It has been quite some time since I last posted, I have been so busy working Full-time and helping with family things. Since the last time I blogged, there have been numerous milestones and events that have taken place. A few that stand out are all kids ...

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Playing Catch-up

It has been quite some time since I last posted, 
I have been so busy working Full-time and helping with family things.

Since the last time I blogged, there have been numerous milestones and events that have taken place.  A few that stand out are all kids are now in school all day,  we have a high school aged daughter.  We have had a ton of fun reuniting with the kids older sister Saiva, as seen in the photo below in the center. 

My mom left on her LDS mission to Laie, Hawaii PCC mission along with a two nephews and one niece of mine. We went on a family reunion trip to St. George, Utah, went on an Ensenada Cruis and a family reunion trip to Las Vegas, most recently. 

The younger kids all attend the same elementary after a few years of going to separate schools. They definitely love being in one school together.  We have moved back to our old house in the Kearns area and we have enjoyed having our own space again.

I have been at the same company for almost one year and starting some other ventures soon. We have definitely been blessed and we are so thankful for all that we have.  As the saying goes, "We may not have much, but together we have it all!"


Time flies....when you're having fun!

It's been a few years since my last post. I know I have tons to catch up on.  Let's just summarize for now. My oldest is entering the 9th grade this fall, 2nd is starting Jr. High this fall, the 3rd eldest my son will be in 6th grade, 4th oldest will be starting 4th grade and then my youngest daughter will be in 2nd grade and finally my baby, the youngest son starts first grade this upcoming fall.  All the kids will be in school all day. Wahooooooo! I may just change my schedule at work to days so that I can sleep regular hours instead of being a zombie working graveyard shift. 

I really, really love my family, I am so blessed to have them and there are a few things that have been eye-opening since my last post that have changed my life.  I have a lot to work on. 

Until next time......


Catching up.....again!

Just realized I haven't blogged for three months. So here is a quick update for October.....

We celebrated Lil' Pearl's 4th birthday with a tea party,  break dancing, games, her favorite Mochiko Chicken served with rice and veggies and of course her flower Chocolate-Chocolate cupcakes. 

We love you sweetie!



New School

This school year, we have 3 kids in one charter school and one still in public school.  Only because the charter school has a waiting list.  Hopefully our son will get in this month.  If not,  he will have to wait until next year.

We made the decision to pull them out of our local public school, because our kids were coming home from school complaining about other older kids displaying immoral, vulgar language and bullying behaviors at school during recess.  It's been a relief to have them at the new school,  but it has also been challenging.  We don't have many options close by that have good testing scores. Our kids were uncomfortable,  and I felt that they needed more challenges at school, rather than being bored waiting on classmates to catch up.

So far, we love the new school. They are more strict and follow through with discipline instead of brushing the kids off and letting the behaviors escalate.  The new school also uses Seven Habits of Highly Effective People as a guideline for helping the kids reach their educational and life goals. So the kids spend time in their first class learning techniques that encourage  I always want to support our local districts, but with this school we have given up.   I wish we had a better option available for our 7 year old son,  who is still at the old school.  He's doing well although he really does want to move to the new school soon.

Just going to keep on praying that he gets in soon.

The kids had a Monster Dash at the charter school.  

(I love how they encourage Health, Fitness and good our charter school.)



We have some great things happening with our little family and I am so excited! It's been something we ahve been praying for and it's finally going to happen soon! :)

Also,  school is back in session for the kids, but not for me.  I had to postpone plans for school this fall,  because I am super busy.  I have 3 kids at a charter school and 1 in a public school waiting to get into the charter school.  So now that we have their schedule set,  we just have to get organized and set some goals for our family.  We look forward to this fall season and another great school year.  We are very impressed with this charter school.  It's definitely been a happier place to be,  for the kids.  I just hope and pray our 2nd grader gets into the same school.  I feel bad that he is at the other one alone.  

Have a blessed weekend!


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