KYO-TO is the best Kaiseki restaurant in Manila. The restaurant, whose name is a tribute to the cultural capital of Japan, is the brainchild of Japanese Chef Ryohei Kawamoto. Kaiseki is the highest expression of Japanese gastronomy, inspired by the...


OAP | KYO-TO by Chef Ryohei Kawamoto: The Best Japanese Kaiseki in Manila?! and more...

KYO-TO by Chef Ryohei Kawamoto: The Best Japanese Kaiseki in Manila?!

Kyo-to Chef

KYO-TO is the best Kaiseki restaurant in Manila. The restaurant, whose name is a tribute to the cultural capital of Japan, is the brainchild of Japanese Chef Ryohei Kawamoto.

Kaiseki is the highest expression of Japanese gastronomy, inspired by the traditional tea ceremony. Its elegant multi-course set format showcases the finest local ingredients of the season and highlights the culinary artistry of Japanese cuisine.

Chef Ryohei worked at Kitcho kitchen in Osaka and the famed Tsukiji Market in Tokyo before becoming a private chef of the Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines. He has since decided to open his own Kaiseki restaurant in Legaspi Village. 

Here's what to expect at and what we think about Kyo-to Kaiseki...


G/F 119 C. Palanca Jr. Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Telephone: +632 805 7743
Mobile: +63 917 596 9697
Facebook: @kyo.toph
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
(Closed on Mondays)


This small doorway transports you from the busy streets of Makati to a serene Japanese restaurant setting designed by noted Japanese interior designer, Shoji Mizonkami.



The entrance leads to a small alley that takes you through the 30-seater restaurant divided into 3 areas: the Kappo, Private Dining, and Main Dining.



The Kappo has the most coveted seats (10-12), where you can witness Chef Ryohei's artistry behind the preparation and experience his Ichigo Ichie philosophy. 

Here's the Kyo-to Kaiseki Set Menu available during our visit. (Note: The menu changes based on season and what's freshly available in the market.)



There are two private dining rooms separated by a divider with walls adorned with the owner's Japanese painting collection. 



The Main Dining area can accommodate a total of 24 guests...



...but can be subdivided into three small rooms and enclosed with a sliding door.

(Note: Yes, you can hear the conversations next door clearly so best to keep your voice and laughter down)



We love the simplicity of the ambiance and the kabuki portraits by wood brick print artist Tsuruya Kokei.


Kaiseki 5-Course Meal  

Kyo-to 2

Appetizer: Hokkaido Crab with cucumber, vinegar jelly, steamed abalone side in seaweed, topped with special dressing and crab miso


Kyo-to 1

Make sure to taste each ingredient by itself first, and then mixed with the clean taste of the crab meat.

The revelation in this dish, however, was the Kani Miso sauce. It has a finely crafted creaminess with umami from the crab that you just want to savor and last longer.


Kyo-to 13

The abalone had a good firm texture with flavors of the sea from the Japanese Wakame seaweeds.


Soup: Somen Noodles with Grilled Saba on top

The clean flavorful broth made from dried tuna dashi tells you how special and delicate this soup course is.


Kyo-to 4

It comes with thin white Japanese noodles and a big satisfying chunk of grilled mackerel. 


Sashimi: Toro, Hamachi, Scallop, Ika, and Uni

We enjoyed the vibrant and elegant generations-old tableware by Kitaoji Rosanjin that served as the canvas for this beautiful spread.


Kyo-to 4

Each sashimi was a masterpiece served with fresh wasabi. We loved the toro, scallop, and hamachi, and saved the best uni for last!



The servers were attentive and were able to explain the kaiseki dishes well.


Kyo-to 6
Grilled Fish: Hamachi Kama and Japanese White Rice

Hamachi Kama is the collar of the premium Japanese yellow tail fish, Hamachi. It's the fattiest, juiciest part and limited to just two collars per fish. 


Kyo-to 8

I loved the crisp skin lighty seasoned with lemon. And the meat was so tender, you could use your chopsticks to eat it.


Kyo-to 9
Dessert: Ice with Mochi, red bean and kinako with green tea powder on top

Most Japanese restaurants in Manila have ho-hum desserts, but not at Kyo-to.

