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  1. 11th Annual Tour de Elizabeth
  2. Visit Rob in Elizabeth
  3. On Vacation
  4. 2010 Begins
  5. Delay in response due to death in the family
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11th Annual Tour de Elizabeth


Visit Rob in Elizabeth


On Vacation

Colorblind Productions will be on vacation until August 19th with limited access to e-mail and voice mail 

2010 Begins

Happy New Year! Things are moving and shaking here at Colorblind Productions and we really look forward to introducing you to all of our new endeavors! That being said WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! Please feel free to visit and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback.

To boot, we’re starting the New Year off with our own company resolutions which we feel are important and something you all will greatly appreciate! The most important of these is to really improved communication. We’ve read the reviews of us on other online websites (wedding wire, project wedding, etc.) and heard personally from our clients that they absolutely love us but they would love it even more if we’d be more available, more responsive and generally more accessible. So beyond e-mail and our office number, you can always contact our cell phone numbers via text message. We’ve seen many of our clients friend us personally on facebook as well as our business facebook page and use that to contact us. We have a number of clients who tweet with us or contact us on Instant Messenger. Whatever communication style serves you best.

We look forward to a wonderful year and sharing memories with all of you.


Delay in response due to death in the family

Please accept our apology for the delay in responses over the past few weeks. We had a death in the family just before the Christmas holiday and have focused largely on that during this time.

We admittedly have neglected our e-mail. We are making our way through the backlog and will send a reply as soon as they are read. It may take a few days to reply otherwise.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Rob & Dianne

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