I have to hand it to Greg. He never complains. He's solid like a rock when you need him. The kind of man you can count on- who doesn't wussy out, even when: - it's midnight - he's just about asleep on the couch - and you need him to go medicate and ...

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  1. Why Greg is the Best Horse Husband Ever!
  2. Surprise: Steaming HomeMade! Hot Chocolate
  3. Surgical Sweetness: Overcoming Fear with Love
  4. Thanksgiving: Feeling like the Luckiest Girl Alive
  5. What's Your Love Fortune?
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Why Greg is the Best Horse Husband Ever!

I have to hand it to Greg. He never complains.

He's solid like a rock when you need him.

The kind of man you can count on- who doesn't wussy out, even when:

- it's midnight
- he's just about asleep on the couch
- and you need him to go medicate and bandage a fussy yearling
- in the windy, cold, winter night.

What more can you ask of a guy!?

Especially when it was my prior silly decision that lead us to be doing this onerous chore so late in the freezing dark.

Damn he even kisses horses!

He deserves a reward, don't you think? What shall it be.... any ideas?

True Love: Being willing to help each other out, even after dumb decisions, never once muttering, "I told you so!"

Readers: How does your partner help you out without complaint? Please share!

BTW- This is #761 Reason Why You Should Marry a Horse Lover!!! Listen In to my cheerful debate on Stable Scoop radio about why you definitely should marry a horse-lover!: Valentine's Day Episode

Surprise: Steaming HomeMade! Hot Chocolate

The other night, I disappeared out of the house for WAY longer than I expected. The horses decided it was time for a spontaneous healing session.

But it was dusk, snow was on the ground, and it was freezing!!!

Let me tell you though, it was one heck of a healing session- I cried my eyes out and let go of a lot of junk I didn't know I was carrying!

When I got inside, I was absolutely frozen, head to toe. "Darn, I'm COLD!," I cried out when I came in the door.

But instead of being frustrated that I had been nowhere to be found for so long, Greg had a surprise ready for me.

"Good thing I have something for you then!," he smiled, as he handed me a fresh cup of hot chocolate that he made from SCRATCH!.

Wow- how lucky am I??? Just when I'm cold and exhausted from doing a heap of emotional work, there is Greg, my angel, standing ready with the perfect treat.

Thank you Greg for your thoughtfulness!

Readers: How does your partner surprise you with just what you need? Please share!

Surgical Sweetness: Overcoming Fear with Love

Recently I had to go in for a minor surgery.

But as the nurse remarked, "If it's you or your loved one, there is no such thing as minor!"

And darn, my racing heartbeat agreed with that.

Greg re-arranged his Dallas work schedule so he could go with me. But I was scared. Mostly when it came time to put the IV in my arm.

What can I say, I AM a pain weenie.

And for some reason, having a silly IV put in was bringing me to panic-y tears.

Maybe the darn hospital gown and silly grippy socks had something to do with it. You feel so, naked, vulnerable. Like all is NOT right in the world if you have to be wearing one of those.

But there was Greg, standing beside me, holding my hand, and staring straight into my scared-y cat eyes.

Showering me with love and empathy.

I could see it in his eyes- the way he looked at me- that there was nothing he wouldn't do to help me.

That's all I needed.

That's all I'll ever need.

What more is there than that?

Knowing that the depth of your sweetie's love would travel through all of space and time to be by your side, so you won't have to be alone when you are scared.

Knowing that together you can face anything and make it through.

It's that kind of love that can heal all wounds- surgical and otherwise!

Readers: How does your loved one stand by you when you are scared? Please share!

Thanksgiving: Feeling like the Luckiest Girl Alive

I am the luckiest girl ever!

I like to wake up and remind myself of that every morning as I walk outside to feed the ponies, not just because of this beautiful ranch and the chance to live with my amazing herd, but to be given the unconditional love of a husband who has such a pure heart.

Greg’s been working in Dallas for over 3 months now- home on most weekends. Over Thanksgiving he was home for a week!

It would be understandable if he wanted a break during that time. I mean, heck, I’d be tired from all that stressful travel and just want to kick back and relax- you know, have a good woman take care of him for once!

But that’s just not in his nature.

Nope, he feels bad that I’ve had to take care of the ranch and all the animals all by myself all this time.

So he’s going to make it up to me.

Instead of sleeping in, he gets up and gives me a reprieve from feeding the horses in the morning. He even measures out all their bothersome supplements. He makes me breakfast. He does laundry. He feeds the dogs. He takes care of the dishes. He takes me out for dinner.

Then, he paints the porch we’ve been putting off all Fall. And when I want a day off from painting, he says with no frustration at all: Go ahead, you deserve it.

And I don’t have to ask for a thing- he just does all of that because we are a team.

I don’t even need him to do all of that- I understand he has to be away- I don’t expect him to make anything up.

All he asks for in return? Back rubs- and lots of them.

As I said, I’m one lucky girl- and I’m sending out a huge thank you to Greg for all of the hard work and accommodations he’s had to make to help bring my dream of this ranch into reality.

You’re my angel. Happy Thanksgiving.

Readers: What does your partner do that makes you feel like the luckiest person alive? Please share!

What's Your Love Fortune?

Greg has been stuck traveling to Dallas every week now for more than a month.

Serious. Bummer.

We love being together and a good snuggle on the couch can erase a whole day of stressful experiences.

But so can sweet emails like this one I got from him today:

Good Afternoon Sweet Pea -

I just thought I'd share a couple of fortunes I got from Pei Wei this afternoon:

1. Your love of life can carry you through any circumstance.
2. Love is a present that can be given every single day you live.

I'm giving you my love as a present today and every day.

I love you!


You know what I love most about this email?

It's clear that whatever is happening to him all the way over in Dallas, I'm still right there next to him in his head.

Otherwise, he wouldn't immediately think to translate his fortunes into what it reminds him about our love.

It's like he leaned over the table, read them to me, and told me how much he loves me.

I feel like I'm right there with him, sipping too-sweet Chinese tea. It's so comforting to know he's keeping me close.

It's little things like that, that keep you connected, no matter the distance.

When you really love someone, it comes naturally to keep them close to your heart and mind, whether you are in the same town, or a different country.

Readers: How does your sweetie keep you close even when you are far away? Please share!

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