We were surprised by how good this homemade ice cream with mochi balls on a bed of roasted soybean flour (kinako), red bean mash, and green tea powder was. 


Final Thoughts

Kyo-to 5

This was easily one of our best Japanese restaurant experiences in Manila! Each course was served with Chef Ryohei's signature artistry and desire for perfection.

Kyo-to is great for celebrating anniversaries and significant life or career milestones, or even for a date with your special someone. 

Make sure to reserve in advance to get a seat in the Kappo for that full Kaiseki experience. The private dining and main dining areas are good for big groups, but you can still have an intimate meal here if you want. Budget about P5,200 for the 5-Course Kaiseki. 

(Note: There's no a la carte menu and there's just one set menu per night, which means you get to enjoy the same dishes.)

Final tip: There's no restaurant sign along C. Palanca, but you can't miss the big insurance sign above it. Parking is available along C. Palanca St. and free at night. However, it's super traffic on peak dinner times so make sure to go as early as you can.


G/F 119 C. Palanca Jr. Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Telephone: +632 805 7743
Mobile: +63 917 596 9697
Facebook: @kyo.toph
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
(closed on Mondays)


Live an Awesome Life,

anton signature


Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Kyo-to. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Ichigo Ichie means "one opportunity, one encounter", which serves as a reminder that each moment is precious and will never happen again in this lifetime.


DENNY'S DINER Philippines: 24/7 All Day Breakfast Favorites! (Revisited)

by Abigail Javellana

Uptown Parade Bites

Founded by Harold Butler, Denny's opened its doors in 1953 with its first store in California. The chain has since grown into 1600 stores located in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, United Arab Emirates, and most recently, the Philippines via The Bistro Group.

Customers love their 24/7 operating hours, friendly service, and hefty servings that are great for sharing and satisfy your breakfast cravings any time of day.


With the positive response to their first Philippines branch in Uptown Mall, Denny's has now expanded all the way to Trinoma and Vista Mall in Sta. Rosa, Laguna in less than six months!

Here's a look-back at our favorites at Denny's and a peak at their new offerings...

Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue Corner 38th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Phone: (02) 772 3371
Facebook: DennysPhilippines
Store hours: Open 24/7 Monday- Sunday

Denny's New Menu

Menu: Drinks | Slams | Omelettes & Pancakes | Favorites | Soups & Skillets | Appetizers & Salads | Burgers | Sandwiches | Classics | Classics 2 | Desserts & Liquor 

All their branches are open 24/7 except the one in Trinoma, Quezon City.


Uptown Parade Bites

All-American Slam (Php 395)

Order the Original Slam, their most popular dish not just here in the Philippines, but also all over the world.

Enjoy the classic scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, bacon strips, sausages, and toast, now served with hashbrowns (which we heard came all the way from the US)! 



Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate (Php 395)

Silky and extra puffy pancakes that we love, made even more decadent with rich chocolate fudge and black & white choco chips, topped with gooey peanut butter sauce that'll surely satisfy anyone's sweet cravings.

The salty bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns go well with the sweetness of the pancakes. The kids will love this!



Belgian Waffle Slam (P385)

For something less sweet, you can opt to order their crisp and light Belgian-style waffles.



Uptown Parade Bites

The Grand Slamwich (P395)

The ultimate favorite! We love this breakfast sandwich packed with a spread of scrambled eggs, crumbled sausages, bacon, shaved ham, and American cheese, then grilled with maple spice.

Crispy on the outside with a nice blend of salty-sweet flavors. Served with fries. A must-try, especially for those new to Denny's.



Asian Chicken Salad (P395). Grilled seasoned chicken breast, cucumber, carrots, and grape tomatoes on top of fresh romaine lettuce and tossed with sesame lime dressing and peanut sauce. Topped with nacho chips.

For starters, you can go with their refreshing Asian Chicken Salad or Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad.



Slamburger (P525). Hand-pressed beef patty, crispy hash browns, egg cooked to order, pepper jack queso, and two bacon strips, served on a brioche bun with a side of fries.

We loved the sweet, pancake-like feel of the buns and the saltiness from the cheese, bacon, and patty.



Bourbon Ribs (Ala Carte P475 | Rib Platter P1350)

Delicious fall-off-the-bone ribs that come with their homemade bourbon sauce.

