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"A horsey view of the world" - 5 new articles

  1. NY underground... literally
  2. The ice castle...
  3. Second home.
  4. Life on the fast paddock
  5. London bridge is falling down... Chronicles of a long journey, part I (London)
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NY underground... literally


The ice castle...

Second home.

Here I am again in this cold town that for some reason captures my heart so much.
Maybe it is because of these moments... a frozen river.

Life on the fast paddock

London bridge is falling down... Chronicles of a long journey, part I (London)

So, my long journey started in London. We didn't have much time in London, actually just a few hours, 6 to be more precise. But it is against my religion to just stay put and wait in an airport without taking a peek outside... So this was my first real incursion into London, a place where I've stopped before to catch flights to other places. It is a bit ironic that I first got to know the US and not a city that is so "close to home"... But it was very interesting to have this perspective of London, now that I have lived in the US for half a year. Things do make more sense now! Starting at the fact that people actually care for greater causes (like in the US)...
... going on to the "small pub culture"... never without fish and chips and burgers, of course!
Out of all of the places I've visited so far, the US and UK are still the only ones where you see men in suits riding bikes, wandering in the middle of the streets. An interesting and eco-friendly phenomenon!
You still get the feeling of being inside a movie... all the movies and shows really make you get a sense of familiarity with the place that you just don't get with other cities. All these places really ring bells inside my head...

... you also find small cozy corners, lost in the middle of the city...
... absolutely stunning Xmas decorations...
... and things that you ONLY find in UK!!!

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