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Going to Tucson and Life after 2016

Hey there my friends! 
I've been gone from my blog for awhile.  Yes, life has a way of kicking you in the pants.  I know I'm not the only one.  I won't pretend that I am. 
The end of 2015 and all of 2016 has been one life event after another.  Too many to tell you here today, and too many to cry or belly laugh till you cry about!
What I do want to share with you is my trek to Tucson,
in just about a week.
Yep, the largest Gem & Mineral Show in the USA will be going on and I am so very blessed to be able to go there for the 5th straight year.  I've been teaching in Tucson these past years,
for Vivi Magoo Presents,
Here are the three very exciting classes I will be teaching in person for the last time:
I will also be a part of the Marketplace on Wednesday, February 1, 2017.
Details are here.

February 2, 2017

February 3, 2017
February 4, 2017
That's it for now. 
More plans are in the works for 2017.
I expect this year to be a GREAT one.
Hope to see you soon....


Merry Christmas!

I want to take a moment and thank you, my family & friends,
 for supporting me this past year,
whether it be online or in person.
I feel so very blessed to be doing what I love, and sometimes wonder if one day I'll wake up and see that it was all just a beautiful dream.

The year has flown by faster than I can possibly believe,
and in just a very short week,
I will once again be running thru a new year.
So, with that said, I wish you (and I) a bit slower year
thought I'd share our funny face New Year's photo with you too....
just for fun!
I have BIG plans and many classes in the works for 2015,
and hope to share ALL the details with you very soon here,
and on my website,
So, thank you, thank very much for sticking with me here.
Lord willing,
I'll see you next year!
~ diane

My New Website and a Giveaway

How do you like my new logo?
It is now part of my new website
I have to tell you my friends,
it's been a busy 2014!
I have been traveling both east and west,
and everywhere in between.
My first teaching gig was in Tucson, Arizona
What a great group of students,
along with shopping the TUCSON GEM SHOW,
which is held during the same time of the retreat,
was hands down one of my past year's
most fun TIMES!!
Then, my bestie, Deryn Mentock and I
boot scooted up to Virginia,
to teach at Boots & Bliss. 
In May I made a stop in
Paducah, Kentucky
July brought me to Santa Ana, California
And, finally a stop in Phoenix, Arizona

With all that said, I've caught my breath,
and completed my new 
I've been working on my new "go to site" for the past couple of weeks!
With this EXCITING reveal,
I'm offering a giveaway...
a choice of one of two DVDs currently offered
the wonderful online art retreat I am a part of
each summer!
Here's what you can do to win:
Leave a comment here regarding which of the two DVDs you'd like to win,
With this little request, I'll toss your name into a BIG TEXAS cowboy hat!!
If you share it online via Facebook, Instagram or your blog, (and let me know),
you get another toss into the hat.
I hope you join me on my new website
and if you sign up for my newsletter,
YES...another time in the hat!!
The drawing will end on Wednesday, October 15th!
Watch for my posts on Wednesday for the winner,
along with more information regarding my new site and logo...
I have more plans ahead, along with more giveaways!


 I'm not sure I can say anything more than this...


The Treasure Hunt

Hey Guys...there's an

going on!
This year we are having a treasure hunt at Artful Gathering, 
and it is really simple to play along. 
This is the second week of the clues, 
which if you look just below, 
you will find the full description on how to find them.
Here's how you do it...
simply find the secret Big Red Square somewhere on my blog 
to get your second secret word! 
The word you're looking for is up at the top of the box, 
in quotation marks!
LOOK for a red block, on my side bar, it has a crown in it!
(If you missed last week's clue, just hop on over to my friend 
Riki Schumacher's blog for the answer!)
You can find out all you want to know

Be sure to go to:  
to read all about the rules and prizes.

There's some really great prizes that include:   
one full paid class of your choice, plus the corresponding class DVD.  
Along with some very cool runner-up prizes, 
that aren't so shabby either...
Jewelry, Vintage Goodies, Class Kits, Artists' Books 
and more!

My donation is a bit of vintage goodies, brass wing stampings, 
and a baby bundle of recycled sari silk.
 And, just in case you haven't seen what I'll be teaching this year,
you can see both class details 
in the Workshop Catalogue
In Session One, I will be teaching a beautiful necklace 
Romantic Wrapped.
 It is for 6 weeks, beginning June 6-July 17th!
in the Second Session, 
I will be teaching my cuff class called,
On a Wing.
It will also be for 6 weeks,
beginning July 16-August 26th!
If, you haven't pre-registered, you might want to go on over and do so now,
(which will also give you the ability to flip thru that wonderful class catalogue)!
as on May 1st the doors open for full registration.
That means you will be able to register for any of the instructor's classes,
offered in both Sessions One & Two.
Also, at that time, you will have access to our Etsy store links,
where most will be offering a limited number of class kits.
Here's wishing the best to you on your treasure hunting fun,
hope to see you in the classroom...very SOON!

Don't forget to pre-register here now:
(P.S.....if you leave a comment here
and/or share on Facebook and/or Twitter
I am having an EXTRA little drawing for a prize
Tuesday evening at 9pm CST!)

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