August 9, 2018 – From time to time we will suggest ideas or ways you can do something to help us by way of special projects. This week I want to get you thinking about how you and your small...

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Try one or both of these ideas!

August 9, 2018 – From time to time we will suggest ideas or ways you can do something to help us by way of special projects.  This week I want to get you thinking about how you and your small group or church could be involved with tow this fall.

House Warming Parties:

This is a way to help us outfit the Safe House – we are just about ready to get it ready for the girls but we need help.

This is a virtual gift party  - in that no one actually buys and brings a gift - but instead will place a check (made out to the local Church/Group) or cash in a box(envelope) with a picture from a local advertisement of something that every home needs.  Wrap the box and bring it to the party.  There the gifts will be exchanged and everyone will be able to open one and share with the group what they will be giving to the Safe House for the set up of the rooms.

This is a fun way to learn about what the needs are with our anti-trafficking programs in the Balkans.   (Click Here to see a flyer) We will be happy to work with you as to how to make this happen - let us know and we will get you the most current information.

Virtual Christmas Gift Box Ministry –

I know it is only August but for us to be able to manage and care for the 800 kids and families we anticipate serving this year we need to start now – as we need the funds by Mid October (Early November at the latest).  Here is a link to the Video that explains how it works.


If you have questions or need more information on how to help with either of these two Special Projects, et us know.

This we pray for the team from Northern Ireland who is coming to work in several of our churches. Pray that they would prepare and communicate the right things needed to the churches they work with. 

Also, pray for our livelihood groups as they are ramping up after a short summer break.  Pray that they might learn the new products and patterns quickly.

Finally, pray for the two ministries mentioned above - pray that God would use them to help us raise the funds to serve the folks in the Balkans.


First Balkan Family Camp 2018 has...

August 3, 2018 – It has been an amazing week watching God move and work in people’s lives.  Watching Team Balkans come together each doing what they had been asked to do all come together without any problems.  I am so proud of each of the folks – it was like a big puzzle coming together – each one did their part and the pieces fit together wonderfully


The teams from New York, Alabama, and Washington all were well prepared and ready to serve.  The nationals that helped also did an amazing job.  God is truly developing awesome national leadership to take the church to the next level and it is done through relationships and mentoring.


The campers who came seemed to really enjoy the camp and want us to do it again. (which we are thinking of doing in 2 years).

Thanks to all who prayed and gave to help us bring the Bulgarians to Camp.

This week pray for those who attended would remember what they heard and apply it to their lives.

Pray for the teams traveling back to the US!

Pray for the start-up of the livelihood groups for another season. 


Family Camp Bulgarian Style

July 26, 2018 – Next Monday begins our first family camp in Bulgaria with our churches.  We have teams coming from Washington, New York and Alabama to help us make this happen. All the missionaries and national leaders will be helping.

DSC01605 copy

(David Carr - Camp Speaker)

Most Bulgarians have not attended a camp meeting style program. They are not sure what to expect. The two hotels up the mountain are basically filled and for that we are thankful.

DSC_1023_640_480 copy

(Poolside at one of the hotels we are using - great for afternoon recreation!)

We have divided the areas of the camp to many different people and our prayer is that as we join all the parts together it will become a completed puzzle. Having a powerful impact for God!

This week pray…

… for the speakers and teachers that God would use them to make a permanent difference in their lives

…for those coming that they would open their heart and minds to what God would have for them, that they would not only hear but take the message to heart and change as the Holy Spirit leads.

…for the team running the camp that we will also find rest and truth during the time we are there as well.   


“Partnership By the Numbers” an update!

July 19, 2018 – We arrived back yesterday from 3 months – that is 90 days traveling and connecting with our partners.

  • We slept in 32 different beds (and only spent 22 of the nights we were stateside at our apartment)
  • Drove over 13,000 miles using 3 different vehicles throughout the tour
  • Had 32 Church Presentations
  • Attended 3 Annual Conferences
  • Participated in 2 Family Camps
  • Met with 30+ Pastors (whose Churches we were not going to this time) and other supporters (Usually it was a meal).


We are tired but it is a good tired because we know that God through the Holy Spirit will use the stories shared, the challenges given and the time invested to expand the kingdom work both here in the Balkans and every place we went.


Thanks to all who we met along the way – Thanks for the generous support, your encouragement, and kind words. Those who fed and housed us we thank you as well for that was greatly appreciated.  For those who purchased items from our display - WE THANK YOU!


Not having much time to rest we are now getting ready for our family camp which is July 30th-August 3rd.   This is the first one and we are praying God will move and work through it.  Will you pray too!

We have 3 teams coming from the states to help – pray for their preparations and travels.

Take some time to Thank God for His protection as we traveled and for the divine appointments, we had in our travels. (and for a quick recovery time for us with the time change)


Family Camp at SBC

July 12, 2018 – For the last 5 days we have been the resident Missionaries at Family Camp for the Southern Michigan Conference.  It has been a great time.  We have been sharing each morning for about an hour and then for 5 minutes in the evening service.  This has been a great time.  We have reconnected with many old friends and made many new ones as well. 


It is a more informal, laid back and relaxing time for us to connect with people and supporters and share the work that God is doing.

We will be heading back Tuesday (7/17) after 3 months stateside.  THANKS TO ALL WHO HOUSED US, FED US AND LISTENED TO US!  We are looking forward to getting back to what God is doing in the Balkans.

This week pray for…

Safty in travel back to Europe

Continue to pray for our family camp coming up in a couple weeks in BG – pray for the nationals coming and the teams coming to help.  (and that all the cost will be met)

The fall with some expanded programs and ministries that will be launched.


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