Tea drinking and brain health - Are they related? and more...

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Tea drinking and brain health - Are they related?

Tea has been around for centuries and drinking has such a rich and vibrant history. Have you noticed how year after year new studies conducted keep on discovering yet another health benefit of drinking tea? Not only is tea good for you, it tastes great too! And unlike what most fair skin obsessed Indian and Southeast Asian parents believe and often dissuade their kids from this healthy beverage

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Neem Herbal Tea For Stomach Ailments & Intestinal Worm Infections

Most of the time, we eagerly wait for the monsoons to provide the much-needed relief after the scorching summer heat and the soaring temperatures. And though, this year, monsoons have hit almost all parts of India, the incessant rains and the unending, unabated showers sadly, have wreaked havoc in many places causing loss of life and property. However, this is usually not the norm and  rainy

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Seven Acne Culprits That May Surprise You

Anyone who has struggled with acne as an adult knows that it’s the absolute worst. Unlike acne in your teenage years—where fluctuating hormones are largely to blame—adult acne can be triggered by an endless number of things, some of which aren’t always easy to identify. From pore-clogging hair care products to dirty bed sheets, there is a long list of potential suspects that could be

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Why carrying heavy shopping bags is good for you

I've mentioned umpteen times in many posts that strength training and weight bearing exercises are extremely good for your bone health and help prevent dreaded diseases like osteoporosis or the brittle bone disease. And no, strength training exercises don't bulk you up -- they in fact help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass and make you look fitter and leaner. Benefits of

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Alcohol during pregnancy can cause miscarriage

Miscarriage can be devastating for any woman who's looking forward to hold her baby in her arms after a long wait of 9 months. In most cases, it's often difficult to ascertain the exact cause of miscarriage; in fact most missed abortions occur for reasons you have no control over. Even then, learning about a few risk factors that could possibly cause miscarriage, the foods or medications

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