Ultimate Taste Test 2022 is the Best UTT in a post-pandemic era featuring 22 food purveyors, 10 hot chili makers, and 250+ judges last thanksgiving day Nov. 24, 2022 at the beautiful Gallery Mira Nila. Also, it is one of the toughest UTTs with the best ...
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And the Ultimate Taste Test 2022 Winners are…

Ultimate Taste Test 2022 is the Best UTT in a post-pandemic era featuring 22 food purveyors, 10 hot chili makers, and 250+ judges last thanksgiving day Nov. 24, 2022 at the beautiful Gallery Mira Nila. Also, it is one of the toughest UTTs with the best chefs, food bloggers/ influencers, and resto PH restaurateurs in attendance. This is now a food industry pre-Christmas Thanksgiving tradition in Gallery Mira Nila which started in 2020.

There were a total of 116 judges who rated the food purveyors from a scale of 1 to 5 (highest). Over the last 14 years in UTT history, if a vendor gets a rating of 3.8 above, majority of the foodies, chefs and restaurateurs rave about it and become sustainably successful in the food industry in Manila.

The winners of Ultimate Taste Test 2022 are (ranked based on average rating):

  1. @Flourpotmanila | Mazapan de Pili Cheesecake & Bleu Cheese Rolls by Chef Rhea 4.32
  2. @theblueapronph | Best Poke Tacos in Manila by Chef Ina 4.10
  3. @ticxs | Best Seafood Kare Kare in Manila! 4.06
  4. @karabelladairy | Best Liqueur Gelato Collaboration 4.05
  5. @Cocina.Murriel | Best Heirloom Smoked Ham in Manila!  4.04
  6. @croissantladyph | Best Croissaymada in Manila by Donnatela 4.03
  7. @cakes.bylouise | Best 80’s Chocolate Cake & Prune Cake! 3.99
  8. @cargofishph | Best Fish & Chips in Manila! 3.99
  9. @mangcesar | Best Angus Litson Baka in Manila! 3.95
  10. @homemadebyrita.ph | Best Pecan Pies in Manila 3.92
  11. @amarelacucinapizzaph | Best Pizza and Chili Honey Sauce 3.90

    @destilerialimtuaco | Mint Cacao Chip and Barako Mudslide 3.99
    @vidaphilippnes | Zero Calorie, Sugar, Coloring Drink 3.92

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners: Gallery Mira Nila, Bizu Catering Studio, SIP Purified Water and Philippine Hot Sauce Club!

@Flourpotmanila | Best Mazapan de Pili Cheesecake & Bleu Cheese Rolls by Chef Rhea Sycip

“I had a quick chat with Chef Rhea and mad respect for making this labor intensive cheesecake. It may be expensive but it is worth every centavo! You can taste the passion andlove mixed into each baked delight. I’m the Durian Doughnut customer, hehe.”

“Cheese rolls are to die for, brioche bread is soft and the cheese (d tinipid) !The mazapan cakes are also amazing! Perfect balance. Not too sweet, you can still taste the pili nuts and goes well with the cheesecake”

“I think the cheesecake was just too sweet for me. But the blue cheese roll was unique and good”

“The mazapan pili cheesecake is the bomb!!! The process of making this cake is verymeticulous that is why the end product really is outstanding. I also enjoyed the blue cheeserolls, not usually a fan of blue cheese but what made it interesting is when they torched the cheese on top to add a little texture”

“The cheesecake was too sweet but the crust was delicious. The cheese roll was wonderfully soft and had just enough Bleu cheese to give a delicious funk without being over or overshadowing the cheddar.”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 4.32)

About Flour Pot Manila
by Chef Rhea Sycip

Flour Pot Manila started with our love for cakes and premium local products. Started in 2017, our bakery flourished even more at the height of the pandemic where we were able to provide premium quality desserts to our clients at home. It started as an online venture in 2017

Mazapan de Pili Cheesecake

First, we slow cooked the pili into a thick and rich mazapan and used it into a crust as our base. Topped with caramel cheesecake, more pili and caramel drizzle. We travelled all the way to Naga to work with the farmers to make this creation into a reality.

Flour Pot Manila
Check out this year’s Holiday Collection Catalogue by clicking the link below 🎄👇
📍78 Estrella Street Brgy Bel Air Makati, Makati, Philippines
📞 +63 916 493 7488
📩 hello.flourpot@gmail.com
FB: Flour Pot Manila
IG: @flourpotmanila

Cheddar & Danablu Cheese Rolls
Creamy Danish Blue and Local Cheddar Cheese Encased in Pillow Soft Brioche. Best drizzled with Australian Wild Honey.
BOX OF 6 ₱775.00

Mazapan de Pili Cheesecake
Buttery and decadent hand made Mazapan de Pili makes this stunning cheesecake a showstopper. Caramel Cheesecake complements the Mazapan crust. This cheesecake takes 12 hours to prepare and is the expression of our labor of love.
9 INCH CAKE ₱ 3,500.00
7 INCH CAKE ₱1800.00

@theblueapronph | Best Poke Tacos in Manila by Chef Ina

“Omgggg words cannot express how great this taco fusion is! Love it to the core! This concept is new to me and i love every bit”

“Chef Ina is amazing! I love the play on texture for her tacos! Would love to see her set up shop in malls one day”

“Beautiful to look at and Instagram ready. Unsure if because it’s not freshly fried but the greasiness of the tempura fried Nori was a bit much for the ingredients. The rice was glutinous not individual grains. The ingredients could use a bit more acid or spice to compliment the fatty wrap.”

“Very unique. Also game an idea what to do with nori :). I love their sampler specially the kani and the salmon. I would eat this all day!!! Super amazing”

“It’s tasty. I think i like the kani best. Love the cream on the tuna. Salmon was not spicy as I expected.”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 4.10)

About The Blue Apron PH
by Chef Ina Bilbao

The restaurant industry had to take a step back during the pandemic, and I had the chance to start my social media journey. I’ve always been into fusion food and texture. I love crunchy food, and my partner loves Poke; So I decided to combine these in a taco experience. The Poke Taco Experience was intended to be social media content, so I recorded myself doing it. I sent my friends the extras, and they encouraged me to sell them. We took a step of faith and posted it for sale. Friends and family ordered, and soon strangers started ordering as well. Because of excellent reviews, we have been featured by Rappler, The Philippine Star, Cosmopolitan PH, and ANC – and now we just opened our first store in SM AIR Makati!

The Blue Apron’s mission is to provide a gastronomic international fusion experience to daring foodies while providing jobs for Filipinos across the world. Anyone can cook, but not everyone will take it seriously. The apron is a symbolism that we take all things food seriously, and we mean it. Once the apron is on, we get down to business. We’re serious about giving the best gastronomic experience possible without breaking the bank. Why blue? The color blue calls to mind calmness or serenity and makes you go “mmm” just like when you eat one of our poke tacos.

Poke Tacos by The Blue Apron™
🇵🇭Home of the Original Poke Tacos in the PH
🌮A fusion of Japanese, Mexican, Hawaiian cuisines in a TEMPURA NORI SHELL
IG: @theblueapronph
🔗Order Here: linktr.ee/theblueapronph

Poke Taco Menu:

Seafood Special (₱360)
Get all your fave seafood Poke Tacos™ in one box! Each box includes a Krazy Kani TNT Poke Taco, Tempting Tuna Poke Taco, and Sinful Salmon Poke Taco. Comes in boxes of 3.