To fully appreciate Denny's rib-eating experience, try it the messy way.



Norwegian Salmon (P485)

For something healthy and light, order their Norwegian Salmon.

Perfectly cooked salmon with a tender, flaky textured meat with a mild-to-rich flavor from the garlic and herbs.



Apple Ginger (P155)

My all-time favorite from their drink list is their fresh Apple Ginger. We love the benefits as well as the taste of this sweet and spicy juice.

A must-try that's only available in the Philippines!



Mango Graham Milkshake (P205)

The milkshake was thick and rich...just the way I like it. They use whole cream milk and vanilla ice cream, blended with mango puree & graham crackers and then topped with whipped cream.

I liked the sweetness of the milkshake and the added texture from the Grahams--it's a perfect drink for the summer!



Salted Caramel Milkshake (P205)

Thick, creamy, and sweet. This was made with premium vanilla ice cream and whole cream milk infused with caramel and kosher salt.

I love the touch of caramel popcorn and a pretzel on top, but it was a little too sweet for my liking. I'd request less sugar the next time I order.



Denny's continues to serve our favorite classic menu items but also managed to surprise us with new offerings perfect for our Pinoy Taste.

Our favorite part about going here is we can order anything from the menu at any time of the day. It's also great that the portions are ideal for sharing.

For starters, we recommend the Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad. For mains, I'd go with something classic like The Grand Slamwich and All-American Slam. If you want something new, the Bourbon Ribs are worth a try.

For that sweet ending, try the filling Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate and Mango Graham Milkshake. Don't forget to pair your meal with their fresh Apple Ginger Juice!


Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue Corner 38th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Phone: (02) 772 3371
Facebook: DennysPhilippines
Store hours: Open 24/7 Monday- Sunday


Live an Awesome Life,

abi signature

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We were media guests of the Bistro Group. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Watch out for these new Denny's Philippines dishes coming soon!

SNY07449Denny’s Share Four All (P525)A combination of pancake puppies, quesadillas, chicken fingers, and fries. Served with ranch dressing, wing sauce, and caramel sauce.

Salted Egg & Coconut Pancake (P405)Buttermilk Pancakes with salted egg and shredded coconut. Served with two strips of bacon, fries, and two egg.


SNY07420Braised Beef Skillet (P395). Marinated Roast Beef with mushrooms covered in brown gravy.


Salisbury Steak Skillet (P325)Beef Burger Patty covered with brown gravy, topped with sunny side up egg.

Meatballs Skillet (P325)Meatballs topped with our marinara sauce served with sourdough bread and cheese sauce on the side.


NEOLOKAL by Chef Maksut Aşkar at Flame Manila! @DiscoveryPrimea

Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-4

NEOLOKAL is the Modern Anatolian Museum Restaurant of Chef Maksut Aşkar located in SALT Galata, a cultural institution and exhibition space in Istabul, Turkey

The term "neolokal" is meant to describe the refined family cooking philosophy of the restaurant, based on the roots and traditions of real Anatolian cuisine. "Anatolia" is the old name of Turkey, which refers to Asia Minor or the western side of Asia.

For the first time ever, Manila was able to get a taste of the real flavors of Anatolian cuisine at Flame, Discovery Primea, thanks to Cheryl Tiu's Cross Cultures. 

Here is a photo essay of our educational journey into Turkish cuisine...


NEOLOKAL by Chef Maksut Aşkar
SALT Galata, Bankalar Avenue, Karaköy, İstanbul Turkey
Telephone: +90 212 244 00 16
Mobile: +90 551 447 45 45

Operating Hours:
Kitchen 19:00 - 22:00  (Except Mondays)
Restaurant 19:00 - 01:00 (Except Mondays)


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-2
AYRANAŞI. Popped wheat and 6 colors yogurt soup, fresh chickpeas, and fresh herbs (left most).

Ayran is a popular yogurt drink in Turkey. It's an acquired taste that you'll enjoy, especially when eating döner kebab.

This particular appetizer is made of a unique combination of yogurt soup base with flavors of chickpeas and herbs and topped with popped wheat grains. 


(Neolokal trivia: Ayranaşi is a yogurt-based cold soup which consists of chickpeas, wheat, and fresh herbs, but recipes differ depending on the geography. We say it this way because this soup is made around the country, no matter the regional cuisine is.

