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"ScribbleBeach" - 5 new articles

  1. Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Sandwich
  2. Skipping Sunblock
  3. Drunk Fish Orders Another
  4. Hurricane Alexis 06.30.10
  5. Shark with new Friend
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Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Sandwich


Skipping Sunblock


Drunk Fish Orders Another


Hurricane Alexis 06.30.10

Dana and I took my car back to garage at my house.  We didn't take another car because of the risk of stalling out in the flood.  So, we walked back, actually a fun walk, in the storm.  Here are some pictures, some with Dana in the yellow raincoat, followed by the nearly submerged dock. The last photos are the damage to the yard and results of the clean-up.  Click on any picture to enlarge it.


Shark with new Friend


More Recent Articles

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