Poke Taco Sampler (₱560)
Try out all flavors of our Poke Tacos™ in boxes of 5. 11/10 will give you a gastronomical

Sinful Salmon Poke Tacos – Bestseller! (Box of 3 – ₱375 | Box of 5 – ₱605)
Torched fresh salmon in creamy layu sauce, topped with tempura flakes

Tempting Tuna Pokè Tacos (Box of 3 – ₱350 | Box of 5 – ₱565)
Torched fresh tuna in creamy soy&sesame sauce with cucumber strips, and topped with scorched cream cheese

Krazy Kani TNT (Box of 3 – ₱310 | Box of 5 – ₱495)
Torched fresh kani strips in creamy crab fat teriyaki cider sauce, topped with ripe mango slices

@ticxs | Best Seafood Kare Kare in Manila!

“LOVE EVERYTHING HERE! Love the flavors, the homemade bagoong, and the ladies behindit. Awesome brand and food.”

“Winner bagoong. Winner peanut sauce. Amazing shrimps. What more do we need? OH, morerice. Love it super!”

“I love the sauce and how all-natural its ingredients are. Maybe you can bottle it up as well andalso the bagoong? I know i would want to try it with other protein choices.”

“Best of day for me!!! I love it so much I’m ordering for one of my potluck parties!!!! Well done!!!”

“Good quality ingredients with a good homemade sauce. Suggest to deepen the flavor of theshrimp so it can stand agaythe richness of the sauce. Maybe char grill it?”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 4.06)

About Ticxs
by Mirma Tica-Ortiz

My husband and I started Ticxs in 2013 serving torched speciality sandwiches at different bazaars in the Metro as a way to save up for our wedding. We then ventured to opening our home for private dining through Plate Culture. Our home kitchen served fusion dishes inspired by our travels. When the pandemic hit, everything stopped but our passion for food and making people happy with every bite did not. We started again in July of 2020, serving seafood dishes for delivery.

The pandemic forced all of us to stop and it was a struggle because a large chunk of our source of income was affected. We lost hope. Sharing our struggle our friends encouraged us to sell seafood, initially fresh seafood. We delivered to many places all over the Metro, parts of Rizal, Cavite, and Bulacan. We restarted our Facebook and Instagram advertising our fresh seafood which our hometown Malabon is very known for. A friend reached out asking if we’d be open to sell cooked seafood. Being in a family who loves to cook we experimented and did many taste tests until we were satified. Seafood has always been a part of our family since my great grandfather has been in the aquaculture business which was passed on to my grandfather and his children. I was taught by my grandfather and grandmother how to check for freshness and the best way to prepare and cook different types of seafood. Cooking and opening our home kitchen was like a channel of hope because we got to connect with friends and people from all walks of life through our food during the darkest times of the pandemic. Our food has created happiness in every bit for birthday celebrations, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas Parties, Chinese New Year celebrations, business openings, gender reveal parties, and even funeral and celebration of life gatherings.

Ticx’s Gastronomic Adventure
Fresh Seafood 🦀🦞🦐🦪🦑
Cooked seafood platters 🥘🍲🍝
Charcuterie boards 🧀🍇🥖🍷
📍Malabon, Philippines
FB: Gastronomic Adventure by TICXS
IG: @ticxs

Seafood Kare-Kare
Family Size (1/2 Kilo) ₱1,100
Party Size (1 Kilo) ₱1,800
Served with Homemade Bagoong

@karabelladairy | Best Liqueur Gelato Collaboration

“Love the fun, whimsical, surprising even sexy flavors of karabella. Texture wise it’s fantastic,creamy, dense, smooth. Most of all not too sweet!”

“The carabao milk gives a rich mouthfeel and flavor. The liqueur adds just the right amount of spice to the ice cream. A lovely after dinner palate cleanser”

“Love the gelato infused with liquor. Refreshing taste! And i love that they source it locally, the carabao milk from cavite and the liquor is locally made.”

“The kalamansi was wonderfully refreshing”

“The gelato were perfectly blended with its flavors. I personally love the Paradise and Amadeo”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 4.05)

About Destileria Limtuaco X Karabella lines
by Jan Buenaflor

Karabella is a social enterprise with the GK enchanted farm that offers fresh and real dairy products for everyone

As a social enterprise we greatly uphold and believe in our core values. These values act as our guiding principle in every decision that we make.

Established in 1853, Destileria limtuaco & Co., Inc. Is the oldesr distillery in the phils. Throught 5 generations of master blenders the company has amassed the widest range of spirits and liqueurs in the countrt. Experience the best of local flavors as KARABELLA brings you unique ice cream featuring Destileria Limtuaco’s line of Phils. Craft spirits.

Karabella Dairy
🍦 All Local, All Natural, Made from Carabao’s Milk.
🐃 In partnership with Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm.
📍308 & 310 Young Trade Bldg., Gen. Malvar Cubao, Quezon City
📩 infokarabelladairyicecream@gmail.com
📞 Globe +63 (917) 190-5797
FB: Karabella Dairy
IG: @karabelladairy
Visit www.karabella-dairy.com

Premium Flavors (Cup ₱150, Pint ₱450, Tub ₱1,300)

@Cocina.Murriel | Best Heirloom Smoked Ham in Manila!

“I felt like its Christmas Day bec the flavor brought back memories of Xmas mornings. A must try!”

“Right balance of sweet and salty. The added pineapple was a nice touch. Classic taste that the family would surely enjoy this holiday season.”

“Really love the balance of fat and meat. The ham was not too sweet and not too salty. Just theright balance”

“A really honest to goodness ham who’s recipe has been handed down through generations.Right amount of saltiness and sweetness.”

“Very good. I think we have a new Christmas staple.”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 4.04)

About Cocina Murriel’s Heirloom Smoked Ham, Sausage and Bacon (Since 2009)
by Ma. Catricia Murriel

Started a few years back with my dad making ham with my lola’s recipe for friends as gifts during the holiday.

Because! We make our heirloom ham as a family. Everyone is involved. No other staff just us. So quality is always on top of our priority. We never overbook, we only do it per small batches at a time.

 📞: +63 995 907 6318
✉: cocinamurriel@gmail.com
FB: Cocina Murriel
IG: @cocina.murriel

Heirloom Menu Pricing:
Whole Smoked Ham (₱1,000/kg)
500g Smoked Sliced Ham (₱580)
500g Smoked Bacon (₱430)
500g Imperial Sausage (₱380)
Heirloom Sauce 9oz (₱150)
Smoked Bone in Ham (₱1,400/kg)

@croissantladyph | Best Croissaymada in Manila by Donnatela

“Donna is just full of positive vibes and we’ve seen her playfulness and creativity through herCroissaymada. Really good!”

“Excellent! light, flaky, crumbly, puffy and nicely layered. Love the butter and parmesan combo. Donatella very personable too! Love her.”

“Now one of my favorite Croissant ever! This is my first time to try it. And I couldn’t wait to have more!”

