Yes, I am finally here, in my happy place! The place I can dream... The place I can create... The place I can escape... This is it! As mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I have recently become "empty-nesters." When my youngest left the nest ...

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"Raspberries and Rose Petals" - 5 new articles

  1. In My Happy Place
  2. Where Bloggers Create 2013
  3. I'm Back!
  4. Sparrow & Blossom Give-Away!
  5. Birdies and Bunnies...It Is Spring!!!
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In My Happy Place

Yes, I am finally here,in my happy place!The place I can dream...The place I can create...The place I can escape...This is it!As mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I have recently become "empty-nesters."When my youngest left the nest earlier this spring I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the room... My craft room has been in the basement of our home for 12 years

Where Bloggers Create 2013

Hello Friends!Another apology for being a bad blogger! It's not been a year since the last post, at least. But the creativity hasn't been happening lately...I am hoping that will change soon, as my husband and I have recently become official empty-nesters, and I am in the process of moving into my new studio! Which means more space for creating!To celebrate, and to hopefully kick

I'm Back!

It's a Give-Away!!! Hooray!I's been awhile since I've been "here."  Can't really explain where I've been, other than by saying that life happens, and time flies!So, to make my come-back to blog-land,I'm here to announce a give-awayfrom one of my favorite bloggers!Call me biased....Yes, she's my daughter!!!Taylor over at Lady Lemondrop's Sunroomis having a

Sparrow & Blossom Give-Away!

Hello Friends!I just had to share a new blog I found todayduring White WednesdayJennifer Rizzo is having a Sparrow & Blossom Giveaway!The $500 giveawayincludes one of each pillow (3)one of each picture frame (4)one of each banner (4)1 of each blossom pin (6)and $100 in jewelry.and a Santos Cage doll worth $95So what are you waiting for!Check out her blog and sign upfor this incredible

Birdies and Bunnies...It Is Spring!!!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!and I have decided to finally changea few's only been over a year...I think it's time!Since my daughter was married andmoved out last summer,and taken the piano with her(one of my main decor spots)I haven't been real motivatedto change anything.I have 2 tall bookcasesin the corners on my sitting roomthat have had the same things on topof them since

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