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The Digital Transformation of Education

Although Vineet Madan does not even mention ePortfolios what he does say makes a lot of sense, for schools of all age-ranges, not just Higher Education, upon which he...

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Not on Paper, surely?

I find it inconceivable that in this day and age anyone should be expected to produce paper-based Portfolios. However, I have attached this YouTube video hoping that readers will play the game...

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Yet Another Showcase

Yet another well-intentioned YouTube video describing a limited application of an ePortfolio. When will people discover that the ePortfolio tool is for much more than a single purpose...

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Which ePortfolio tool for staff and students?

I recently picked up on a post, typical of many, that suggested a list of requirements of an ePortfolio. In response to the author I wrote the following but have added a few more points here:

Although I think...

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Towards the Next Revolution in Teaching and Learning

to boldly go...
I have long maintained that so-called disruptive technologies are only that for the slothful teacher who is not willing to recognise that Teaching andd Learning strategies are changing....

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