I don’t usually buy croisant but having a pinoy twist made it more interesting for me. My fave isensaymada so this easily made me fall in love with the croisant. Kudos to croisant lady!

The first bite alone will make you tear up with joy. This will delight many a party or an individualany time.

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 4.03)

About Croissant Lady
by Donatella Chua

My specialty is offering BASICALLY GOOD CROISSANTS using all french ingredients with a promise of being baked ALWAYS FRESH FROM THE OVEN. I only bake them ala minute once the order is confirmed and paid. For example, you order now, we will confirm right away, then we will get it delivered to you fresh within one hour from it being freshly baked!

SIGNATURE: THE #CROISSAYMADA of Croissant Lady PH is an Ensaymada-Style French butter croissant topped with parmesan cheese, brown sugar, and butter. Last Aug. 24, 2021, in the afternoon, i was having my favorite Earl Grey tea then I craved for ensaymada. I was searching where to buy online (normally, I will conveniently just go to Mary Grace for my ensaymada paired with a cup of thick hot chocolate merienda set). Then a light bulb moment popped up in my head (ting ting ting!), why don’t I make my own ensaymada toppings with my plain butter croissant. I have all the ingredients in my pantry. So I tested just putting the toppings on before and after baking, so you actually get double toppings for double happiness. You are sure to get the trinity of SWEET CHEESY SALTY: crunch from brown sugar bits, the cheesiness from parmesan and the salted buttery goodness.

Croissant Lady PH
French croissant lover + seller🥐 BAKE IT@HOME. ENJOY 💯FRESH FROM THE OVEN!
Feel great baking from frozen & experience the freshest croissants ever!🥐💃❤
IG: @croissantladyph
Order here: my.forms.app/croissantladyph/menu2022

Classic is the original french butter croissants topped with grated cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and brown sugar.
Classic, Mini, Box of 6 (₱450)
Classic, Mini, Box of 12 (₱830)
Classic, Regular, Box of 6 (₱950)
Classic, Regular, Box of 12 (₱1,850)

@cakes.bylouise | Best 80’s Chocolate Cake & Prune Cake!

“Chocolate cake was calssix but the prune cake was a surprising fruity delicious cake. Appreciated the thin frosting so it didn’t overwhelm the natural sweetness of the cake.”

“Delicious and Nostalgic! Nuff said. Took home a small bite home for my Mom to try and she loved it. I appreciate the small talk with Ms. Tiny. She was so nice and down to earth.”

“The Prune cake was excellent! Flavor intense, cake moist, premium quality and taste. Perfect sweetness. My favorite amongst all the cakes tried today.”

“Cake is moist & chocolatey. The prune cake was surprisingly delicious!!! Never imagined a prune cake to be this good!”

“Prune cakes are not very common but when i tried it, it reminds me of christmas so the flavor is really festive. Enjoyed it alot thanks!!”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 3.99)

About Cakes by Louise
by Tiny Guidotti

Hi! this is Tiny Guidotti from Cakes by Louise, our family was one of the founders, owners and original bakers of the Cookie monster bakeshop back in the day, The bake shop was established in 1977 and the first cookie monster bakeshop Opened in 1977 near makati medical center. Our chocolate cake became legendary, now 3 generations from the first one is baking it again, louise guidotti is the 13 yr old grand daughter of the owners/founders, she started baking her grandmas cakes with her during the lockdown and I started marketing it to friends and family then unexpectedly we dint realize so many remember our cakes from decades ago and got a lot of orders which kept us very busy during the pandemic. We are so happy to be back baking our cakes again which once upon a time, was the talk of the town and everyones childhood favorite treat.

Cakes by Louisse
THERE WAS NOTHING LIKE IT BACK THEN! From the original Founders & Bakers of your CHILDHOOD CHOCOLATE CAKE back in the 70’s. This Iconic Cake is back!
FB: Cakes by Louise
IG: @cakes.bylouise

Chocolate Cake (6″) – ₱650
Chocolate Cake (8″) – ₱1,100
Prune Cake (8″) – ₱1,200

@cargofishph | Best Fish & Chips in Manila!

“Classic British Fish & Chips. They have mastered the cooking techniques on timing and oil temperature to keep cod moist and batter crispy.”

“The bowl of goodness were perfect. Fish and Chips are surefire hit for me. The batter were soft and crispy and the salad added flavors to it.”


“Nice proper fish and chips with a douse of malt vinegar. Served piping hot . Will be visiting their shop soon for a proper taste.”

“The bowl of goodness were perfect. Fish and Chips are surefire hit for me. The batter were soft and crispy and the salad added flavors to it.”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 3.99)

About Cargo Fish
by Matthew Lim

CargoFish is a classic fish and chips experience from the UK and makes it fun for Filipinos by putting the choice in our hands. Offering a wide range of fish varieties to choose from, all coated in a light beer batter and perfectly fried using traditional methods, it is comfort food like we’ve always known it but with a little extra—bold, new additions in the sauces, great for dipping or smothering. We aim to be the best and legit Fish & Chips in the metro!

Co-owned by chefs Matthew John Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Kenneth Chan Lim, CargoFish brings English expertise to the local palate. It is the first to bring the iconic British chip fork to the country. Picture a wooden fork the size of a popsicle stick with tines that look like a pointy fish tail.

Cargo Fish PH
🐟 Authentic British Fish & Chips with a local twist
📍Uptown Mall, Taguig City
📞 +63 975 574 0762
IG: @cargofishph

Cod Beer-Battered with Slaw Salad, Proper Chips (₱390)

@mangcesar | Best Angus Litson Baka in Manila!

“The litson baka was cooked tender and tasty. I loved the sauce. I just had to buy a takeout to share to my kids. Dinakdakan was authentic, very good!”The litson baka was cooked tender and tasty. I loved the sauce. I just had to buy a takeout toshare to my kids. Dinakdakan was authentic, very good!”

“Wowww! The BEST LITSON BAKA in town! I can’t get enough of this Angus meat.”

“Tried their store in Makati first. Good service. The sisig was chunky, but the onions was overpowering. The angus beef was A+. I’m not sure if they had rice but it would certainly have paired well with it.”

“Loved the lechon baka. Intense flavor, melt in your mouth texture. My top favorite choice amongst the different entries.”

“I’m a fan. Love the soft tender and tasty litson. I often go to andoks to buy when i crave for it but now i have a new favorite 🙂 Also enjoyed the dinakdakan. Again, more rice please!!!”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 3.95)

About Mang Cesar
by Cesar Cuneta

The story for the business being called Mang Cesar was thought about by my wife as the name itself sounded very Filipino. We wanted people to experience and taste my food through my own perspective at first. It’s what would define or distinguish what kind of food we would want to share or be known for. A name that would easily be remembered or would stick to someone who’d gotten hungry but not perplexed when choosing which type of food brand to eat. A common name that distinguishes us and would be known for, hence Mang Cesar, quality Filipino food.

The story of our product coincides with our history of coming together to share a meal. Our products simple yet thought about, would be distinguished through comparison that identifies with Filipino cuisine shared by the masses through our tradition. Mang Cesar was born due to the pandemic, a name that ought to be remembered as Filipino, the bull logo representing strength to overcome difficulties, and yes one that resembles our most prized Angus Lechon Baka.

