Our team received a call from some very concerned students at Chiang Mai University after they had spotted a street dog wondering around the area in terrible condition. Within a few hours the Dog Handling Team were dispatched from our clinic in Hang ...

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Our team received a call from some very concerned students at Chiang Mai University after they had spotted a street dog wondering around the area in terrible condition.

Within a few hours the Dog Handling Team were dispatched from our clinic in Hang Dong and heading out to collect the dog for much needed medical attention.

Named by the team as ‘Angoon’, this sweet dog was collected from the streets and given refuge at our shelter whilst undergoing treatment for a severe flea & tick problem as well as classic mange all across the body.

Angoon will stay with WVS Care for Dogs for a minimum of one month to ensure that the treatment is effective and no more medical issues are present. During the stay, sterilization and vaccination will take place to ensure no further ‘unwanted’ street dogs are created and a level of protection is given to Angoon.

WVS Care for Dogs is committed to helping the street dogs of Chiang Mai when no one else is able to provide veterinary support. Each sterilization costs around 1200 Baht and the treatment for the skin issues is a further 1600 Baht. With food, shelter, staff and further medical checks Angoon will cost the foundation approximately 3500 Baht to fix up back to full health.

Making any donation, large or small, will benefit dogs like Angoon that are rescued each and every day around Chiang Mai. We don’t receive financial aid from any government organisation and rely entirely on the goodwill and generosity of our supporters in Thailand and around the world so please, consider helping a dog like Angoon today and help us to continue to be here for the dogs that need us the most.


Remember Fandee?

Remember Fandee?

A couple of months ago we published photos of an extreme rescue case here at WVS Care for Dogs, one of the worst medical skin cases our Thai veterinary team has ever had to deal with.

Luckily for Fandee, a concerned WVS supporter and local animal welfare champion got in touch with us and guided our rescue team to Fandees hiding place so we could bring him in for urgent medical attention. After two months of medical treatment, a balanced and healthy diet, daily compassionate care from the dedicated staff and financial aid from the incredible supporter who called in about Fandee………we are proud to show Fandee finally looking healthy and feeling great once again! 😊

So many of our supporters helped out in Fandees case, from financial aid to donations of blankets and food while he stayed at the shelter, it’s been incredible to see kind people come together to enable this young dog to overcome his medical troubles and thrive as the happy young dog he deserves to be!

A HUGE thank you to our supporters for helping Fandee, your acts of kindness and love for the street dogs of Chiang Mai continue to allow us to make a massive difference in their troubled lives.



Thank you Khun David!

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Kuhn David for his continuous support and kindness towards the shelter dogs here at WVS Care for Dogs. Kuhn David has been coming to the shelter to help the rescue dogs in our care for many years and travels all the way from the UK each time with vital medical supplies for dogs.

As you can see from the photograph, our veterinary staff are always so happy to see Kuhn David when he arrives at the shelter with his medical donations, many of which can be expensive and difficult to source in Southeast Asia.

From all of the staff, volunteers and dogs here in Chiang Mai…… 😊 THANK YOU KUHN DAVID! 😊 Your care packages and endless love for our shelter dogs is appreciated more than words can say.


We are looking for a full-time veterinarian to our team

The work includes

– Assisting with ITC courses
– Work at the shelter clinic
– Mass sterilizations at the ITC
– Outreach work (both domestic and international, can be several weeks at a time)
– Occasional weekend and holiday work

General requirements

– Must be able to communicate in English, both speaking and written
– Must be willing to learn WVS medical and surgical protocols and follow them in everyday work
– Must commit to WVS mission and continuous learning process
– Good communication and teamwork skills

What do you gain

– Get to do both medicine and surgery from the beginning
– International working environment
– Chance to travel
– Chance to learn from foreign vet specialists
– Competitive salary

We are looking for a minimum of one year commitment. Must be a licensed veterinarian in Thailand. NEW GRADUATES ARE WELCOME AS WELL.

CVs and applications with salary request in English to
giacomo@wvs.org.uk and cc to ou@carefordogs.org


Take Me Home

Introducing Tara – The pocket sized pooch that is ready to fill your world with love & affection.

Our beautiful rescue dog Tara is a long term resident of the shelter that can often be overlooked by people looking for their new best friend. Although she is reaching her sunset years she is still full of life and character and continues to enjoy living her life to its fullest.

Tara is most suited to a home as the only pet so she can make the most of the time she has with her new family. She lives happily with other adult dogs in our main yard but has a low tolerance for young dogs and puppies.

With people, Tara loves nothing more than going on regular walks with her human companions followed by some time to relax and enjoy the company of her two-legged best friends. She actively seeks out companionship from the staff and volunteers at the shelter, she’s happiest when she can cuddle up and have them all to herself.

At around 9 years old, Tara would make an ideal pet for an older household offering a quiet environment and gentle regular exercise.

If you have space in your heart and home for a gorgeous dog like Tara please get in touch with our adoption team here at WVS Care for Dogs and come to meet your new best friend at a time that is convenient for you.

All of our dogs waiting for adoption will come:
*Fully vaccinated with supporting documents
*Flea & Worm treated
*Well socialized with people & other dogs
*Lifetime behavior support
*Full medical history with ongoing aid for pre-existing conditions

For more information on Tara or any of our rescued & rehabilitated street dogs, please send us a message on Facebook or give us a call on: 090-323-7317 (Thai & English)


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