We made a very special Christmas Present to sell at the markets this weekend. We collected lots of random small things that we had been keeping in our houses - that were waiting to be used or because they were nice - and washed quite some glass jars ...

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Random Junk

We made a very special Christmas Present to sell at the markets this weekend. We collected lots of random small things that we had been keeping in our houses - that were waiting to be used or because they were nice - and washed quite some glass jars with lids. We filled the crap in the glass jars doing our best according to our artistic and creative judgement and labeled it: "Random Junk"

We brought the jars to the market, together with other things we had made ourselves and had an interesting time questioning all this selling and buying, art work and trash concepts.

How? Funnily enough quite some people liked the Random Junk jars. When they asked the price, we said, you can say how much you want to give, then we can agree on the price together.

I had a lot of fun seeing people's eyes twist. For the first time I was trying to sell a product that we happily made, but that didn't represent an offense for me if people didn't want to buy it. On the contrary, people would have to make an effort to decide if they really wanted it, and how much money did they think they would be willing to pay for it.

The game was about this idea, that something that appears very valuable for me, should also have a very high price. Or all the concerns that this raised around value, price and quality.

At first they were confused and had a really hard time saying a number. Sometimes they had the feeling that for the value they wanted to give to the jar, they would could not really afford to pay it (because they couldn't justify that they really needed it as one needs food or a place to stay). Other times they would offer a price initially that they already considered underpriced themselves. It was them having a struggle about wanting something and paying for it and me watching their story and their process.

When they said a number and I said, yes, then they were incredibly liberated, feeling that we had reached an agreement.

People here in Europe see a product and ask for the price. The price of the product or service is an inherent quality with a role in the decision making process of whether they want the product or not. In many cases the price is even decisive. This is a lot of the problem about money: if you are buying something you don't think about how much effort it takes to make it, you care about how much is the producer asking for. It's not the buyer's problem, it's the producer's problem. Welcome to capitalism.

Now it was the buyer's problem and I was glad to bring this issue right to the center of the discussion.

On the other hand I do find some of our Random Junk really beautiful - thank you to everyone that loved it as well and bought it :)

A channel

I am sitting here in front of the falling snow, and the tree in front of me has started to revolve my emotions.
I have so much to feel that I can only stay here. I can't start doing something. Right now I feel like I can't have any other life than just sitting and feeling...

Yesterday I showed my documentary and a series of pictures at home on the projector. I felt so amateur. It felt so strong.

The snow is also painting some of my hair white.

It is so difficult for me to not feel your emotions as mine, to separate you from me. I can't manage all this.

I realised that I was trying to decide for myself, to involve the least people in my decision processes so that they wouldn't get my insecurity and also so that they would not unvoluntarily convince me. Now the result is that I left everyone outside and I played with them.

And in the end, the most painful thing, what I want to learn to accept, is that nothing is 100% sure. And that I am ruled by strong emotions, good and bad, and I need to learn to feel them without reacting. Because all the reacting makes everyone's head spin, including mine.

I forget that I am a human, I right now feel just like a channel, connecting with the after worlds. Feeling this 21st of december approach. All humanly tasks seem so senseless. I am not suicidal, but it feels like suicide is the ultimate choice situation. And therefore also life.

interferencies.cc The first CC movie

After biking home, as I got to the door another foldbiker that just arrived there asked me if that was where the library was. "What library?" I asked. "It's a community project where they organise activities, it must be in this street."-"It's not here, no..."-"They are showing a film today, Interferencies", "Oh, I really wanted to watch that film! let me see that place".

As we came in through their door 3 or 4 people were really excited to see us. 10 minutes after someone told me that it was the film director who I'd just met at my doorstep and brought me here. Pablo A. Zareceansky.
I never went back home and 15 minutes after I was watching this film about the reasons for world injustice and local crisis.
As the actors say themselves, there are too many flabbergasting problems to fit them all in one movie but this theatrical work is a very good way to open a conversation about them. Strongly Mediterranean and emotional with text in Catalan and Spanish, all mixed!


pink baloon on the old airport

Fabio Cirillo left here about 40 pink plastic bags when he left for Wien. They are all taped together forming a big pillow baloon that he inflated it in the nearest gas station to have the result that you can see in this image of the Tempelhofer Feld. One of his art projects, an exploration about people's reaction to an unexpected wind-animated object.
More about Fabio at http://vorset.tumblr.com/

screen printing workshop

Doing workshops together was really great! Now we are going to travel to see parents and Cyclocamp
Hopefully we can do some more workshops, somewhere, someday.

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