Mang Cesar Litson Baka
EST. 2020 Manila’s FIRST and original litson baka.
Sarap-Lasap! Tatak Mang Cesar!
📍 Yakal cor Talisay St., Makati
📍 Pioneer St. Market, Mandaluyong
📞  +63 917 132 3175
FB: Mang Cesar
IG: @mangcesar
Order here: mangcesar.pickup.ph

Angus Litson Baka – Small (₱429.00)
Our premium litson baka made with only 100% angus beef. Give this a try and taste the difference! Comes with beef drippings sauce. Good for 1-2 pax.

Angus Litson Baka – Medium (₱899.00)
Our premium litson baka made with only 100% angus beef. Give this a try and taste the difference! Comes with beef drippings sauce. Good for 2-4 pax.

Angus Litson Baka – Large (₱1,699.00)
Our premium litson baka made with only 100% angus beef. Give this a try and taste the difference! Comes with beef drippings sauce. Good for 4-6pax.

@homemadebyrita.ph | Best Pecan Pies in Manila

“Perfect balance of sweetness, nutty, and crumbly. These are perfect: small enough for 2 bitesto satisfy but you’ll want another one (or three) anyway!”Perfect balance of sweetness, nutty, and crumbly. These are perfect: small enough for 2 bitesto satisfy but you’ll want another one (or three) anyway!”

“These pecan pies were to die for! From the crust to its toppings. Truly heavenly in one bite.

“Loved that the filling was sweet but not too sweet. Would love for a larger pie to get more ofthe filling and less of the crust”

“Crust was beautiful! Pecan filling had the right texture and balnced sweetness. The size was perfect to”

“Craving for pecan pie!! This i love so much unfortunately i cant take home right now but I’ll definitely buy right after”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 3.92)

About Homemade by Rita
by Karen Godinez

We started selling our Mom’s Mini Pecan Pies in December of 2019 after years of us convincing her that other people outside of our family and friends would love them as much as we do. As soon as our Mom said yes, we spent our free time in our kitchen, making sure we learned her recipe and made it exactly the way she did. We created an Instagram account and began sharing it with everyone we know. Soon enough, through word of mouth and social media, we started receiving orders from people we didn’t know. In 2022, we joined our first pop-up bazaar.

The biggest takeaway that we got out of the pandemic is the realization that there really is a market for pecan pies. The fact that everyone and everything was online definitely helped us get our product out there. We’ve had a mix of customers —those who intentionally looks for pecan pies and those who have not heard of pecan pies. And we think since people were more open to trying out new food during the pandemic, we found it easier to share our Mini Pecan Pies with those who weren’t familiar with our product.

Homemade By Rita
The Original Mini Pecan Pies
📱+63 917 178 7567 (Viber)
📍 San Juan City, MM
IG: @homemadebyrita.ph

Mini Pecan Pies (Box of 12) ₱400

@amarelacucinapizzaph | Best Pizza and Chili Honey Sauce

“Amare pizza is always good and the crazy honey was a good addition especially with the gorgonzola pizza and arugula”

“Crazy chili honey!!!!!! Gaaaah!!! I love that it is very well thought of”

“Pork ribs nicely cooked, complemented by the honey based chili sauce. Pizzas are nontraditional but very good.”

“I’ve loved amare since I first tried them in baguio.i love how they were very generous with the arugula! Yummy as usual”

“I tried their pizza even before and i really like it. Also the crazy chili honey is really great topping complimenting the pizza”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 3.90)


Built from passion, creativity & diligence, Amare La Cucina has its roots in Baguio City, where it is currently known to be one of the best local restaurants.

With humble beginnings right from a small space at the ancestral home of its founder, Edmark Bustos, it has grown to become the destination for authentic Neapolitan style, brick-oven pizza. While on a holiday with his wife in 2013, Edmark drew inspiration from a fellow restaurateur to learn how to create the hand-stretched, uniquely flavorful dough that became the base of the pizzas served today.

Completing this formula is the use of a wood-fired brick oven, which at precise temperature and cooking time, adds more to the unique flavor and texture that the Napoletana pizza is known for.

Though the name AMARE is a portmanteau of the Bustos’ siblings names (Alvin, Marianne and Edmark), Amare La Cucina in itself means “to love the kitchen” in Italian. With the appreciation of the Filipino’s fondness for Italian cuisine combined with the commitment to elevating everything LOCAL, from fresh ingredients to exemplary service, the restaurant strives to consistently reflect its name, which means “to love.” 

“Crazy Honey”

This Crazy Honey was truly a product of the pandemic. Last 2020, when the disease hardly hit the hospitality industry, as well as the restaurant industry, Mr. Edmark Lester Bustos as the president of the Amare La Cucina Inc. innovated something to help the employees continue earning despite uncertainties brought by the pandemic. The genuine intention of Mr. Bustos unexpectedly resulted in something crazy, new and different that compliments all types of food. Because of his crazy ideas, he suddenly perfected a condiment that is universal.

Crazy Honey is made of 2 types of sun-dried chilis; the bird’s eye chili (siling labuyo) and ghost pepper that is infused in honey that is harvested from the highland Province of Benguet. Balancing the perfect blend, it was added with a little lemon juice.

Bustos also considered ingredients that have the best benefits, for sili and honey are both good for the health.

Some people add their crazy honey to their salad, chicken or any meat like wood-fired ribs that is avaiable in the menu of Amare. This also blends with burgers, sandwiches, hotdog, ham, bacon and many more fried or even grilled foods. Pizza is one of the best partners of this crazy honey. This suits the people who love the sweet and spicy blend.

Gorgonzola Pizza
A cream-base pizza with mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola cheese topped with prosciutto, walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh arugula leaves. Also,

Pinoyboy Pizza
A tomato-base pizza with mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese topped with fresh button mushroom, pepperoni, Italian sausage and minced garlic.

Alvin’s Pizza
A pesto-based pizza with mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese topped with bacon.

Wood-Fired Ribs
A brick-oven grilled pork rib brushed with Crazy Honey

Amare La Cucina PH
The best wood-fired 🍕🍝🥩🍗 
📍Baguio,Pasig, Nuvali ,Tagaytay, Naic, Cavite
📍Pangasinan, Pampanga, San Juan, La Union
FB: Amare La Cucina
IG: @amarelacucinapizzaph
Visit www.amarelacucina.com


@destilerialimtuaco | Mint Cacao Chip and Barako Mudslide

“Love the creative concoctions! These would make great gifts to friends for the holidays”

“Liqueurs are a bit sweet for me but love the Philippines forward flavors and creative application”

“Refreshing and unique mix of flavors. Loved every drop! Would have loved a crunch to it tho.”

“I dont drink really but I liked the taste of the beverages especially the mint cacao chip.”

“Am waiting for their pricing so I can offer to my clients! So good!”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 3.99)

About Philippine Craft Spirits by Destileria Limtuaco
by Aaron James Limpe-Aw

Philippine Craft Spirits by Destileria Limtuaco is something that would appeal to the market given the current world trend, but we gave it a twist by using tropical ingredients and flavors found in the Philippines.