In our recipe, we used salted goat yogurt with fresh green herbs aroma, green chickpeas that remind us of our childhood, and fresh flowers from our garden to express the freshness of the soup, as it is served as a palate cleanser to start a beautiful meal.)


Neo Lokal-4.jpg

ÇİĞ KÖFTE. Bulgur and beef tartar with mustard yogurt and turmeric pickled cauliflower (middle).

A ball of salad like the tabouleh mixed with beef tartar with Turkish spices.

It's soft when you bite into it but a bit bland, so best to dip it in the mustard yogurt for flavor.


(Neolokal trivia: Kısır is a salad that plays an important role in our traditional home cooking. 

We believe every Turkish mother and daughter has made this salad at least once in their lives. It is simply a bulgur salad, like tabouleh but with more spice and less greens.  
Then we make a beef tartar using Anatolian chili spices and homemade mustard and mix it with kisir. 

This gives us another meze called çiğ köfte.)


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-1
MİDYE & TARATOR. Sour yeast fried mussels and walnut "tarator" (right).

This is a popular street food in Istanbul, which tastes better after a whole night of drinking.

It's battered to give texture and flavor to the mussel, served with walnut and garlic sauce. Our favorite among the three appetizers.


(Neolokal trivia: Mussels are the symbol of the Bosphorus and Aegean Sea. Street food plays a big role in Istanbul cuisine, and fried mussels, fish and calamari are the stars of street seafood. 

We use our sour yeast, Neylan, as batter for our mussels, which lends acidity and saltiness to the fatty fish.)


Neo Lokal-5.jpg

SOUR DOUGH. She is called "neylan ekşi." Neylan is a common girl name and ekşi means sour. She was born on the 27th of June, 2014, months before Neolokal was born.

I don't usually like hard bread but this Turkish sourdough has a good tough texture and a sour flavor that is best with Turkish butter and olive oil.  


(Neolokal trivia: Everyday it gets wilder which gives her an attitude with a strong character. We serve it with butter of Çamlıhemşin, Blacksea and Parsley infused Olive Oil of Ayvalik, Aegea to refer the dark green mountains of Blacksea itself, Bear mushroom to refer the mother earth.)



Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-3
KAVUN-PEYNİR. Melon, Kargitulum Cheese, Fennel Seed, Walnut, and Almonds.

Nice "domino blocks" of melon topped with bits of cheese, spices, walnuts, and almonds. 

Best appetizer for raki (alcoholic drink popular in Turkey) sessions with friends before the main meal.


(Neolokal trivia: Meyhanes are where you drink raki over mezes with a lot of different varieties. Once there, the first thing to serve you is raki and you are asked whether you want your raki with melon and cheese, then the meze comes. After mingling with raki and friends, the street vendors comes to your table and asks to serve you fresh walnuts and almonds on ice. With this plate we wanted to take you to a small journey.)


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-5
DOUBLE BAKED TAHINI HOUMUS. Quail egg and Anatolian Landscape.

This is the most familiar flavor and the most raved about dish throughout the dinner.

I like the delicate texture of the houmus, with different spices and color adding a 3D experience of the Turkish landscape, with the quail egg portraying the Anatolian sun.


(Neolokal trivia: Houmus is a Middle Eastern-influenced meze of Southeastern Anatolia, although every geography has its own recipe. As houmus changes it taste every hour, we remix ingredients until they reach that perfect taste we are looking for. In this recipe, we want to express how rich and colorful the spice road is where it passes through Mesopotamia. Thus we tried to imitate beautiful landscape of Mesopotamia with the herbs and spices accompanying houmus and have you travel all the way with the power of the different taste.)


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-6
AHTAPOT GAMBILYA. Grilled octopus, gambilya fava, pepper salad, pickled onions.

The octopus was grilled well--still juicy and not chewy, with a mashed yellow gambilya fava and salsa on the side. 


(Neolokal trivia: "Gambilya" at it is called in Turkey is a high protein legume that is used in its dried form. It is native to eastern Turkey. The bitter green leaves of the fresh plant may also be eaten. This split, yellow beans are found inside a brown pod. It could easily be mistaken for a yellow lentil, but is more closely related to peas, and it has a square-like shape as opposed to round lentils. It is a much less common variety grown for human consumption than other related species in the same genus. We make sage flavored fava cream out of gambilya, grill the octopus with olive oil, and add pepper salsa with dill power and dill oil.)


