Stop abusing your nails. Your nails are not tools. and more...

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Stop abusing your nails. Your nails are not tools.

Stop abusing your nails! Even though you may think otherwise, our nails do take a lot of abuse every day!  Knowingly or unknowingly,  we do mishandle our nails and subject them to worse forms of ill-treatment making them to break off, become weaker or lose their sheen and color. While we are meticulous about our facial skin care and moisturizing routine, we mostly forget about

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15 One-Ingredient Homemade Face Masks For Fabulous Skin

You would have loved to pamper your skin with facial masks from time to time but do not prefer to slather on store-bought products either because they are chemically laden or due to the fact that they are too expensive. As far as homemade DIY beauty recipes are concerned, you are either pressed for time or too lazy to indulge in a proper home spa ritual. Also, concocting a a full-fledged

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Quotes on Accessories

Don't we all love accessories that help  enhance our looks? But most of the time, only wearing the right, age-appropriate accessories seem to work. Here are some accessories mistakes that you should avoid.  Also do check this amusing collection of quotes on "Accessories". Confidence is the best accessory. It can make or break an outfit. - Stacy London Sometimes simple accessories

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Snacks that Make You Beautiful

Most people understand that foods can provide them with important nutrients and vitamins that make them feel better. However, not everyone is aware that some foods can actually improve or enhance appearance. Several foods have the ability to give an individual a better overall tone and glow. Improving one’s appearance can raise self-esteem and self-confidence levels significantly.

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Treadmill workout can help relieve period pain

Painful menstruation or having menstrual cramps can be very annoying and discomforting. Several methods such as popping over the counter pills as well as home-remedies are tried out by suffering women during this period. While some self-care methods and home-remedies work to relieve menstrual pain to a great extent, few know that exercise during this period can help too. How are

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