As a right-brain soul, originality is everything, so it may sound crazy but I’ve been resisting repurposing content. See, I had this wild notion that viewers might be turned off by seeing the same content in more than one place even if it was in ...

5 Reasons Artists Need To STOP Resisting Repurposing Your Work

As a right-brain soul, originality is everything, so it may sound crazy but I’ve been resisting repurposing content. See, I had this wild notion that viewers might be turned off by seeing the same content in more than one place even if it was in multiple forms.   Twitter button cooking

Networking article page 2

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I saw this tactic as copying, which is an evil 7 letter word. If a visitor landed on my blog and read my posts then traveled onto Amazon and saw a collection of them for sale or read an Ezine article, only to stumble upon an audio or video containing the same information, wouldn’t it seem like I wasn’t delivering unique content?


Pic of blog


Now, after some serious cyber voyeurism of the experts who have more years in the internet trenches than I do, I’ve changed my perception. Delivering my art and message across various mediums empowers people to receive information in their own way, on the platform of their choice. Ecommerce opens up another exciting avenue for artists to Create More and share your work on a variety of products.

Poster series for writers-famous


Here are 5 reasons you need to get over it and start re-purposing:


1.   Never Get Bored – If you’re like me, and get bored easily, you’ll enjoy how fun it is to play with different formats. So rather than expressing your artistic voice in text everyday, get into character and record a playfully professional audio recording. Or, kick it up to a wild level, dress up, and act out your latest blog post for a special YouTube feature.


2.   Keep It Fresh - If you’re having a blast performing, your viewers will have fun watching. Multiple methods keep it fresh for your market.


3.   Each piece of art has its own personality. Which platform represents the tone of your current masterpiece? Animate the story of your art, like painting and photography with video. Take advantage of the phenomenal ebook opportunity or a sketch blog to showcase your talent.  

4.   Experiment – No matter how many webinars, teleseminars, books, or blogs you sift through for tips, tricks, and tactics, you’ll still need to trial and error it by putting your style in front of the camera, on the screen, and on the page, to see what works best. Focus on the triumph, not the trial and on fun, not frustration as we artists tend to feel about technology.


5.   No Limits – There’s no right or wrong way, only your way. Portray your personality on as many platforms, to as many people as you want. Think of the World Wide Web as a blank canvas, the computer your palette , and the mouse your brush…Now splash your brand’s persona out in different directions, using as many colors as you desire!

White russian chocolate french toast mug


While the innovation and code which fuels these amazing online tools are left-brain creations, right-brainers possess the power to mold and shape them into a marketing engine that delivers a custom designed experience to dazzle your spectators.


Were you concerned about sacrificing originality when repurposing content OR am I alone in this crazy notion and it never crossed your mind?


Come along and join the Create More movement so we can all stay up to date on the latest creative branding maneuvers!


Bird Photos And Poem: When Wild Birds Become Feathered Friends

Welcoming birds into your yard is a labor of love and a lesson in humility. Agile and adaptable, I'm in awe of how they forge through life with amazing ability.


Baby thrashers first cranberry


Faced with humans cutting trees that send nests crashing to the ground, or the force of Mother Nature blowing their homes down.


Mother robin in her nest


Crows gobble up eggs as soon as they are laid.

Mom and dad fight to defend each clutch, but still a high price is paid.


Mockingbird posing between songs


From the mockingbird that choruses all night long,


Bouncer the robin patroling his turf


To the robins who begin their melodies at dawn.

From the thrashers teaching their young to hunt for prey,


Daddy thrasher teaching babies to hunt


To the cardinals deciding it's time to push their babies away.


Baby cardinal on food bowl Baby cardinal eating seeds


Birds leave an indelible mark on your heart.


Dad feeding baby thrasher


Every time they feed a beak full of food to their babies, who rapidly grow up and quickly depart.


Daddy cardinal posing


When wild birds warm up to you and become feathered friends,

An unusual bond and treasured trust begins.


How are you Creating More natural areas for wildlife in your yard? Please share in the comments below!


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Tuna Asparagus Panini With Viognier Tarragon Sauce

Oh these photos were making me want another one of these today for lunch :)


Tuna Asparagus Panini With Viognier Tarragon Sauce 7


The instigator for this fancy sandwich? Landana Asparagus Gouda from my favorite cheese shop, Murray's at Kroger. Fresh, green, spring flavor with that characteristic creamy texture but a bit saltier than some Goudas. It's a seasonal cheese so go grab some and make this panini today!


