This will be my last post on this particular blog. It's not been a "safe" place for me for years. Too many people read it that would like to hurt me. The new blog that I will be starting will be by invite only. It will not be open to the public. You can ...

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Last Call.

This will be my last post on this particular blog.  It's not been a "safe" place for me for years.  Too many people read it that would like to hurt me.  The new blog that I will be starting will be by invite only.  It will not be open to the public.  You can request that I add you but if you have any association with my father or my ex-husband, you will be denied.  I will not have a sarcastic comment or joke that I make being used against me later.  This has truly been one of the hardest years of my life and I just don't want to give anyone, any reason to make it any harder.

Kindle giveaway

Work place hell

I hate my job. I wake up every day wishing I could just quit or that they would find some reason to fire me. I'm wondering if there's a way for me to quite my job and go back to school and get my BA in veterinary medicine without starving to death. If I didn't have kids, I'd have already done it. I have to find some way out of what has become my every day hell. I tried to get up with a positive attitude and find something that was good about my job but when every word you type makes you want to drive off a cliff, it's kind of hard to look at the positive.

Icky Kitty

If you are easily (or hell, even not so easily) grossed out... you may want to turn your back on this entry. I will get back to the 30 days meme. I had pneumonia and pleurisy for two weeks so my life was quite literally put on hold.

At some point while I was sick, Jake, aka cat from hell, aka fire kitty, had gotten out of my bedroom and lost the usual fight with my mom's kitty. A week or so later, I noticed he looked a little funny. The right side of his head was swollen and tender. Not the first time he's gotten an abscess from a cat fight. Eventually they get big enough that they pop open on their own and then are easily drained over the course of several days. I don't recommend this if you've never had to deal with a cat abscess before. I was concerned that it wouldn't open before this weekend (when I don't have the kids, I stay the weekend at my boyfriend's house, coming home briefly to feed the animals) so I used a syringe to make a small hole, however I wasn't able to get much drainage from it. A few days later, it popped on it's own. No animal enjoys having a pus filled wound squeezed and pinched to try to remove all the infection and then having a syringe full of water put in that same wound. I opened the wound daily and drained it repeatedly. Saturday, I left it alone as Jake was getting rather volatile. I knew I'd be home Sunday and could re-open it then if needed. I waited till the kids were asleep to take Jake in the bathroom and begin the process. He had a scab on his head where the first abscess had popped but I thought it was just from scratching. While I was using a warm cloth to soften the scabs so they would be easier to remove, the scab on his head came off. You know it's bad when I have to pause and turn my head for a moment. Holy cow that was a big wound. I moved on to where the infection remained. The scabs came off rather easily but nothing was coming out. I could feel that there was still infection on the side of his head. I figured the wound had healed too much and nothing could pass through. I massaged the area for a minute and when I was getting ready to try a different method, it happened. *shudder* A steady stream of pus and blood shot out of his neck. I had to stop and hold pressure to his neck before I could continue. I hope like hell tomorrow is less explosive than today. I don't know how much of that my stomach can handle on a regular basis.

I no longer wonder how I fell out of lov...

I no longer wonder how I fell out of love with you but how I ever fell in love with you in the first place.

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