We have a new toy in our shed and are slowly learning and playing with lots of new yummyness for us all.... Checkout these mini embroidery frames and brooches - just two to start with but many more to come....

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Meet Judith and Josephine and more...

Meet Judith and Josephine

We have a new toy in our shed and are slowly learning and playing with lots of new yummyness for us all....
Checkout these mini embroidery frames and brooches - just two to start with but many more to come. We can't wait to see how you all use them... Great for quick and gorgeous gifts for the special person or occasion.....  Below is a tute on how I've been putting them together…


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This little embroidery frame measures approx 4" from top to bottom with a design area of about 40x60mm. You could do anything in this frame, mini EPP, stitchery, embroidery, stumpwork, tapestry, even just a photograph - anything you can dream of. The kit includes the frame, the inner cutout for framing over and a backing piece. The frames also include a metal wall hook you can glue on if you wish to.


Order Josephine here



The Judith brooch kit measures 2" top to bottom with the design area approx 24 x 34mm

She comes with a metal brooch back included.
Both are available in either white, black or plain MDF (you might want to paint them your own colour)


Buy Judith



A quick Tutorial on how to use the mini frames...

Preparation: our frames are laser cut so depending on the material used some times some residue can be left. We clean the tops before packaging but if using a light fabric you may wish to wipe over all edges inside and out in case any residue (black soot type) transfers onto your fabric. Just use a damp cloth, babywipe or magic eraser.

Method: First, use the inner cutout of the frame to trace around to mark your design space onto paper - draw your design or decide what you will be putting into the frame.

Use a blue water erasable pen (or similar) to trace your design onto your chosen fabric - use a lightbox if necessary so you can see through. I recommend using a large piece of fabric so you can easily put it into your embroidery hoop.

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Fuse a lightweight stabiliser to the back of your design fabric. You can use a thin woven or a thicker thin wadding - like Pellon H630 or Parlan to get a more padded or raised effect.
Place it into your embroidery hoop having the fabric taut but not stretched. Stitch your design.

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Cut out your finished design adding approximately 1/2" on all sides of seam allowance. That's 1/2" bigger than the centre insert piece of wood.

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If you used a thicker stabiliser you may want to pull it up and trim it back to the actual size of the wooden insert - so the wadding doesn't wrap around the edges making it too thick.

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Using a strong thread make a running stitch around the edge of the seam allowance, place the wooden insert into the centre (wrong side) and pull up the stitches to tightly gather the fabric around the insert. secure.
Place the design insert into the centre of the frame, It should be firm, but carefully push it in until the back surfaces are even and flat.

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Cover the back with clear strong craft glue and place the backing piece centrally onto it. Use wonderclips or pegs to hold until dry and secure. Glue your wall hook or brooch pin to the back if desired.


I am so looking forward to seeing what you all do with these new little products. We have plans for many more so if you have any ideas or requests please feel free to suggest...

and please share the love and post your designs onto IG with #hnkminiframes and we'll share your beautiful work with all of our friends too....

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Hugs for today and happy stitching



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Splendid sampler block 6


This week’s block is by Lori Kennedy and features my favourite technique – applique (ok so one of my favourites)


Of course I used my applique paper method and left out the piecing part.

they're starting to make a nice little display now..I shall have to take a pic of the bunch soon to see them altogether.

how are yours looking together – starting to look like a quilt?


til next week – actually I might miss next week as I’ll be enjoying some sunshine in Bali – just a wee break….

until next time

happy stitching



Splendid Sampler block 5

pointtaken copy

This weeks block is pieced – and is designed so you don’t have to have perfect points – hence the name ‘point taken’ and is designed by Susan Ache. Susan is Yard Girl 60 on instagram and specializes in machine pieced quilts and blocks.


You can download and print the free pattern here.



happy piecing – a little break from handwork this week!

hugs from Helen


Splendid Sampler block 4

Im on a roll here so while I running hot here is block 4!

this weeks block is from Wenche Wolff Hatling http://www.northernquilts.no/   and this is my little version.


yes my little elephant is backwards because I lazily traced the shapes onto applique paper without reversing – I should/could have just traced on the shiny side but obviously didn’t – and what does it matter?  I at first thought I’d misaligned and decided my not so little elephant is doing star-jumps and will land very soon!

If you want to see my method of needleturn applique I have tutorials available here.

Simply Applique - the Hugs 'n Kisses way


I have been so excited to see so many versions of my blocks popping up over the last week – and although some have struggled with new methods its great to see so many learning and achieving something new….

There have been many photos in the FB group and many on instagram.. Don’t forget to share your block and tag me helen_stubbings  (AND follow me) on IG to be in with a chance of winning your own EPP Iron on clamshells.

ig ss2 giveaway

There are still four more monthly prizes up for grabs.


happy stitching



What a simply Splendid day it is!

The Splendid Sampler II coming soon

How exciting is it that I was invited to be a designer in the second series of the Splendid Sampler?

And I even made the cover! so yes, you get my block for free to get one step ahead before the book ships!


We are taking preorders for these books at Quarter Inch - and we'll send you them as soon as they arrive in October  - you can order the first one too if you'd like.

The lovely team of Pat and Jane sent me a bunch of fabrics from Moda


and Erin at Aurifil some threads to play with.

IMG_8300We could use any method, design or technique we wanted so of course I included two of my faves…..

 embroidery….. (note: I used Presencia Finca Perle#16 threads for the embroidery)IMG_8291

and English Paper pieced clamshellsIMG_8290

Of course many people may not have tried these methods before (and I always like to teach something new to even one stitcher out there) so I won’t leave you in the cold…

You can join in my FREE series of embroidery lessons and learn every hint and tip I can give you (just click on the pic below)

Screenshot 2018-03-15 10.23.03

and if you need help with clamshells?  well I have a unique product for English paper piecing – they are EPP Iron-ons – yes, iron on leave in epp templates… They are cut from my Applique paper which is a semi water soluble paper with a fusible on one side. So you just iron them on, and leave them in!  You can see the step by step tutorial for clamshells by clicking on the pic below.

If you’d love to have the EPP Iron-ons to make your block you can get them here. (and why would you do it any other way!)

Clamshells the Hugs 'n Kisses way

And for even more information and free help on my paper and method subscribe to my Youtube channel where there is a ton of information and technique how to’s for you.

Channel Art Template (Fireworks)

To celebrate my day, let’s have a little competition! Over on Instagram…. Follow me (on IG) and share a pic of your version of my block….(don’t forget to tag me so I find it @helen_stubbings)


I’ll choose two new followers over the next two days (for those quick off the batt) – and one tagged pic (per week on Fridays) over the next month to send a free pack of EPP Iron on Clamshell papers to..findusoninstrgram

I do so hope you love my block, learn a new tip or technique and keep on stitching along with the Splendid sampler team….

can’t wait to see them all appearing!splendidsampler

what to do now?

Sign up for free embroidery lessons

Order your clamshell EPP Iron-on papers

Watch the tutorial

Gather your fabric and threads

Follow me on Instagram

Post your block to win! (and you have to tag me! @helen_stubbings)


happy stitching

hugs from Helen


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