Intramuros Liqueur De Cacao
As we all know cacao was introduced by the Spanish during their colonization of the Philippines in the 1800s and popularized a hot chocolate drink made from pure fermented cacao beans roasted, finely ground and mixed with sugar pressed into tablet moulds we call “Tablea Tsokolate” or Chocolate tablet. You can now enjoy the richness of tablea with tsokolate with Intramuros Liqueur De Cacao, an all-natural product using 100% roasted cacao. Each sip delivers full-bodied cacao flavour comparable to a fresh cup of Spanish hot chocolate.


Barako Mudslide (Amadeo Coffee Liqueur)
Amadeo Coffee Liqueur is named after the Philippines’ coffee capital, Amadeo, Cavite province. It blends four kinds of Philippine coffee—rich Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa, and Liberica, a.k.a. “Barako” espresso into a smooth concoction. There are no artificial flavors or colors in Amadeo Coffee Liqueur. It’s espresso in a bottle and the ultimate coffee liqueur. You can take it on the rocks, create different kinds of cocktails, or even add some cream or milk or pour it over ice cream.


Destileria Limtuaco
The Philippines’ oldest distillery
IG: @destilerialimtuaco
Visit www.limtuaco.com
Order here: https://liquorexpress.ph/

@vidaphilippnes | Zero Calorie, Sugar, Coloring Drink

“The Salty Lychee is superb. I’ll buy in the supermarket.”

“Your healthy soda! Its very nice and very carbonated. Love the fact that it is healthy”

“Oooooh forgot to buy a box! Love that it has your daily dietary requirement of Vit C covered with a can.”

“Its refreshing ….I feel like this product will make me reach for sparkling drinks from here on haha”

“Healthy drink!!! Love the salty lychee. I frequent vikings and they are unlimited there if you want drinks with vit. C :)”

UTT2022 Judges (Rating: 3.82)

VIDA Philippines
Vida C is the immunity-boosting Vitamin C drink🍋 Vida Zero lets you do more with none of the bad stuff.
FB: Vida Philippines
IG: @vidaphilippnes
Order here: https://vidaphilippines.com



Congratulations to all the Ultimate Taste Test 2022 participants and winners!

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners: Gallery Mira Nila, Bizu Catering Studio, SIP Purified Water and Philippine Hot Sauce Club!

Let us continue to support our local food purveyors and the local food industry to help each other out during these tough recessionary times in Manila.

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Ultimate Taste Test is the longest running taste event in the country founded by Our Awesome Planet in 2008.

P.S. If you have any questions, suggestions or if you want to join as a participant or sponsor for next year’s Ultimate Taste Test, you can contact Rache Diaz +63 917 531 8949 or message us rachediaz@gmail.com.

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We Will Rock You Manila Global Premier (A Review)

📸: Stuart Glover

We Will Rock You, inspired by the rock & roll music of Queen and the book by Ben Elton, is a musical set in a Metaverse-gone wrong future where kids are controlled like robots, stripped of their individuality, creative spirit, and musical instruments. The story is anchored on two bohemian revolutionaries who journey to free the world by fulfilling the prophecy of rediscovering rock & roll music.

It was awesome to watch the global premier here in Manila and here’s what we think.


📸: Zeus Martinez

A brand new re-imagined production of the iconic Ben Elton & Queen musical We Will Rock You finally opened at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater, Manila. This production directed and choreographed by Olivier Award nominee Nick Winston, is launching a multi-year international tour and audiences across the world will be sure to enjoy this dynamic new interpretation

📸: Zeus Martinez

We Will Rock You follows two revolutionaries as they try to save rock’n’roll music in a post-apocalyptic world. In an age where algorithms predict our every preference, We Will Rock You is a musical for our time: a fist-pumping, foot-stomping anthem to individuality. This brand-new international rock-powered production features 24 of Queen’s biggest hits, 

📸: Stuart Glover

including Killer Queen, Under Pressure, We Are the Champions, Radio Ga Ga, I Want to Break Free, Don’t Stop Me Now Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites the Dust, and, of course, the inimitable We Will Rock You. With a futuristic styled set by Tom Rogers, video backdrop by Douglas O’Connell and fabulous new costumes from Sarah Mercade, this is sure to be an absolute smash hit. 

📍Samsung Performing Arts Theater @ Circuit Makati
Limited Season from October 28 – November 20, 2022
⏱ Tuesday to Friday: 8:00pm
⏱ Saturday and Sunday: 1:00 pm and 7:00pm
🌐 ticketworld.com.ph
📞: +632 8891-9999
✉: Group and corporate bookings: groups@gmg-productions.com

Samsung Performing Arts Theater
Ground Floor, Circuit Makati
10am – 7pm
🎫 Tuesday Ticket Special
Special ticket prices are offered on Tuesday Performances.
Get a huge discount on all price categories!
Level 1 – PhP 4,000
Level 2 – PhP 2,500
Level 3 – PhP 1,000


📸: Zeus Martinez

I watched the original musical in London’s West End which ended its run in 2014. This global musical version is rebooted with a dystopian vibe, making it the perfect musical to watch after the pandemic. Most people’s reaction after the show was that it was super fun to watch.

📸: Zeus Martinez

If this is the first time you are watching the musical, the story is not about Freddie Mercury nor the journey of Queen. The plot is about the young generation now controlled by the internet and how they were inspired to break free using rock & roll music to escape from the control of Global Soft (the villain metaverse company).

📸: Zeus Martinez

The first act was fun and was able to establish the apocalyptic world, the bohemian characters, and the rock & roll prophecy. The second act though had dragging parts and was rushed to the ending. There was a dramatic focus on the sex-scene which was not necessary.

📸: Stuart Glover

The dance sequences were fun but not synchronized. I originally thought there would be Filipinos in the cast but there were only foreign performers in this traveling production. The costumes were so mesmerizing to watch they make you forget about the pandemic.

📸: Zeus Martinez

The Killer Queen sequences performed by Londiwe Dhlomo were the best. You’d rekindle your love and excitement for musical theatre—world-class voice and electrifying choreography.

📸: Zeus Martinez

I did not know what to expect when I got invited to watch the premier. On hindsight, I should have brought my sons to watch this rebooted version of We Will Rock You for new post-pandemic theatre audiences. Make sure to bring your kids when you watch this.


SCARAMOUCHE Nicolette Fernandes 

Nicolette Fernandes is thrilled to be playing Scaramouche in We Will Rock You after a long pandemic. Graduating from Waterfront Theatre College, Nicolette holds Advanced ISTD training in modern and tap dance, a Trinity LTCL in Musical Theatre and ISTD teaching associates in modern, tap and hip hop. Her theatre credits include Dance Captain and Ulla understudy for Pieter Toerien’s The Producers, Ilse in Spring Awakening, Penelope Pennywise in URINETOWN! and Sister Mary Roberts in Sister Act. Nicolette has also performed in various tribute shows and played Rainbow Dash in the My Little Pony International Friendship Tour. Most recently, she had the pleasure of choreographing Our House the Musical at the Artscape Theatre. In addition to theatre, Nicolette continues to work as a dance teacher, voice artist and has appeared in commercials and films such as The Power and Netflix’s Good Life.

