Using comment number #8 wins the goodies!! yaayyyyy to SARAH!! woooHOO..Sarah, email me your addy....please, I will send your goodies off Monday morning! CongratulationS! Sarah said... Happy Birthday Kris!! I hope you have a great ...
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  1. Blog Candy Winner!!!!
  2. Thank you ALL!
  3. Happy 30th Birthday Kris!
  4. Day 4 - Last Day he is 29...
  5. Day 3 - Hip Hoppin to Easter! but first...
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Blog Candy Winner!!!!

Using Random.ORG comment number #8 wins the goodies!! yaayyyyy to SARAH!! woooHOO..Sarah, email me your addy....please, I will send your goodies off Monday morning! CongratulationS!

Sarah said...
Happy Birthday Kris!! I hope you have a great day! Christy, great job on the card and matching artwork for his desk!!
March 19, 2009 10:24 AM

Thank you everyone for coming to play...Hope to play another in the near future!! Have a great nite, see you all on SCS!!


Thank you ALL!

I want to thank everyone for all the sweet and wonderful comments, and shout out's of happy birthday, and music by DJ herself all to Kris! You gals are all wonderful!! When I get home from work today I will tally up, and hit the random button, and annouce the winner. So check back this evening to see if you won! I will mail out your goodies Monday to you!!!! Thank you again, and have a wonderful day....


Happy 30th Birthday Kris!

BLOG CANDY-------------------------------------------->

Happy Happy 30th Birthday!!!!! Click the link for a short song to start this Big birthday Day! So first off I want to Wish my Dear Husband a Happy Happy 30th Birthday! I wish you a wonderful day, and hope all your dreams and wishes come true!

First off On this day let's roll the clocks back to 1979, it was the end of the 70's and almost start of those dreaded 80's..which I am sure you all know all to well. Do you still have those bell bottoms, and brown cordoroys, with your PEACE necklace's, or were those retiring because Madonna Cones, and Paula Abduls "cold hearted snake" were infringing our near future? Well a couple things that happened on this Day March 19, 1979 30 years ago in history :

*The United States House of Representatives begins broadcasting its day-to-day business via the cable television network C-SPAN.
*Births : Hee-Seop Choi(Korean Baseball Player), and Ivan Lujubicic(Coraitian tennis player)
*Who else shares March 19th Birthday: Wyatt Earp, Bruce Willis, Glenn Close, Ursula Andress, Phylis Newman, and Patrick McGoohen.

*Weather on this Monday March 19th 1979, was actually a cold 49* in Bellflower, California. When I was born that year it was 105* the hottest day of the year in June! I came into the world steamy, he came into the world brisk!

Today's feature is not just a card, but something crafty I made for Kris for his birthday! He love's pin up girls! So I thought this image from would be cool to use. I colored her all chic with my copics, and created framed art for him to put on his desk at work! And a matching card! Isn't it sooo cute...Hope he likes it...

Well as you see on top is the wonderful BLOG CANDY in full text now! What you will receive is variety of 6x6 b/w, and gray/silver designer papers, brads, eyelets, notecards with envelopes in two sizes ready to craft, a matching journal, matching cute as ever sticky notes all coordinated for your stamp shabby room. You will also get ribbon in two different b/w polka dots, assorted b/w prima/embellished flowers, mini chipboard pieces all in b/w, Jolee's boutique mini silver flowers too cute, making memories boho round jigsaw alphabets in neutral color ready to be dabbed in color, and my favorite chic Mike's chandeliar stamp! So you wanna win.....

Be sure to leave your comment, send some Happy Birthday wishes, or just hellos, and a winner will be selected tomorrow and announced! Happy Blog Candy Day!



Day 4 - Last Day he is 29...

Well it's the last day for Kris to be 29! Wonder how he'll wake up tomorrow knowing "He's 30!" So did you all enjoy leaving your twenties, or is there ever a day you want to go back to 20, 21, 25? I think my favorite age was 25! You were past the 21 year old party phase, and really truly started to enter the "real adulthood" I think. And even more so now as I reach myself closer to my thirties, I think turning 30 is a another great milestone in life. You get to enter another phase of life, and another phase of being a "Grown Up", but do all the responsibilities have to follow LOL.

So for today, I saved my to post I made for another one of scrappy's swaps this week! I took two spots in this swap because I LOVE MFT STAMPS! Scrappy's newest swap she is hosting over on splitcoast is MFT Swap for charity! She is donating all the hostess cards to a charity! What a fabulous idea! Great Going Scrappy! There is still time to chime in the fun, Do you love MFT, well than come on over, and play! Not due till June, plenty O time! Scrappy you have been featured in all my posts this week. I worked on all your swaps....Shew I am tuckered, thank goodness most were 3 + 1 's LOL fast and easy to complete!

My first spot I used MFT bunny slippers stamp set! I used the paper piercing trick to make my robe all chic! I color coordinated my DP to go with the mood of relaxation! Since today is relax day for Mr. Birthday Boy, before tomorrow big DAY!

My second spot, I added some a twist in my card design. I used MFT Day Dreamer set that I got from last weeks bubble bin bargain! Whoot Whoot Kim love the bubble bin bargains! You all have to check it out on Mondays, that is when it updates with new bargains for the week! So my humorous twist in this spot was I created 4 cards

for the birthday boy in mind. Ms. Day Dreamer ponders..the day before BDAY "so what I was thinking birthday boy you + me = good times" *wink wink* LOL oh boy I just remember My Momma and His Momma read this too LOL! Oh well! But my twist I thru in this card making was to color each Day Dreamer's hair color a different color, and show Kris....and say "Are you a blonde, red hair, burnette, and black hair" kinda guy? His answer...RED Head LOL of all, Shoot, I just put blonde highlights in my hair...well I got that one wrong! Eh it's all good..I put the wild streak in the relationship!

Well here is the last sneek peek of the goodies revealed tomorrow! Be sure to come back and post..your comment on tomorrow post. It will be posted 12am thursday, and you have all day thursday to post till 1159cst! Than Friday a winner will be chosen. The winner will be chose Friday be sure to check back friday nite for the winner, it might be YOU!

Have a great Day!

Day 3 - Hip Hoppin to Easter! but first...

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Paddy's Day today! Anyone up for some Green beer? LOL I had that Vegas! Not too bad! Try it, blonde beer turned GREEN! Take a look :

So onto today's post which is about easter, since easter is not that far out, spring break already in vacation mode for most! So which means, hip piddy hop into Easter with Easter baskets and cards for all the friends, and little ones! Another swap I am in is Hip Hop Easter. Actually it's another one of urscrappymama's swap, Scrappy I think I am on a scrappy kick this week! LoL For this swap I used a Hanna set from hannastamps. I used my Nestie's label two for the first time, since I have had it! LoL. For the second half of the swap I had to do an ABAC (anything but a card) I used the pillow box die from stampin up! Sooo cute! I am pondering what treat to fill em with before mailing them off! I embellished it with the new embosslits from SU too! These are so fun!
Well I am keeping it short for a tuesday. Hope you all have a wonderful day, and thanks again for stopping by! and Hope you have a very Happy St. Paddy's Day!


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