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-9

It was great to share this intimate educational experience of Anatolian cuisine with our foodie friends. 


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-7
UVEYIK. Wheat slow cooked with onions and leeks, dried pastrami crisps.

Crisp dried pastrami chips on a bed of big fat Turkish wheat grains infused with onion and leek flavors.


(Neolokal story: Uveyik wheat is an ancient breed of wheat produced by a farmer, Hüseyin Amca, with a Japanese technique thought by Masanobu Fukuoka which respect the earth and welcomes whatever the earth gives back. This breed of wheat is still al dante even if it cooked for 7 hours with onion and leek.)


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-8
GRILLED BLACK BASS. Yellow lentil, butter potatoes, turmeric foam.

My personal favorite--perfectly cooked sea bass steamed with fish stock, lemon, onions. 


(Neolokal trivia: “Buğulama” is the name of the steaming technique in Turkey where fish is cooked with lemon, potatoes, bay leaves, and onions at homes. We steam the fish with the juice of fish stock, potatoes, lemon, and onions.)


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-10
KATMER & TIRIT. Duck fat fried pistachio philo, slow cooked beef in duck stock, colorful yogurt.

The meat course of the night was beef cooked in duck fat served like a philo sandwich. It was a bit salty and wasn't what we expected. 


(Neolokal trivia: Wherever you go in Anatolia, you will find tirit and tarhana soup on the dinner table. 

Depending on the region, tirit is either cooked with beef, lamb or poultry. The meat is cooked with stock and simply served with bread soaked in that stock and yoghurt.

Tarhana soup is made with a fermented mixture of grains, yoghurt, spices and sometimes tomatoes. Our version is a combination of all. Cooking beef in duck juice and fat gives an amazing complexity to the dish.)



Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-11
CRISPY PUMPKIN. Moisaes cream, pumpkin puree, pumpkin gelee, tahani parfait.

This pumpkin dessert was so good--crisp outside but smooth and sweet inside. 


(Neolokal story: Soft inside hard outside crispy pumpkin is made for ages in the hometown of the chef. An old technique applied to last harvest of aubergines, walnuts and pumpkin. Resting the fruits in limestone and water mixture helps get a crispy texture after boiling in sugar water. Served with different takes on pumpkin, tahini and molasses. This dessert is a reminder of chefs childhood where his grandmother's neighbors used to make their living with this dessert. Serving sesame croquant is a homage to street vendors selling croquants in grandmother's neighborhood.)


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-12
BAKLAVA Crisps. Pistacchio and walnut cream, hazelnut croquant.

Our favorite baklava a la mode made with Turkish ricotta & pistachio and walnut cream, served with hazelnut crunch. 


(Neolokal story: We made our baklava in two varieties: Turkish ricotta & pistachio and walnut cream without syrup. We serve it with molasses tahini ice cream on a bed of pistachio powder. [Our way of making baklava is rolling the baklava dough with unripe walnut candies and fill them with 1-pistachio, "lor" (ricotta like fresh cheese) and "kaymak" (clotted cream) 2- walnuts, "lor" (ricotta like fresh cheese) and "kaymak" (clotted cream). We serve the baklava with "halva" made with grape molasses coming from "Edremit" of Aegean, produced by 3 generations producers called "tıflıpaşsa.")


Neo Lokal as shot by LG G6-13

Pişmaniye Angel Hair candy. Pişmaniye & Floss Candy.
Black Poppy Seed tuile. Haşhaş Kıtırı & Poppy seed tuile.
Rose "lokum" delight. Lokum & Turkish delight.

A classic sweet ending of Turkish delights and floss candy to share. Would have been perfect with Turkish coffee and a bit of fortune telling in the end.


Final Thoughts

Neo Lokal-13.jpg

We loved this educational journey into Anatolian cuisine, which was totally different from the flavors we're used to in Manila.

There's a lot of yogurt and sour flavors, and the use of wheat and Turkish spices. It's a bit hard to appreciate it if taken out of the context of the Istanbul street and Bosphorus scene.