Instagram: @nicoletta_neofernandes          
Tiktok: @nicolettefernande          
Facebook: Nicolette Fernandes 

GALILEO Stuart Brown 

Stuart Brown graduated from the Luitingh Alexander Musical Theatre Academy (LAMTA) in 2021 and has since featured in The Tales of The Big Bad Wolf (Wolf) at the Kalk Bay Theatre, How To Date Like A F*@#&%! Grownup – A Musical Comedy (Workshop Version) in various theatres, and most recently Defending The Gay Man at 69 Theatre.Pre-covid, Stuart was involved in Snow White and The Seven Dwarves (2015) and Peter Pan (2017) at Canal Walk (Abrahamse & Meyer).  

Instagram: @stuart.nicholas.brown 

KILLER QUEEN Londiwe Dhlomo 

Londiwe Dhlomo was born and raised in Durban, Kwazulu Natal. Skilled in dance, singing and acting, she pursued a career in the performing arts industry and quickly proved to be a diverse artist.  She has performed in musicals such as Guys and Dolls, The Wizard of Oz and Little Shop of Horrors. After receiving a ‘Durban Theatre Award’ for ‘BEST NEWCOMER’ for her appearance in the hit show Sing it, Sista! and her supporting role in Little Shop of Horrors, Londiwe played Maid Marion in the Kickstart Panto Robinhood and the Babes in the Wood and later played Princess Miranda in their production of Puss in Boots. She went on to perform in Dreamgirls understudying the role of Deena Jones and received a Fleur du Cap Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role as ‘Texas’ in Cabaret. She excelled as one of the three Divas in Priscilla Queen of the Desert earning another Fleur du Cap nomination. She understudied and played the role of Mrs Phelps in the international tour of Matilda the Musical. Beyond her extensive work on stage, Londiwe has been successful on screen in the tele novella Ring of Lies and her most recent role as Liyana in the new Netflix series The Brave One. She has lent her voice to various products and shows worldwide. Londiwe has been a leading female vocalist in shows such as African Footprint , 24hrs on Broadway, Blondes on Deck, Time Warp,  Dolphins by Starlight, Bidvest and many more. Gracing stages and screens world-wide, Londiwe is always been an enchanting performer to watch.  

Instagram: @justlonds           
Tiktok: @justlonds 

KHASHOGGI Craig Urbani 

Multi awarding winning actor, singer and dancer received his BA Drama at Rhodes University. Musical Theatre:  The Buddy Holly Story, Grease, Fame, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Chicago, Contact, Kiss Me Kate, Morecambe, Sound of Music, West Side Story, Rock of Ages, Music of the Night, Rocky Horror Show. Television:  Shado’s, Isidingo, Binnelanders, The Wild, Ashes to Ashes, Scandal, Makhoti, Warrior Season 1, Generations, The Queen, Legacy. Film: Woman of Desire, Blitzpatrollie, Triggered, Looking for Love, The Construct, Last Days of American Crime. Music Credits: The South African and West End cast recordings of Buddy- The Buddy Holly Story, Could’ve Been Love, I might Like It, I’m a Sax. Other: Two Royal Variety Performances, Host of Miss South Africa 2007, Women of the Year Awards 2008, MC Wedding Expo, Starlight Classics, Radio presenter on Mix 93.8.  AWARDS: Naledi nominations for Annie, Chicago, Peter Pan, Morecambe, Naledi win for Rock Of Ages. Fleur du Cap nominations for Chicago and Rocky Horror, Green Room Award for Buddy Holly Story, Laurence Olivier Nomination for Contact.  

Facebook: Craig Urbani    
Instagram: @craigurbani
Twitter: @craigurbani

BUDDY Tiaan Rautenbach 

Tiaan Rautenbach received his BA(Hons.) degree in Drama from the University of Pretoria in 1999 and made his debut performance that year as Peter in Jesus Christ Superstar.  He went on to perform in numerous stage musicals including Fame, The Full Monty and Footloose.  He has also been seen on many South African television series such as Sokhulu and Partners, Generations and most recently as George Bester on Binnelanders and Pinkie Poggenpoel on 7de Laan. His proudest moment on screen was the sketch comedy show Kompleks which he co-wrote and starred in.  Kompleks was nominated for two SAFTA awards for best comedy ensemble and best comedy writing.  In 2016 Tiaan also received a Naledi award nomination for best supporting actor in a musical for the pantomime Aspoestertjie.  He spent 15 years traveling the country with touring productions for the Barnyard Theatre and in 2017 he furthered those travels to the Mediterranean on TUI Cruises’ Mein Schiff 2.  During the 2020 lockdown he started an ongoing online project, Rooftop Tune/Dagdakdeuntjie with long-time friend and collaborator Eloise Clasen. Apart from his theatrical and television endeavors, Tiaan spends his time strumming his ukulele and rocking out with his band Mamba Pistol. 

Facebook: Tiaan Rautenbach    
Instagram: @tiaan667
Twitter: @tiaanbach   

BRIT Richard Gau 

Richard Gau has performed in numerous musicals in South Africa and internationally including Dirty Dancing (Robbie Gould /Johnny Castle alternate), Singin’ In The Rain (Don Lockwood & Cosmo Brown alternate), Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Dan/Joseph alternate), Calling Us Home (Raphael) and finishing just months before the COVID-19 pandemic in Evita (Magaldi alternate). His stage work includes Vanya & Sonya & Masha & Spike(Spike) and The Vertical Hour (Phillip). Since the global pandemic Richard made a shift to the film and television industry and has played roles in both respectively; Aya, Nandi & Olivia – Feature films (Director Khalid El – Jelailati), Verified – Feature film (Director Waleed M. Al -Yamani), Legacy – Telenovela (Andre Odendaal, Krijay Govender), Baile De La Muerte & WAR – Feature film (Director Anthony Oseyemi), Do Your Worst – Feature film (Samantha Nell) & PRIME – Netflix Original Feature film (Director Thabiso Christopher). He is so excited to be a part of this incredible production of We Will Rock You.

OZ Danelle Cronje 

Danelle Cronje completed her National Diploma in Musical Theatre at Oakfields College where she appeared in Carrie, The Cradle Will Rock, Songs for a New World (in partnership with the University of Oklahoma) and Passing Strange. She has a versatile voice and can sing various genres ranging from pop/rock to classical. She performed in corporate events such as 67 Blankets, Bidvest on Broadway, Tiger Brands Function and Back to School. She was in Add-Life’s pantomime Doringrosie: Die Slapende Skone. She was also part of &Co’s Seussical, Barely Legal Showtunes and Polkadots: the Cool Kids Musical. She had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the workshop cast for Genting and 20th Century Fox at Genting Theme park in Malaysia. Danelle also worked on contract as a singer for TUI’s Mein Schiff 3. She is also part of a vintage singing trio The PolkaDollz.  

