Hello My certainly has been a long while! Spring has finally Sprung here in PA, after a long cold Winter.... Our trip to Florida in March/April was spectacular...we drove to many different places of destination, was able to see family we have not seen ...

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  1. Hello My Friends....It certainly has bee...
  2. I hope your all staying warm and snug du...
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Hello My Friends....It certainly has bee...

Hello My Friends....It certainly has been a long while!
Spring has finally Sprung here in PA, after a long cold Winter....

Our trip to Florida in March/April was spectacular...we drove to many different places of destination, was able to see family we have not seen in many years on my husbands side and were able to visit on the Gulf with hometown friends of mine who recently moved with Boats to retire on the Gulf.  We ate of many different restaurants and had fresh Seafood....Im so ready to go back!

Next week my Son is declaring degrees in Technology-Business.  He has been attending college full-time for the past 6 years.  It has come the time for him to declare degrees or no more Grants.....he very, and I mean very nonchalant mentioned he was declaring.  I being Mother became very excited and wanted all the details of Graduation.  I was informed of his lack of plans to even Walk in the Graduation Ceremony.  His plan was to complete necessary paper work and have diploma mailed.  Ha....!!  ABSOLUTELY NO FRICKING WAY!!! This Mama is gonna see her Son Walk at least one Graduation before she passes....at my Son's rate, I may not have the opportunity to see this momentous moment!  Besides, his only living Grandparent, his Grammy is 87 yrs young, and well......you know.

After Graduation we will be going out to Dinner to celebrate.  The next day, (Sunday) Hubs and I along with his Godmother have a Surprise Drop In Party planned. 
Jere is going to be so surprised!  I have invited folks and friends he has not seen in a long while.  It's going to be a busy weekend, but so much FUN!  My husband just has to laugh when I go over the plans and details of it all....I love it!

I'll be sure to post and share pictures of all the activities..

Be safe and Enjoy this beautiful Spring, my friends!
Love to All,


I hope your all staying warm and snug du...

I hope your all staying warm and snug during this very very frigid winter....
It's been brutal here in PA, to say the least....
I have my Florida vacation booked for 16 glorious days of sun and beaches, good food and drinks...!  I can not wait...!

Stay warm....

Baby Reveal

I had the honor of making a very special cake for a very special couple to reveal the gender of their baby.  
The mother to be wanted my chocolate cake with chocolate icing......
So with that request, I decided to make a center cream cheese filling to reveal the gender of the anxiously awaiting baby.

I had suggested to the couple if they wanted to learn of the gender along with those at the revel they should have the doctor after the ultrasound write down the findings and seal in a closed envelope.  They decided to wait and be surprised with the cake.  So, I received a message from a very good friend of the couple who was given the envelope. 

Shown below are the pictures of the making of the cake and the final reveal...

Center Filling of Cream Cheese Icing

The Reveal Party

Mother to be with her lovely and sweet Grandmother


The picture below tell the rest....

I think they are pleased with the reveal...
The young man in the picture is big brother...he's doing a double check on the color of that middle frosting....Priceless!

What fun it was to be apart of such a memorable and exciting time...!

Happy Fall!

This weekend I'm off to the beach for a girl's weekend...
I'm sure I'll have pictures to share. 

Be safe and much love..


Girls Night

My Summer Fun with the Ladies...!   

This is a brief posting showing some of my summer fun...
I can not begin to wrap my head around Fall being around the corner.
Pictured are some of my Gals I have known since elementary school, a nursing friend and my BFF.  The picture frame was made and created with a personal item representing each of us.  We will add to as we continue to gather with "New" friends attending and a picture of each gathering. 
  It's so awesome to be in this place of our lives with our children grown and having this time to share, support and have FUN!

September is packed full of continued fun with a Girls weekend to the beach at the very end of the month.  Getting in all I can before those leaves turn and start to fall.

Enjoy your last lazy days of Summer, my friends!

Hugs and Loves..

I'm still here...

I'm stopping by for a quick "hello"...!

It's been a very busy summer for me and I hope you all are doing well and enjoying this beautiful summer safely and having lots of fun!
I'll have more to share after this busy season.
Lovin every minute of it!

Loves and Hugs,


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