Our favorites for the night were the double baked tahini houmus, grilled black bass, crispy pumpkin, and baklava desserts. 

Congratulations to Cheryl Tiu and Chef Maksut Aşkar for a successful Neolokal x Flame dinner in Manila!



Cross Cultures was founded by journalist Cheryl Tiu on the premise that food is one of the most accessible ways of exchanging cultures. Through the sharing of culinary experiences and talents between chefs and cooks, between countries and continents, we hope to dispel misconceptions and remove boundaries and rather integrate and contribute to building a more global community.

@cross.cultures • facebookCrossCulturesbyCheryltiu • 


Live an Awesome Life,

anton signature


Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Can't wait to go back to one of my favorite culinary destinations and try out Neolokal in Istanbul!

Chef Neo Lokal.jpg


How to Build Your Own Solar Lamps? @LiterofLight #SolarLampsforMarawi

Solar Lights.jpg
Liter of Light, is a home-grown, global, grassroots movement that is committed to providing affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity.

One of the most common figures in off-grid communities is the kerosene lamp. These lamps provide light to the families at dinnertime and the kids as they study at night. However, these lamps are not the safest sources of light - they pose a grave risk of burning down the household if left unattended.



Illac Diaz, founder of Liter of Light, decided to take this everyday object and convert it into solar lamps. We were given a chance to learn how to make these kerosene lamps into the much safer and sustainable solar lamp, courtesy of Liter of Light.

They provide all materials and equipment necessary to build a solar lamp.


The kit provided includes a circuit board, and all the necessary parts needed to complete the board.



This guide will show you which components are attached to certain parts of the circuit board.



While there is no specific order for this, it is best to start with the smaller components and move your way up to the bigger ones.



All that needs to be done is to solder these parts and secure them in place.


Don’t fret if you have never tried to solder before. Liter of Light has technicians that are ready to assist.



Once your board is completed, the batteries are attached, and your board is tested. If successful, the LED should light up!



The friendly technicians will help you secure the circuit boards inside the lamps and test it with the solar panels.


And that’s it! You’ve made your own solar lamp! All under 20 minutes.



We had a fun and educational afternoon thanks to Liter of Light.

If you would like to donate or experience building a solar lamp to be donated to an off the grid community, please visit A Liter of Light.


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Liter of Light and Philippine Artisan Trade. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Liter of Light is holding a Lamp Building Workshop this weekend. See the poster below for details.


Kids (10 years old and above) and adults can all join! Solar lamps built during the workshop will be donated to an off-grid community.

Who: Everyone! Kids must be at least 10 years old to participate.
What: Solar Lamp Conversion
When: June 24, 2017, 1-3 PM
Where: Philippine Artisan Trade, 830 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City
A consumable fee of P100 pesos.

Please e-mail to reserve your slot.


UNO: A Taste of Modern Filipino and Cebuano Cuisine! @WaterfrontCebu

by Czarina Maye Mariano

UNO in Cebu-3.jpg

UNO is the popular international buffet and a la carte cafe and restaurant by The Waterfront Group of Hotels.

If you’re flying to Cebu from June to August 2018 then you're in for a treat! They have an upcoming culinary event entitled “UNO’s Modern Filipino Taste: A Filipino Feast for All Senses”, which happens at UNO in Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan (from June 8 to August 31) and Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino in Lahug (from June 9 to August 31).


UNO in Cebu-30.jpg

This special culinary event brings together the celebrated husband-and-wife tandem of celebrity Chefs Roland and Jackie Laudico, as they create delicious and exciting innovations on classic Filipino and Cebuano cuisine.

Chef Lau and Chef Jackie have captured the imagination and taste buds of gourmets and foodies alike through the concept restaurants they have established in their 18 years in the catering and restaurant business. Their imaginative approach to cooking and artistic presentations have culminated in their celebrated restaurant Guevarra’s in San Juan, Metro Manila.


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
Telephone: +6332 232-6888 local 8605
Facebook: Waterfont Cebu City

Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino (Mactan)
1 Airport Road, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: +6332 340-4888 local 7879

Operating Hours:
Lunch: 12:00 nn-2:30 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm-10:30 pm

UNO in Cebu-48.jpg
Present during the opening were: Chef Roland Laudico, Cebu City Mayor Tomas "Tommy" de la Rama Osmeña, Chef Jackie Laudico, Waterfront Mactan GM BenHur Caballes, and Waterfront Cebu GM Anders Hallden.


