April 17, 2021 New Location Update A few weeks back we share with you about needing to relocate our Lansing Store by May 1st. That has been moved back and we will now be moving the store the week following...

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April 17, 2021


New Location Update

 A few weeks back we share with you about needing to relocate our Lansing Store by May 1st.  That has been moved back and we will now be moving the store the week following Mother’s Day.  We have a new location across the center court from where we are now and the retail space is bigger.  That means we have some more creative options.  We are looking for a fairly large flat-screen TV to use to play videos about our partners if anyone has one that they are not using anymore. We will also be looking for some folks to help us on May 11th or 12th for the move and new location set up. Pray about all the details that will need to be worked out for this project.

Meridian mall 250 store front

        (Mockup of the new storefront)

Stateside Return

We are scheduled to return on May 5, 2021, to the US. Flying internationally now requires a negative COVID test within 48-72 hours of your flight.  But here in Bulgaria Easter is May 2nd and Monday, May 3rd is Easter Monday a Holiday.  Normally, May 3rd is a Labor Holiday here but because Easter Monday is also a Holiday we have now been told that May 4th will be a Holiday to replace the Labor Day events on May 3rd.   So, we are concerned about whether or not we will be able to get the test done within the time frame.  Please pray about that. Pray that we will be able to find the lab to administer the test and get us the results so we can return to the USA.


Continue to pray for our transition to our new roles and connections – we are excited about what God will do and will keep you all informed.


Contacts Around the World and in our own Neighborhood!

April 8, 2021 – On any given evening I sometimes engage in an activity to see how many countries, states, and continents I can chat with on messenger.  As I scroll to see who is on I am amazed at the acquaintances we have.  I have connections on 6 of the 7 continents and over 40 states and about 50 countries.

Now some folks I have not had much contact with for years but we did at one point.  Mostly we have done some kind of ministry together somewhere in the world. 

To be able to do this makes us very blessed folks.  I know that there are many folks who don’t have that many people that they know or can talk to.  Many folks (especially right now) feel alone and abandon without anyone to call.


That idea bothers me – not that I want to talk to everyone but that each of us could ask God and then look around and see who in your neighborhood or church or family might need someone to talk to on a regular basis.

There is a family in our church here in Petrich that every Sunday goes and visits an elderly lady that cannot get out.  They bring food and other things that are needed.  We have talked and some weeks it is not easy and even an inconvenience to do this but this lady has very few if anyone else to care and communicate with.

What if each of us would pray and then look for and begin to serve and care for one family or person that needs to know God’s love. What difference would it make in our world?  It would take some time and take some work, but it would make a difference.  After all People are the only thing that God Died for and the ones we, His followers are called to serve.

This week pray for…

… plans for the store move in Okemos

… plans for our trip states side in a few weeks

… the livelihood groups as we continue to work toward


Another Store Move…?

April 1, 2021 – No Fooling – since in Mall terms we are short term renters they have a clause in the contract that if a long term (meaning a multiple-year commitment) renter comes along wanting your spot, the management of the mall can move us to another location in the mall.

On Monday, we received an email saying that another store was wanting our location and they want it by May 1, 2021.  That means that this weekend we are going to be looking at other locations to determine which one will work and then begin the process of getting it ready to relocate to.

Additionally, this week God has been teaching and challenging me as I am preparing my sermon for Sunday, to understand that circumstances do not dictate my attitude and behavior – I do! I can choose to let the things in life get me down or thrown into a tizzy or I can see them as an opportunity to let God work and get a good witness. That means I am choosing to be positive and now waiting on God to do something amazing in this process.

That being said there is still a great number of obstacles and needs ahead that we need your prayers for.

Diane and I are still in Europe and will not be back before the move has to take place.  I am usually the one that does the layout and design of the stores so that means I will be doing this from over here but the work will have to be done by the (small) team in place in the states.

When you move there are additional expenses encountered for setup, displays and signage of the store. (all of which right now we do not have sitting around waiting to be spent).

And then there is the actual move. Needing to take the product to the new location and get it into its place so we can again open.  (having just relocated the store in Jackson – we know the work and effort involved.)

I tell you all this so you know and can pray (and help if you are in Michigan and want to).

Pray for us to find the right spot that God has in mind for the work He still has for us to do in and through this location.

Pray for the team that will be getting the new location ready and then set up.

Pray that God would provide all that we need to make the move as far as display, signage and the right design of the store for maximum impact on the customers.

This is also Holy Week and with Easter being on Sunday for y’all – (our Easter will be May 2nd on the Eastern Calendar) – We pray that you may be able to fully celebrate and understand the resurrection of Jesus for your life.

Thanks for your prayers and support  - if you want to know more - email me and we can talk.


Balkan Conference Meets (via Zoom)

March 28, 2021 – We missed last week sending out a post.  It has been a busy week working on all the details for our transition which I will share more about later this week in our regular blog post.


On March 27, 2021 the Balkan Provisional Annual Conference met (via Zoom) and did business for the second time in their history!  Last year we met and I was deeply involved and directing the happenings.  This year we were able to be there but we mostly watched all that was taking place.  The local leaders were doing the work and leading the movement.

I kind of felt like a parent watching my kid graduate from High School.  Proud of them, knowing that they are adults and moving out on their own but still very interested and concerned for what they do all while knowing that other than advise and pray there is not much else for you to do.

For this we THANK GOD! He has led us to the work here and with the team have expanded the work and developed new ministries as God has led.  15 years ago, if you would have told us we would be doing what we are doing – I am pretty sure I would not have believed you or would have wanted to move to where we are but God has a way of preparing you for what is next if you will let Him.

Here is a video that was shown of the work of the Agricultural Program happening here.


This week pray for the national board and leadership.

Pray too for our transition to our new role and ministry

Pray for the people of Bulgaria – Covid has returned and the hospitals are about to reach their limit.


Change is coming!

This week it is a video post announcing some changes to our ministry!


This week pray for our transition and all the details that will need to be worked out,

If you want to know more email me at almellinger@yahoo.com or catch me on messenger.




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