When life gives you green apples, I say, make apple chutneys ūüėȬ†Yes, that's what I'm doing with lot'sa of green apples from my front yard! When we¬† moved into our current house¬†a few years ago, it was winter and little did we ¬†know that come ...

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  1. when life gives you green apples
  2. 7 years of food blogging
  3. chillin’ out all summer long!
  4. my new gadget!
  5. my mom’s signature concoction, reinvented!
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when life gives you green apples

When life gives you green apples, I say, make apple chutneys ūüėȬ†Yes, that’s what I’m doing with lot’sa of green apples from my front yard!



When we¬† moved into our current house¬†a few years ago, it was winter and little did we ¬†know that come summer, we’re¬†going to get a ton of¬†green apples. In spring, the leafless tree started blooming with gorgeous, light pink apple blossoms and soon was laden with ample amount of fruit by the end of summer.


Unfortunately, the first fall, we didn’t get a good yield since most of the fruit¬†was infected with bugs or eaten by birds. The tree did not bear any fruit in the second year but the city laid some bug traps and in the third year this time, we have an excellent yield...

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7 years of food blogging

It’s hard to believe that 7¬†years ago today¬†I launched my¬†food blog! My¬†blog is a great medium through which I¬†share my love for cooking ‘n’ clicking¬†and everything around it‚Ķthe¬†stories¬†and the¬†lovely¬†memories.¬†Even if¬†I don’t¬†publish posts regularly, my blog¬†has been there for¬†me and has given me the¬†motivation and the encouragement to keep going and to strive for more. And that comes from you, the readers and followers of this blog. You¬†an integral part of this¬†food blog and have¬†been the wonderful force that drives me¬†to come up with¬†interesting concoctions¬†and take mouth-watering pictures. And it’s not just that! Through my blog, you have offered¬†me a ton of¬†opportunities...

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chillin’ out all summer long!

This year¬†my lil’ top¬†chef¬†is chillin’ out at home all summer long. ¬†She wanted to take¬†a break from the all day summer camps and is hanging out with grand parents, who are here from India, especially for her!¬†It’s been a couple of weeks now since school’s out and she’s¬†having way too much fun! Sleeping in, watching cartoons every morning with breakfast, playing in the park, bicycling, cooking with grandma, sewing all kinds of things with her machine for her pop up store….the list goes on and on.

I’m so happy for her and feel blessed that my parents are able to come over¬†and give her the summer that she wished for. Seeing them having fun at home, now I wish they had summer breaks at work...

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my new gadget!

I’m so excited for¬†my brand new kitchen gadget! I had given¬†up on my blender and food processor to do the heavy duty desi food prep and finally found¬†a nice, new¬†Indian mixer-grinder¬†that’s available for use, here in the US. The conventional tools I had¬†were simply not working¬†out and it was time to find a reliable¬†alternative.¬†I love to make fresh ground masalas, idli batter, chutneys and many other traditional Indian foods at home and this one’s just perfect!

To inaugurate the new appliance, I couldn’t think of anything other than the¬†Cilantro-Coconut Chutney for the classic¬†Indian Tea Sandwiches! It is one of my favorite chutneys that¬†used to be a struggle to make it in the¬†blender I had. So it was...

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my mom’s signature concoction, reinvented!

A few¬†years back, I had shared with you all my mom’s signature concoction. It is hands down¬†the best dish my mom makes and I just LOVE it.

As I was thinking of a topic for writing a post for Mother’s Day this year, ¬†I remembered that post, her classic recipe and all the wonderful memories associated with it. I decided to treat myself to¬†some¬†khichadi for lunch, but soon realized that I was out of the key ingredient, sabudana. There was, however, a box of sabudana-like ingredient in my pantry, the Israeli couscous!

Sabudana Khichadi wCouscous

…And that’s how my mom’s signature concoction got¬†reinvented!

I had a lot fun playing in the kitchen that afternoon, recreating traditional flavors using some new ingredients and new...

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