Eric Tennen Discusses the Baran Case and more...

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Eric Tennen Discusses the Baran Case

beeRecentThis Sunday at 2:00 p.m. EDT Eric Tennen, one of Bernard Baran’s attorneys, will be discussing the case on Worcester radio stations WCRN.

You can listen to the program by following this link.


The Remembrance Project: Bernard Baran

Without the tireless efforts of the National Center for Reason and Justice, Bernard Baran would have died unknown and without exoneration in prison. We rely on your help to continue our work. Please consider making a donation

From WBUR in Boston:


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When miscarriages of justice occur, prosecutors must answer for actions

“Looking back at the case would serve a bigger purpose than score-settling. Wrongful convictions like that of Baran endanger trust in the whole judicial system. The Supreme Judicial Court, in its role as the general safeguard of the integrity...

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Why is Daniel Ford still a Massachusetts judge?

“Yet as Baran was reportedly getting repeatedly sexually assaulted in prison, Downing was getting reelected and Ford was getting promoted. Just a few years after Baran’s conviction, Ford was appointed to the Massachusetts Superior Court,...

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Justice System Failed Bernard Baran

“Convicted amidst the national panic over supposed sexual abuse of preschool children, Baran fell victim to homophobia, hysteria, and arguable prosecutorial misconduct. While many now recognize these prosecutions as modern-day witch hunts,...

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