How can you forgive a violent abusive parent (father)? WHY should you forgive? Dr Eugene Callender tells of his violent father beatings during childhood - and how he came to grips with this violence - and how he was able to let it go before his father ...

How Why Forgive Violent Abusive Father - Dr Eugene Callender Video YouTube

How can you forgive a violent abusive parent (father)? WHY should you forgive? Dr Eugene Callender tells of his violent father beatings during childhood - and how he came to grips with this violence - and how he was able to let it go before his father died and make peace.

Dr Callender was a beloved minister in Harlem, NY. He served 5 US presidents as adviser. He was on the New York state parole board, and a Commissioner for the Aging. His church in New York City was a stronghold of love and support in his community. He marched with Martin Luther King in violent marches. Later he founded a program for Harlem street youth that had outstanding results. He starred in NBC's ground-breaking Positively Black.

Interview by Pat Crosby

 “My book is our story, America, and my experiences are simply a catalyst to reveal that we are never alone and without hope with God,” he says.


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Forgiveness - Meaning in Aramaic Lord's Prayer - Scbag

"The true meaning of the word forgive in Aramaic, Shbag, means "to cancel, loosen or untie or return to an original state". Forgiveness is the process of returning home to the truth of our wholeness through the awareness of our own holistic breath, Rookha d'Khoosha, which is often translated as a dis-embodied "Holy Spirit". In the Aramaic truth, our own conscious, whole breath is part of the Holy Spirit, which is the all-embracing Breath of God."


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iLoveForGIVEness color brochure now online for free download, reading, distribution

Dear Golden ForGIVING Hearts,

To ease access to the little ForGIVEness Meditation, you can now read and/or download the new brochure - without charge.

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I hold you in the Creator's Light,

Pat Crosby

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"An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, limb for limb, makes the whole world blind, dumb and lame" - forgive now and stop the cycles.


Celebrate Labor Day and the Beginning of the Autumn Season with a Refreshing and Recharging Angel Circle Gathering! Catskill Mountains of New York

Leave your baggage behind and get ready for a fresh season...

Due to a special request from members of our community, we are going to have an Angel Gathering and Forgiveness Talk Circle and Guided Meditation 

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Forgiveness For the Holidays - Past, Present and Future. Live workshop with Pat Crosby, Oneonta, New York Shift Network Holistic Fair

Happy Thanksgiving, ForGIVERS! 

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Family and friend get-togethers bring up a lot of stuff! Do you want to be free once and for all of these issues? Old stuff? Current stuff? - Oh no - Future Stuff?

This live holiday workshop will address the issues that come up and give you quick and effective tools to deal with the issues and emotions that arise to the surface.

It's a great time to heal these issues now - as the shift is heating up rapidly.

The tools you learn at this workshop will help you heal immediate issues in your life, plus help heal your family lineages back and forward for 7 generations each way.

Enjoy a golden weekend supporting your local spiritual network and practitioners while moving your own journey rapidly forward... just in time for the end of 2012.



What's Next?

Healing Journey to Peru - 2013 - The New Dream Begins.

Activate Unconditional Love in your Life and the Planet.



Sedona Journal 2013 PREDICTIONS Issue now available

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