Tuna Asparagus Panini With Viognier Tarragon Sauce 5


Much like a dressing makes the salad, a sauce makes the sandwich. Tarter with a couple of twists.


Tuna Asparagus Panini With Viognier Tarragon Sauce 6


I am a lifetime subscriber to Julia Child's concept of, a little wine for the recipe and a lot more for the chef:) The White Knight Viognier has enough body to stand up to the rich cheese, mayo, and buttered toast.


It's musky note works well with asparagus and has a melon citrus fruity balance to cleanse the palate and compliment the sauce and tuna. Viognier in general is fantastic with asparagus, a food that can be challenging to pair with wine. Tarragon is one of my favorite herbs when I cook this spring vegetable, whether in an omelet, stir fry, or sandwich form.


See how light and airy this bread is....Nice and crisp!


Tuna Asparagus Panini With Viognier Tarragon Sauce 3


Now for the tuna...I live in a coastal seafood town so it annoys me to find seafood from all over the world in my local grocery stores, a situation that is primarily money driven. I want it fresh, not frozen whenever possible, or at least from the U.S.A. So I've started purchasing Sushi grade tuna because it's never frozen. It's also milder, less gamey and wild in flavor, with a more moist texture.


Tuna Asparagus Panini With Viognier Tarragon Sauce 2


I also love the sharp taste of Yellow fin and will devour it if fresh caught. Personal preference, so choose whatever kind of tuna you enjoy. I used a sour dough bread that had a transparent airy texture. Better than a dense slice because it will form a fabulous crisp surface, a must with a panini.


Tuna Asparagus Panini With Viognier Tarragon Sauce 4


Not the prettiest picture but the best part for the chef/photographer :)


Tuna Asparagus Panini With Viognier Tarragon Sauce 8


Tuna Asparagus Panini With Viognier Tarragon Sauce


Printable Recipe


Prep Time - 15 minutes

Cook Time - 30 - 35 minutes

Total - 45 - 50 minutes

Serving Size - 2 sandwiches


Ingredients For Viognier Tarragon Sauce


-  1/2 cup mayonnaise

-  1 teaspoon sweet relish

-  1 tablespoon White Knight viognier (or other dry white wine)

-  1 teaspoon dried tarragon

-  1 1/4 teaspoon fresh Meyer lemon juice

-  pinch of pepper


Ingredients For Panini


-  1/2 tablespoon olive oil

-  1/2 pound Sushi grade tuna

-  salt and pepper to taste

-  10 asparagus spears, blanched for 2 minutes, then placed into ice water to cool and retain bright green color

-  .25 lb. of Landana Asparagus Gouda (or other melting cheese if you can't find this one)

-  4 slices sour dough bread (find this in the deli section, pre-sliced)

-  About 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons butter (I melt half in the pan and brown one side, then while it's cooking spread the rest on the other side and flip)


Directions For Viognier Tarragon Sauce


1.  Whisk all ingredients into a bowl.

2.  Set aside.


Directions For Panini


1.  Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat.

2.  Cook tuna approximately 3 to 5 minutes on each side, depending on thickness and how you like your tuna.

3.  Fork into large pieces.

4.  While tuna is in the pan, blanche asparagus for 2 minutes. Then place into cold water. Drain before placing onto sandwich. Cut to fit the length of the bread. The ends make great snacks :)

5.  When tuna is done, slice and divide cheese between all 4 pieces of bread. This becomes the glue that holds everything in place when it melts.

6.  Place tuna onto one side of bread.

7.  Set asparagus spears over tuna.

8.  Heat skillet over medium low heat and melt half of the butter. Carefully close the sandwiches. Brown on one side until golden and crispy, approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Spread the rest of the butter on the top side, flip, and brown for about 5 to 10 more minutes, until golden and the cheese has melted.

9.  Remove sandwich from pan and cut in half.

10.  Spoon some sauce into a bowl and dip away. You get a nice dollop of deliciousness in every bite! If you have any sauce left over, it's also fantastic on fried seafood like crab cakes, shrimp, and scallops.


Store leftovers in the refrigerator for only 3 to 4 days. To reheat sandwich, preheat oven to 350. Lay sandwich open faced on a sheet pan. Top with foil. Heat for 15 minutes. Then remove foil, close sandwich, and heat for another 15 minutes, or until hot, turning half way through. It may not be as crispy as when it's first prepared, but better than reheating in the microwave. 


