Postpartum Support International presents workshop on the legal defense of women who experienced a perinatal mood disorder; George Parnham and Meg Spinelli, MD to headline. Continue reading »

Postpartum Support International offers unique workshop on Postpartum Depression and the Law! and more

Postpartum Support International offers unique workshop on Postpartum Depression and the Law!

On Friday, October 23rd, Postpartum Support International will present one of the first workshops – EVER – on legal actions involving a mother who suffered from a perinatal mood disorder. This program is being held at H2Ocean Restaurant in Cedar Knolls, NJ, a magnificent establishment whose owner, Sylvia Lasalandra Frodella, has been a...

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Workshop on November 12th at NYU to focus on therapeutic impasse

In this column and others, I have written much about the efficacy of utilizing Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help women achieve emotional and behavioral stability both in the perinatal period, i.e. while they are pregnant and in the postpartum. New mothers often verbalize a high degree of motivation to address long standing negative...

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Megan Huntsman, infanticide and maternal mental health.

Stories about infanticide are heartstopping and thankfully rare occurrences. But when we are confronted with infanticide, and in this case, allegedly serial infanticide which may have occurred across a decade, we must again consider how and when we decide that a pregnancy or postpartum mood disorder had any role in these infant deaths.

It is...

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Rare Program for New Fathers Merits Review!

Whenever I have the opportunity to speak to a group of fellow professionals, it is always incredibly rewarding. Not only because of the fabulous clinical feedback received from dedicated colleagues, but the discovery of creative, effective facility based programs which the world needs to know about.

Last month, I addressed a room of perinatal...

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The preventable death of Miriam Carey

Miriam Carey

While the nation’s attention is once again focused on the preventable tragedy of Miriam Carey’s death, we wonder if this horrific event which leaves a motherless child and a family in mourning will lead to anything beyond another sensational headline. And the inevitable damnation of any mother whose post birth...

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