October 19, 2017 – Over the past few months I had been praying to God to guide us with the store and its location. We like where we were but the store space was too small and it was hard...

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The White Cloud Relocated!

October 19, 2017 – Over the past few months I had been praying to God to guide us with the store and its location.  We like where we were but the store space was too small and it was hard to move around in the shop. I did not want to move too far from where we were as people were starting to know us.  I prayed one day – “Lord if we are suppose to move make it clear to us!”

New Sore 2017

Within less than a week of that prayer a store front just 3 doors up the street from us opened up. It was a meat shop that vacated the building.  It is much larger than the space we had been in.  We called and the rent was not much more than we had been paying but it was twice as large and even had storage space in the back. 

When I saw the “for rent sign” – my heart jumped and I knew this was the sign (literally) from God that we were to move forward on this idea.


So, we signed a new lease (the old one was up and were now, just month to month) and with very little to do inside we took a day and marched everything up the street one shelf at a time.

More people have been coming in and are loving the new layout and the roomier feel we have – people now feel they can look around and even hang out a bit in the store.  We are also adding more stock and expanding the items that we sell.

Praise God for His leading and His answer to my prayer.

Pray that God would continue to bless the livelihood groups we have and our online stores both in the EU and in America.

This week also be praying for the Safe Home as remodeling is starting and work on bringing it up to code has begun in earnest.

Bonus Material

The Website in Europe is frombulgariawithlove.com


The Website in America is marketplacemanna.biz

Great places to shop to get Holiday gifts knowing what you by is helping someone in need.


English Homework Club for Kids!


October 12, 2017 - We have just started an “ENGLISH” homework study with activity time with students in 2nd to 8th grade.  It has been running about 3 weeks and students seem interested in coming, working for most of the hour before the fun game time with David Sweet at the end.  Not only are kids coming but many parents come and watch and observe and seem very happy with what is happening.


 Jill & David Sweet are a big part of this outreach and bring new and fresh ideas. We are thankful for the boost this has been to the children in our church and look forward to what God will do as we have invited the community to practice English with native speakers


Pray that students will feel welcomed to continue to come, learn and participate. 

Pray also that this will be a bridge from the community to our church family.

Pray for us and the Galloways as we are in the UK this next week meeting with pastors churches and interested partners in what we are doing in BG!

Bonus material -  Here is a recent article written in Light & Life magazine about our Virtual Christmas Gift Box program. - now is the time to do this so we will have the fund by Christmas - it looks like we have been asked to serve about 600 kids this year!


Trip to Macedonia

Trip to Macedonia

October 5, 2017 -  Last Sunday following our service in Petrich Diane and I along with Peggy and Stefan went to a town in Macedonia about 50 minutes from Petrich. We had been asked to come, so we went and learned about the work they are doing and the needs they have.

I was able to preach in a house church. We loved getting to know the folks and being relationship with the leadership.  Pray that as we continue to talk we will know how God wants us to proceed.

This week also pray for the launch of the 4 church plants in Macedonia (another area) this weekend.

Finally, pray for the store in Petrich as we are moving to a new larger location.  Pray that we will sell more to impact more lives.


The Holidays are Coming!

September 28, 2017 – Knowing that the Holidays are coming and gift giving will begin to get on everyone’s mind, we have a idea that might help.  Give something that you know is helping someone else make a living.  Team Balkans works with almost 50 Bulgarians who were underemployed or unemployed but are able to supplement their income in support of their families though New Start LLC - our company in Bulgaria.  Any products purchased help us keep these folks working.

There are 2 ways this might work for you and your group (Church, School ETC):

  • Go to our website (marketplacemanna.biz – for those in North America and FromBulgariaWithLove.com for those in the EU) and make personal purchases. We have great knitwear for the whole family – we now have a line of Kids mittens, scarves and animal hoodies.
  • You could have a display at your church or a local craft fair that we provide for you. That is we will send you the product, you man the table and share the story of what we are doing to help people know and sell as much as you can.  When done ship what hasn’t sold back to our warehouse in Michigan and your done.


(Infinity Scarves)
This is a Win, Win, Win proposal – WE are able to keep our knitters knitting, you get a great gift and someone will be kept warm in a fashionable way.

Still got questions or you have more ideas – let us know (almellinger@yahoo.com) and we will see what we can do to assist or participate.


(Messy Bun Hat)

This week pray for…

…The boxes we are shipping to the US that they will go quickly and through customs without any trouble

…Team Balkans as we are all back and will be coordinating activities and schedules.

…the Macedonia church plants that launch with in the next week.

(Snowman Hat & Animal Hoodies)

IMG_0421 IMG_1010


Just another Week!

September 21, 2017 – Some weeks you look back and know you have been busy but do not have anything that is finished that can be reported on.

  • We did training for some new knitwear that we are producing that will be coming out in a few weeks.
  • We worked on the fall schedule of events for the work in Petrich with the addition of the Sweets to the team.
  • We have been sorting and organizing travel plans for upcoming trips to the UK and Hungary for meetings and training.
  • Finalized the reports for the ordination of 4 more pastors coming in November.
  • Dealt with funding for our churches
  • Sent out support letters to partner churches
  • Went with Sweets to look for a car
  • Looked at new property for a store location.
  • School Started which means serving at the local bookstore, helping with the mad rush of kids and parents
  • Canned peaches for the winter
  • Developed two sermons for this week
  • Schedule a trip to Macedonia to meet with another Pastor who has reached out to us.
  • Began creating proto types of products for the new sewing livelihood group.

And most likely a few more things that I cannot remember at this point.  All of these things will grow and become ministries or events that we will tell you about. But for now, it is all part of the day to day work load of our lives.  The things that need to get done so that the foundations are laid for other work to be carried out.  No big thing to report and yet without weeks like this, that let us get many details worked out – there would be no other blogs to post.

Thanks for your prayers, support and partnership.

This week pray for…

The Galloways with the loss of Chances step mom and step dad as well as the Sweets as David found out his grandmother passed away.

The New sewing Livelihood Group that we are launching as we work to find the right products to create that will have a market here and overseas.

The church plant training that begins officially in a few weeks in Macedonia.



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