What kind of panini creations are you whipping up in your kitchen? Please share in the comments below!


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Organization Turns Your Techno-Procrastinator Into A Productive Writer

Creating More organization as a writer is not the sign of a sick mind but a mastermind. The right brain life is not orderly but the right brain branding lifestyle demands that you be better, do more, and become more. So preserve your right to live creatively but stay open minded to change that can improve your life and provide a happier ride.


Emerges 2 011002_1106_0047_llhs


If you had to evacuate from your house, what treasured valuables would you take? What would you risk leaving behind? I've been fortunate, compared to many who have suffered from recent thunderstorm and tornado outbreaks. In the past, a hurricane forced me to walk away from where I live, uncertain of the destruction I’d find upon returning. Organization may not help in the moments before a tornado but if you have time, it does make it easier to scoop up the most crucial business material that would keep you functioning, if the worse case scenario happened. Better to invest in the effort when you're not under pressure, especially life and death kind.


Organization is not a popular word in an artist’s vocabulary. The consistent stream of ideas in the creative process depends on a certain amount of helter skelter. But I wanted to begin each day with a clear desk and after two weeks, I can still see most of both desks in my office.  Baby steps....Photog 030220_0030_0237.wbc


Say goodbye to the past, hello future. Forget details and structure, a left brain task. Instead, you're cleansing your life of extra baggage to make room for the new. Focus, discipline, and consistency is a struggle for the creative mind. But we can be diligent too.


Here are 5 tactics to help you gain balance between chaotic and structured: 


1.   Don’t Chase Information. Choose Carefully – There’s an overload of info in cyberspace. Don’t feel like you have to gobble up each offer that streams across your consciousness. Be selective and choose only programs that apply to what you’re working on now. Think of it as reverse target marketing. Determine what niche will provide you with the knowledge necessary to accomplish your mission. Participate in what you have the capacity to handle now, no matter how good the opportunity is.


Woman and laptop 020404_1418_0057_llhs


2.   Learn 1 thing at a time – I believe in multi-tasking but with blogs, ebooks, article marketing, social media, and emarketing, what’s a techno procrastinating artist to do? Decide what tasks you enjoy, not what the “experts” tell you to do. Internet strategies are a process that is never complete, a challenge that is never mastered. So if you’re forcing yourself to do what others are, you’ll be unhappy and not follow through. Figure out what you can complete the fastest, on a consistent schedule with profitable results.


3.   Narrow Your Niche:  Widen Your Wealth – I know the artistic mindset, challenges, and desires. Find the audience that you relate to, understand and empathize with. Your message and mission sharpen and become clearer when you see through your market’s vision.


4.   Resolve To File Or Toss - Start with the biggest pile of papers, notes and articles that are hogging your desk. Gather a stack of empty folders and markers. You can use colored file folders or different shades of pens. I chose plain and primitive with makeshift cardboard tabs, mostly cream folders, and black ink.




I have a folder for each of my blogs with notes for future posts and strategies, one for article ideas, current book projects, poetry, social media, and video. All are divided into sub categories. I also have a multitude of other business files in that cabinet, a separate drawer for fiction writing and personal information. I still search for items.  Only now, it’s because the papers are tucked away in a labeled folder, rather than piled on my desk :)


5.   Avoid having miscellaneous papers lying around - With this system, as you read and collect information, you recognize which part of your business it applies to, so you can stash it in the appropriate folder. For example, it’s time to write a blog post. You take out that folder filled with ideas and pick one. When it’s complete, transfer those notes into the completed posts folder and file both away until next time. Move onto the next task. Resist putting any piece of paper into a folder because you don’t know what to do with it. Resolve to devise a plan for each item you pick up or toss it. Then pull out the folders you’re working on and return them when finished.


Part of an artist’s creativity may feed on disorder but the entrepreneur in you requires a healthy dose of productivity. Give these 5 tactics a try. Organization gives you the freedom to Create More ideas and the time to turn them into reality.


How do you find balance between right and left-brain tasks? What method do you use to organize the continuous flow of ideas for future projects? Please share in the comments below!


Join the Create More Movement, as we help each other be better than we thought we could by implementing strategies that we never thought we would. 