UNO in Cebu-10.jpg
(Chef Lau doing last minute preps together with Waterfront Cebu’s executive chef Linda Hou)

Chef Lau and Chef Jackie’s advocacy for the past 18 years is to promote native Filipino flavors, which has given them local and international respect, and runs parallel to the philosophy that animates and inspires the food and beverage outlets at The Waterfront Group of Hotels.

UNO leads its portfolio of F&B outlets, and has become Waterfront’s must-visit destination for foodies in Cebu and Davao.



UNO in Cebu-8.jpg

With “UNO’s Modern Filipino Taste: A Filipino Feast for All Senses”, the restaurant broadens and enriches its already diverse culinary offerings, thus helping in the further evolution of the Filipino food and cooking culture.

Guests and food aficionados will, no doubt, find delight in the many tasty treats included in the festival, such as Sisig Baskets, Palabok Bites, Kinilaw Spoons, and Danggit Macaroons to whet the appetite.


UNO in Cebu-2.jpg

One of the cold appetizers I liked was the Sushi-Noy. It’s basically a Filipino maki topped with matambaka flakes.


Uno danggit.jpg

Danggit Macaroon, anyone? The macaroon is stuffed with laing mousse and shrimps. It tasted sweet but is obviously much saltier thanks to the danggit attached to it.


Main Dishes

Got a hefty appetite? Here are some of the filling and delicious entrees that await you in UNO...

UNO in Cebu-64.jpg

Kaldereta Pie, made of spicy lamb stew topped with mashed potato and cheese.


UNO in Cebu-66.jpg

They also offer Cebu’s specialty dish, Balbacua Uno--slow-cooked oxtail together with beef knuckles and skin, UNO style.


UNO in Cebu-27.jpg

A visit to Cebu wouldn't be complete without getting a taste of their lechon and this perfectly roasted pork belly. As expected, the skin was crunchy and the meat moist and juicy.


UNO in Cebu-50.jpg

Need a break from the buffet? Their grilling station is packed with different kebabs and fresh seafood like blue marlin, squid, clams, etc.


UNO in Cebu-60.jpg

For the complete Cebuano experience, why not eat the entrees with the puso or hanging rice? It’s literally just steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf.


UNO in Cebu-58.jpg

If you prefer skipping the carbs, head to the salad bar for fresh greens and healthy salad dressing.


End your meal on a sweet note with the following desserts that UNO has to offer...

UNO in Cebu-15.jpg

In-season fruits such as pineapple, papaya, watermelon, and mangoes go well not just with the chocolate but even with the batik fondue!


UNO in Cebu-20.jpg
Apart from fruits, the dessert section is also well-stocked with pastries and cakes. I personally liked the chocolate banana cake, which was moist and creamy. A deliciously good way to end a great meal!


Final Thoughts

UNO in Cebu-44.jpg
UNO has become the favored dining address of business and corporate individuals in search of great tasting food and quick service, families that expect a wide variety of food choices and a leisurely ambiance, and foodies who simply want excellent flavors that come from fresh ingredients and food done to perfection.

The Laudicos’ imagination, creativity, and signature flavors will certainly also find a welcoming venue in UNO at Waterfront Insular Hotel when the festival goes to Davao, just in time for the Kadayawan Festival 2017.


UNO in Cebu-46.jpg

UNO’s Modern Filipino Taste: A Filipino Feast for All Senses” food festival kicks off in Waterfront Cebu on June 8 and will also be available in Waterfront Mactan on June 9. Both events will last until the 31st of August 2017.

This service is available for both lunch and dinner for only PHP898.00 per pax. UNO is located at the lobby of both Waterfront Hotel in Cebu and Mactan.


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
Telephone: +6332 232-6888 local 8605
Facebook: Waterfont Cebu City

Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino (Mactan)
1 Airport Road, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: +6332 340-4888 local 7879

Operating Hours:
Lunch: 12:00 nn-2:30 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm-10:30 pm


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: We were media guests of Waterfront Hotel. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 


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