Perfect Figure After Childbirth - Tips & Exercises and more...

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Perfect Figure After Childbirth - Tips & Exercises

You can look fantastic and regain your pre-pregnancy figureif you spare a few minutes every day for your body. With a little effort awoman can look beautiful at any time of her life.Motherhood is a unique experience in every woman’s life, hervery special dream. But in the age of “figure-consciousness” retaining a goodfigure after childbirth becomes a definite problem for many a young

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Homemade DIY Hair Moisturizer For Shiny Hair

Have you always wished for the soft, shiny, gorgeous hair you see on models, actresses, and those girls in shampoo ads (without having to pay through the nose for the salon treatments, professional products, and hours of styling required to keep your strands glossy and perfectly coifed)?  Perhaps the thought of damaging your hair with chemicals, high heat (from a dryer and an iron), and

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Stiff, Frozen Shoulder Caused By Jerky Movements – A Woman’s Ordeal

One day when I was doing my regular yoga poses / asanasin the privacy of my cozy room, the doorbell rang. I hastily rushed to open thedoor only to find the courier boy who had come to deliver some parcel. Strangely,the very next morning, I found that I was unable to move my left arm.Photo by sixninepixelsat freedigitalphotos.netI carried on somehow for days, asking my part-time

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Women's clothing & fashion trends that men hate but women adore

Women have always had the upper hand on the fashion quotient. Has one ever wondered there could be some fashion statements that don’t make the men turn their heads? Instead, there are some fashion trends that women think are quite fashionable but men hate. Certain clothing in the women wardrobe can be quite men repelling.There are lot of clothing items which are displayed on the fashion ramps

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2018

Dear Readers,May Lord Ganesha destroy all your worries, sorrows and tensions and fill your life with love and happiness.Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all those who are celebrating!!

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