5 Ways To Help Wildlife Survive Winter


Male cardinal in sasanqua bush


Every morning I take roll call to make sure all of my backyard birds survived, especially when harsh weather strikes. Mr. and Mrs. cardinal, 2 bluebird couples, pine warblers and 2 yellow rumped warblers, sparrow clan, chickadee and titmice pack that always travel together. 


Female cardinal in flight off feeder in snow


And the list goes on...


Bluejay in snow on the ground


I worry for my babies when the wind howls and the temperatures plummet. Piling on layers of clothing and trekking like an eskimo through slippery ice patches and snow drifts two times a day (in sickness and in health) isn't always fun. But the inhabitants of my wildlife sanctuary are stuck 24/7 in wind chills and inclement weather with dwindling food selections so my few minutes of teeth chattering chills pales in comparison.


And yes, you may have an uninvited guest but all wildlife is welcome, particularly during the hardships of winter when harvesting their natural food sources becomes impossible.


Squirrel eating cylinder seed block in bird bath


Here are 5 things you can do to empower backyard birds and other wildlife to survive another day.

1.  Wildlife needs fatty high energy foods to get through winter. Suet, bark butter, sunflower seeds and nuts help them survive cold temperatures. Fruit, such as apples, oranges, and berries provide energy and water, in case your bird bath is frozen. I like to make my own combination of suet, chopped nuts, dried fruit, citrus and seeds. Sprinkle this delicacy on the snow covered ground under bushes and sheds or around trees so they can eat and be protected from weather and predators. By distributing food across your yard, it lasts longer and ensures that everybody gets some.


Suet seed and nut mixture for wild birds


2.  Wildlife cannot survive without fresh drinking water. They do eat snow as they feed but it's not the same. Heated bird baths are available if you're able to go that route but here's a more realistic approach. Supplying water is challenging, especially if the hose is frozen too. I keep small bowls of water on my deck rail year round for smaller birds that feel safe higher up. Nothing is easy in the snow but I shovel a trail from my patio door to the rail and deliver pitchers of water, multiple times a day, if necessary. It will stay unfrozen temporarily at around 20 degrees and above. I also hike larger jugs out into the yard if frigid temps stretch past a few days. Surprisingly, the sun will defrost the waters, even in the cold. Birds are smart and know to drink from the edges of bath bowls. Woodpeckers and squirrels can actually chisel the ice. Once you witness a tiny titmouse try to peck its way through ice for a drink, that will drag you out into the elements to help.


3.  For birds, surviving winter is about cover and clustering together. You'll see titmice and chickadees hang out. Blackbirds and bluejays will forget they are foes. Sparrows sleep in groups and robins nuzzle together for warmth. One creative way to nourish and protect wildlife, is to put your Christmas tree out in the yard. Tuck it into a corner by a shed or other bushes. Melt peanutbutter, pour over the tree, and throw on birdseed, raisins, and chopped nuts. Entertaining for you and energy for wildlife! Much better than trashing a healthy tree.


Christmas tree for birds


4.  Try to offer multiple feeders in a variety of sizes with different foods. Woodpeckers love suet and bark butter. Cardinals enjoy sunflower and safflower seeds. Robins prefer fruit and sometimes nuts. Thistle seed is a favorite for goldfinches. Place smaller feeders separately from those that are frequented by large birds so it's easier for all birds to dine.


Titmouse on peanut feeder

Multiple birds eating at feeders in snow


Don't forget ground feeders like doves and sparrows...


Doves feeding on ground in the snow


All my birds love bark butter, otherwise known as bird crack! Check out these adorable and very trusting pine warblers.


Pine warbler taking bite of bark butter from log

Pine warbler with bite of bark butter


5.  If you are a consistent chef, birds are dedicated diners at your feeders. Wildlife needs to eat everyday - rain, shine, heat or freeze, through work and vacation time. You wouldn't be happy if your favorite restaurant served food occasionally or every few days. It's cruel to start feeding birds and stop or leave empty bird feeders hanging. Wildlife is very loyal to their dining spots so please be consistent with supplying food and water.


Squirell tunneling for seed in the snow

Squirrel sitting up in tunnel of snow

Squirrel eating sunflower seed in snow


And here's the biggest mouth and appetite of all. A cute but hardy little menace :) Sunflower seeds are their favorites but they won't turn away peanuts or dried fruit and in desperation, they will suffer through the bitter flavor of safflower seeds. Of course the resident squirels in my yard never experience such states of hunger!




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