Facebook: Danelle Cronje     
Twitter: @CronjeDanelle       
Instagram: @danellecronje

DARREN GREEFF – Resident Director

Darren Greeff branched out into the world of musical theatre where he performed in the South African tour of ‘Cats’& the international tour of ‘Grease the Musical’. He re-joined Bovim Ballet as a principal dancer in the production of ‘Romeo’s Kiss’. He went on to choreograph & direct ‘Doll Domination – a tribute to the Pussycat Dolls’ at Grandwest casino as well as the UK film titled ‘The Prisoner’. Darren then joined the international touring cast of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, where he performed in almost 900 performances in ten different international cities. Darren left Phantom to join the world touring cast of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. He then joined the international touring cast of ‘Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ as the resident director & resident choreographer after which he went on to join the international touring cast of ‘Evita’ as Resident Choreographer. Most recently, Darren was the resident director & choreographer of the international tour of ‘Chicago the Musical’


Catch We Will Rock You at the new Samsung Performance Arts Theatre in Circuit Makati.

There is adequate parking in the basement and there is a nearby theatre entrance on the G/F.

This is the orchestra section, the best place to experience the musical.

Go around 5pm to the Circuit Makati mall for early dinner before watching the 7:00pm show. Even water is not allowed inside during the break.

Go in your rock & roll glam outfit—leather jacket, Doc Martens and R&R shirt.

Don’t be surprised that most people don’t wear face masks anymore when watching the musical.


Overall, We Will Rock You is a super fun show, the perfect musical to watch after the long hiatus of musical theatre performances in Manila. We are honored to have watched a rebooted West End Musical Show that globally premiered in Manila with its new storyline and theme. The entire audience erupted into rock & roll frenzy with the encore performances of We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody. Don’t miss this limited run in Manila!

Congratulations to We Will Rock You and GMG Productions for a successful Manila run!

📍Samsung Performing Arts Theater @ Circuit Makati
Limited Season from October 28 – November 20, 2022
⏱ Tuesday to Friday: 8:00pm
⏱ Saturday and Sunday: 1:00 pm and 7:00pm
🌐 ticketworld.com.ph
📞: +632 8891-9999
✉: Group and corporate bookings: groups@gmg-productions.com

Samsung Performing Arts Theater
Ground Floor, Circuit Makati
10am – 7pm
🎫 Tuesday Ticket Special
Special ticket prices are offered on Tuesday Performances.
Get a huge discount on all price categories!
Level 1 – PhP 4,000
Level 2 – PhP 2,500
Level 3 – PhP 1,000

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Thank you to GMG Productions for the media invitation. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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FIVE Private Dining Experience (A Review)

FIVE by owner and cook Paolo Bustamante is a different kind of private dining experience, like a homey private function room where you pay per head for the food, including rental of the space for 5 hours. It’s a lifestyle private space good for intimate team building, milestone celebrations and Christmas parties.

It is located in the former Fox Square Center which, after the pandemic, was rebranded as BLK 113 with FIVE being the sum of the digits of the block.

Here’s what to expect at FIVE and some tips for a memorable experience.

FIVE Private Dining
📍3rd Floor, BLK 113 (former Fox Square Center),
Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
📞 +63 945 119 1555
✉ fiveprivatedining@gmail.com
⏱ Tuesday to Saturday for dinner (5 hours reservation)
🌐 https://www.facebook.com/fiveprivatedining


FIVE is located on the top floor of the BLK 113 building, which now features art galleries, bars, and other innovative concepts.

(Note: There is no elevator so you have to climb the grand staircase to reach the venue.)

It has bohemian-inspired interiors that match the home-style meals. This is perfect for bonding sessions with your teammates or company-sponsored celebrations.

We tagged along during the Mommy Mundo company dinner, and this is what my friend Janice Villanueva has to say about the FIVE dining experience:

“Loved the experience at Five—cozy and comfortable like home, and the food [was] like comfort food as well. Set up allowed for dining and lounge seating which made it more relaxed and the music inspired accents gave extra chatacter [sic] to the place. I [liked] the big square set [up. It] allowed people to talk and interact (and sing!) Service was great- [Paolo] was there to be with us a bit [and] his two servers were also warm and efficient. Food was good and flavorful abd [sic] filling- maybe [I should] have ordered a veg dish to balance the menu but [I] enjoyed all the dishes Pao served.”

Mommy Mundo Team

With just an acoustic guitar, we sang the whole night, and I got to sing my favorite Francis M song during the pandemic—Kaleidoscope World.

(Note: There’s no karaoke system or TV system so you have to be creative with your team building session and conversations over food).


FIVE features original dishes by owner and cook Paolo Bustamante which they have been serving for 3 decades to family and friends. You can also customize and specify other International cuisines.

The set menu (₱1,500/head) is inclusive of appetizer, soup, 3 mains, dessert, and house blend iced tea. (Note: You can bring wine without corkage.)

Cold Pasta Salad
Southwestern BBQ Pork Belly
Baked Chicken Casserole in Truffle Cream

The pork belly was served with big cuts and covered in sticky BBQ sauce. Best eaten with rice. The truffle baked chicken was a favorite. I remember going back for more servings.

Beer Battered Mahi Mahi with Tartar
Panna Cotta

Not a fan of fried fish but this homestyle fish and chips was a good pulutan throughout the night. Best to bring a cake or dessert for a satisfying finish.


There is service staff to assist during the dinner and a wet pantry for washing the dishes.

(Note: There is no kitchen.)

There is a dedicated smoking room beside the dining area to which I have a mix reaction because you can probably still inhale secondary smoke since it is only separated by a sliding door.

The restroom, located outside the room, is small and common for all third floor tenants.

There is sufficient parking on the gated basement so don’t worry about parking.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is the kind of venue that we like, where you pay for good food and get the venue exclusively to bond with your group. We loved the main dishes and I wonder if they allow potluck food or at least cakes/desserts to make the dining experience more awesome. Good thing, they don’t charge corkage so make sure to bring your own booze for the whole night.

Also, make sure to bring acoustic guitar or have a program planned for the 5 hour duaration specially for your own private Christmas party. Make sure to book it as early as now because this venue is unique and located centrally if you have guests coming from the north and south.

Thank you to Janice and the Mommy Mundo team for making us feel welcome during the dinner. 🙂

FIVE Private Dining
📍3rd Floor, BLK 113 (former Fox Square Center),
Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
📞 +63 945 119 1555
✉ fiveprivatedining@gmail.com
⏱ Tuesday to Saturday for dinner (5 hours reservation)
🌐 https://www.facebook.com/fiveprivatedining

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is an official tour partner of Mercury Bhutan Travel. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. You can have your after party in the next door jazz bar, 78-53-86.

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Shangri-La Boracay Awesome Staycation X Potatoes USA Camp (2022 Edition)

Shangri-La Boracay is the gold standard for a luxurious romantic escape in the island. I must admit this was the first time Rache and I had a staycation and the first time I got to speak at the Potatoes USA Menu Ideation Camp held at the resort. Technically, it was a perfect workcation where you get to enjoy the place with your wife, get to meet the awesome people behind Potatoes USA, and get to bond with the chefs outside the restaurant.

This is one of the best experiences I had in Boracay specially after the post pandemic era. And here’s why.

Seaside Suite

We stayed at the beautiful seaside suite along the Punta Bunga Beach, also known as Station Zero, which has its own jetty port.

We stayed on the middle 3rd floor where you just literally go down and walk to the white beach and you can easily go up to get the buggy on the 6th floor or go to the 4th floor for the connecting walk-way to the lobby.

