Long time no see! My website www.monique... and more...

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Long time no see! My website www.monique...

Long time no see! My website www.moniquedicarlo.com needs a makeover. It's a lot of (fun) work, so it'll take a while. For now I only have this blog to share my photography. Below you see one of 3 images that were selected by IKEA. When the IKEA art purchaser left, the new person thought they were not commercial enough... Luckily Mike Dooly (The Secret) liked one and used it for his book cover!

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My favorite season, well, for photography that is. And it came faster than anticipated! I realized I didn't post here for a while and I wonder how I can better plan for the 4 blogs that I have. Or maybe I should consolidate it into one? I'll keep you posted!

For now I'll just share some Fall foliage, I hope you enjoy your Fall when ever possible!




These people live again in print as intensely as when their images were captured on old dry plates of sixty years ago... I am walking in their alleys, standing in their rooms and sheds and workshops, looking in and out of their windows. Any they in turn seem to be aware of me. Ansel Adams


Bull Run Battle Field, Virginia.


Who leaves the pine-tree, leaves his friend
Unnerves his strength, invites his end.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Woodnotes"

Manassas Battle Field



The 4th of July we were invited at a friends farm here in Fauquier County. The oldest part is from 1760, that's where I discovered these beautiful curtains from India.


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