A few more freebies! and more

A few more freebies!


Easter Cross Free Digi!!

I hope you all enjoy this cross for the holiday season! Please let me know what you think! Happy Easter

An easter bastket for you

The sentiment Egg-ceptional is from stampin up the basket is whats to come...


To my much forgotten site!

This site has definitely been put on the back burner! I'm going to be working on updating the site and adding more digi's So I hope you stick around and check them out! I have three Easter digi's that will hopefully be up and ready by tomorrow!!


Hello all!

As some may have heard I am making this a free site! I am slowly weeding through and getting all of the for sale digi's replaced with the for free images. All you have to do is click on the image when it is available and save it.

You will notice a lot of deleted posts. I am simply trying to make it easier for you to navigate and find what you want. I will be adding pic's of cards from our awesome DT back in as I slowly get things organized.

I've taken out all of the challenges because you don't need to win the Digi's any more.

I hope I haven't offended anyone this is not my intention at all and I will be working very hard to get this all up and organized with cards back were they need to be.

For now please check the side bar for quick subjects to the digi's you are after or feel free to scroll the whole thing!

Please have patience there is a lot to go through.

Hugs to all and enjoy!



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