images, video, and contact info. ...

New Website Feature!

Working Towards A Concussion Website

When I wrote Concussion Is Brain Injury back in 2012, I reserved domains to create a website dedicated to pulling together all the information on concussion, using my book as a springboard. Due to the usual problems associated with ...

Gamma Update and Changes

I’ve been using gamma brainwave audiovisual entrainment since April. On May 18, I switched it up to gamma 38-42Hz on Mondays and Fridays and SMR/gamma on Tuesdays and Thursdays and maintained the effect. My writing and photography work went down because I began using my ...

Website Work Occupies, Distracts from COVID-19

Summer arrives and so does NaNoWriMo!

Time to work on my website. Meanwhile, I'm still figuring out this ShopHERE stuff. Lesson one: I'm really not a business person. It takes a hell of a lot of stamina and as much tolerance for rejection as a writer. Well, not ...

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