Shangri-La Boracay
📍Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan 5608 Philippines
📞 +(63 36) 288 4988
✉ boracay@shangri-la.com
🌐 https://www.shangri-la.com/boracay/boracayresort

The Shangri-La beds are so comfortable to sleep in specially after sexy time, and you really enjoy every minute of relaxing in them. The room is equipped with double curtains to completely black out the morning sun so as not to wake you up.

Sunset jacuzzi is the best when you enjoy it with your wife with all the bubbles amid stories about life and the blessings that come alongside it. You would want to stop the sun from setting in the horizon and live in the moment.

Every morning, the beach invites you to relax with this view and entices you to swim in its cold waters and pearly white sand.

The bathroom is so special, with a walk-in closet, separate toilet, bathtub, his/hers sink, and a shower room, that I will always remember it for years to come.

This is the swimmable side of the Shangri-La property where the beach slope is gradual and there’s no dangerous undercurrent—a place where the kiddos can enjoy.

Vintana Breakfast

We usually do intermittent fasting but the Vintana Breakfast buffet was hard to resist because it is the best breakfast buffet on the island for healthy eaters, foodies, and even chefs.

📍 Level 2, Main Building,Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
✉ restaurantreservations.slbo@shangri-la.com
📞 +(63 36) 288 4988
⏱ Breakfast: 6.30am – 10:30am
🌐 Hotel > Dining > Vintana Asian Cafe

Vintana Breakfast (₱1,500/head)

There are a lot of stations in this sprawling breakfast buffet place with high ceilings. Wear your chic breakfast attire and spend time enjoying your breakfast. The mask-on policy applies when getting your food.

The Beef Pares was hands down the most raved about breakfast item in Shangri-La among the chefs and foodies. We loved it, and this is what makes their buffet unique versus the rest.

Start with their bread, salad, appetizers or Filipino Favorites station to kick-off your morning.

We loved their different honeys and their self-service granola station for a healthy breakfast.

They also have their signature soup stations and egg stations with everything done to your liking.

We loved the variety of options like the Egg Curry and the ending with good ice cream.

Potatoes USA

Chef Kalel Chan was the lead chef who gave a talk to inspire other chefs to think of ways to use US Potatoes creatively in their menu. It was an honor to talk back-to-back with him.

Did you know that potatoes are vegetables with high nutritional value that contain Iron, Vitamin B6, Protein, Dietary Fiber, Potassium, Vitamin C, and Carbohydrates?

I didn’t know that potatoes could be so versatile. Under the hands of the young creative chefs in the country, potatoes could be an expression of their creativity for us to enjoy.

We got to enjoy the grilled favorites at Sirena and the lechon during the menu ideation camp.

I got to do the fun part—provide a critique of the photo of their food creations during camp. It was a good thing that everyone was in a good mood and open for insights and feedback.

I gave a talk on “Your Food in the Eyes of an Influencer” to share with the chefs my insightful knowledge on how they can present their food better in social media in the POV of an influencer.

The first moment of truth for foodies is how they consume the food with their eyes on the mobile screen. The second moment of truth is when they consume it and it tastes better than it looks.

I must say the Food Banquet service of Shangri-La Boracay is the best, even the lunch buffets were good and the chefs agreed. Ang galing. 🙂

Cielo’s Sunset Experience

Cielo’s Sunset Bar experience is the best on the island of Boracay, with a day pool vibe, exclusive sunset cove, and really good food and cocktails to pair with the sunset experience.

Cielo Poolside Restaurant & Bar
📍 Poolside, Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
✉ restaurantreservations.slbo@shangri-la.com
📞 +(63 36) 288 4988 
⏱ Cielo Restaurant & Bar: 11:00am – 9:00pm 
🌐 Hotel > Dining > Cielo Poolside Restaurant & Bar

Best to go as early as 4pm to enjoy the salt-water pool and conversations with your friends. The pool is photogenic from any angle, even when backlit with the sun setting in the background.

The Perfect Storm (₱510). Kraken rum, ginger beer, lime

Cielo Poolside Restaurant & Bar Menu: Food, Wine, Cocktails, Rum Selection

The cocktails are good and will put you in the mood for sunsets and live acoustic music.

Homemade Squid Ink Tagliolini (₱950). Octopus • Prawns • Pumpkin Shrimp Bisque Sauce
Four Cheese Calzone (₱885). Emmentaler • Gorgonzola • Mozzarella • Parmesan • Tomato

My wife still craves for this squid ink pasta and this four cheese pizza. Ang sarap!

Pictures are not enough to capture this sunset moment.

Best of all you get to enjoy it with chefs you admire and work with in the industry.

Sirena Clifftop Bar

You can also hang out in these clifftop sunset view points (ala Spiderhouse but way better).

Sirena Restaurant & Clifftop Bar
📍Adjacent to the Jetty Port,Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
✉ restaurantreservations.slbo@shangri-la.com
📞 +(63 36) 288 4988 
⏱ Open 5:00pm – 12:00 mn (Mon-Sun)
🌐 Hotel > Dining > Sirena Restaurant & Clifftop Bar

Aviation (₱600). America’s originally crafted dry gin

They have the best Gin & Tonic selection on the island and you get to enjoy your drink without the sugar and with just the right buzz for an awesome night cap.

Gin & Tonic Menu: page 1 | page 2 | page 3 | page 4

Sirena is the perfect place for a night cap and awesome conversations with friends.

We usually went out to the main beach at 7pm for dinner drinks and went back to Sirena Clifftop Bar to create new memories and cement relationships.

Final Thoughts

Overall, when you stay at Shangri-La Boracay there will always be that feeling that you just want to stay in the resort to enjoy every minute of the beach, the food and facilities as opposed to going to the main beach where the action is.

I’ve been to Boracay a number of times over the past 17 years ever since I started Our Awesome Planet and I can confidently say that we love Shangri-La Boracay because:

☀ Cielo’s Poolside Sunset Bar experience is the best on the island because of the day pool vibe, sunset mood with acoustic music, and most specially the food and cocktail experience.

🍸 Sirena Clifftop Bar is the best Gin & Tonic Bar on the island and the perfect nightcap place.

🏖 The resort has the best Seaside View Suite among all the hotels on the island for your romantic escape.

Thank you to Potatoes USA for the awesome menu ideation camp experience with the chefs and to Shangri-La Boracay for a memorable romantic escape with Rache.

Shangri-La Boracay
📍Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan 5608 Philippines
📞 +(63 36) 288 4988
✉ boracay@shangri-la.com
🌐 https://www.shangri-la.com/boracay/boracayresort

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Thank you to Potatoes USA and Shangri-La Boracay for an awesome workcation experience! I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. There is a regular van that goes to the main beach at the times listed below, but you can easily get an electric trike for ₱300 one way. We often took the 19:00 van after the sunset to get to the main beach to meet up with friends.

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To join our Awesome Pop-Up Markets this coming Christmas Season, please text Rache +63 917 5318949 or DM @ourawesomeplanet on Instagram.

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Awesome Pop-up Market is a food market project of Our Awesome Planet. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

The post Presenting… Awesome Halloween Popup Market (October 28-30) @UptownMall appeared first on Awesome! - Our Awesome Planet.


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