When life passes you by, it’s easy to forget to take moments to reflect and remember that there are thousands of things to be grateful for in life. In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re warming up our thankfulness muscles here at BGD to share all the ...

23 Reasons We're Thankful and more...

23 Reasons We're Thankful

When life passes you by, it’s easy to forget to take moments to reflect and remember that there are thousands of things to be grateful for in life. In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re warming up our thankfulness muscles here at BGD to share all the reasons why we’re grateful in 2017.

1. We're grateful for our customers who let us be part of their stunning proposals and the next chapter in their lives.

2. "I am thankful that I get to work in an industry I have a personal passion for, and the amount of knowledge Brian has passed down." Brie, BGD Team Member

3. We're grateful to be headquartered in the passionate city of Houston, who endured Hurricane Harvey and came together by the tens of thousands to help one another in a time of need.

4. "I am thankful that I have a job at Brian Gavin Diamonds because I love jewelry and the diamonds we sell are the best quality." – Rosa, BGD Team Member

5. We're grateful for all of our customers' off-the-wall proposals and are inspired by their creativity each day.

6. "I am most thankful for the amazing expertise that we're surrounded by each day. The fact that we have Brian Gavin, who is literally a diamond legend and visionary, sitting at a desk where we can call out and ask questions and get super technical information is truly invaluable. When you embark on a career, you always want to latch on to an expert and I've truly been blessed to have him as my personal go-to for all things diamond-related. I see and believe in what Brian Gavin Diamonds stands for and am proud to own one myself!" – Jamie, BGD Team Member

7. We're thankful for the launch of our new Brian Gavin Signature Emerald Cut Diamond and to be constantly pushing boundaries in our industry.

8. We love reading the amazing reviews and feedback from customers around the globe. It makes what we do feel even more important and meaningful!

9. "I'm thankful for my coworkers and bosses!  Life is always good when everyone gets along and it makes coming to work every day enjoyable." – Shannon, BGD Team Member

10. We love that our customers will go to the end of the earth and back to pull off a great proposal.

11. "I love my job because I like to keep the customers happy when they receive their jewelry on time." – Rosa, BGD Team Member

12. "I am thankful to work for a company that functions as a family, instead of just a group of people who happen to work in the same office." – Andrea, BGD Team Member

13. "I love my job because we don't just make a sale, we build relationships with people that are ready to take the next big step in their lives." Emily, BGD Team Member

14. We're excited and honored to welcome four new designers to the Black by Brian Gavin family: Erika Winters, Chris Ploof, Furrer Jacot, and Steven Kretchmer.

15.  "I am most thankful for the people who I work with that have both guided and educated me on my path to success at Brian Gavin Diamonds. Working under the close eye of our 5th Generation Diamond Cutter, Brian Gavin, I have had the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world in selecting a piece that may be one of the most important decisions that they make in their life. Each client is a new experience with their own special story in which we would like to help be a part of." – Emily, BGD Team Member

16. We're grateful to have the opportunity to travel across the world to find the perfect stones for our customers. Picking out Dustin and Summer's stunning sapphire in China was a true joy of ours this year.

17. We love having dedicated customers who have made BGD a true tradition, especially our youngest fan!

18. "My favorite moment of 2017 has been photographing all the amazing pieces created for our customers and knowing what an important role they play in their lives." – Andrea, BGD Team Member

19. We're thankful for not only being part of our customer's proposal but also their wedding day!

20. "When I developed my first custom idea for a client and heard back that it was perfect! It was also one of my very first sales." – Brie, BGD Team Member

21. "My favorite moment at Brian Gavin Diamonds would have to be when Brian showed me the videography for our Black by Brian Gavin line when it launched. It actually made me cry. Truly amazing to be a part of something so progressive and watching his vision come to life!" – Jamie, BGD Team Member

22. We LOVE creating custom work and bringing our customer's visions to life.

23. Above all, we are so thankful for YOU, our customer and fan, for filling our days with so much joy.

Studies have found there are benefits of gratitude — both mental and physical — and all it takes to enjoy them is a little bit of perspective. Acknowledge them all, big and small, on Thanksgiving and every day. You just may put yourself on a dazzling path to an even better new year! Cheers to many more sparkling moments of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! 

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Brendon and Roshi: A Love That’s For Shore

Love has a funny way of showing itself. Sometimes it’s the first kiss or looking into the sunset together. “For me, it was at dinner on our first date, when she looked at my plate and asked, ‘Are you going to finish that?’” our customer Brendon joked when sharing his own love story.

Brendon and Roshi met on a popular online dating site and spent two and a half years together before he decided to pop the question with a custom, sparkly Brian Gavin Diamonds ring.

Photo Credit: Ashley Posusta, Paradise Photo

Brendon began the daunting task of online diamond buying. “Confusing and overwhelming at the onset,” is how he described his initial search before landing on the Brian Gavin Diamonds website. Brendon wanted the ring to be a perfect fit, and we were up for the task.

Brendon and Roshi went ring shopping months prior to his online search, giving him inspiration for her ring. While keeping in mind the ring they had once admired with lotus petal prongs, he shared his vision with our team to make Roshi’s custom-designed ring as meaningful and beautiful as ever.

“Jamie and the rest of the crew were nothing short of stellar in every regard. I had high expectations, and they delivered,” he said.

The Proposal

The couple was on their annual family trip with Brendon’s family in Kauai, Hawaii, but Roshi had no idea that day would take such a dazzling turn.

The morning of the proposal, Brendon suggested a relaxing hike on the beach. Hand in hand, the two made their way to a secluded beach where Brendon had planned for a photographer to capture their engagement on camera.

Photo Credit: Ashley Posusta, Paradise Photo

In Roshi’s own words:

"I set off along the beach, walking away from Brendon and staring off into the sunset. After walking for what seemed like a long while, I turned around to face him, wondering why he was so silent. It took me a second to register what was happening as I saw him perched on one knee, smiling from ear-to-ear, a tiny box in hand.”


Joyfully, Roshi ran back toward her love and in a burst of excitement accidentally gave Brendon her right hand instead of the left. She hurriedly switched hands so the diamond could find its rightful home.

After the shock wore off, Roshi noticed not only was the other beachgoer a photographer documenting the whole experience but also that the rest of Brendon's family watching the entire proposal. Now that Brendon could breathe a sigh of relief, he, his bride-to-be and family made their way to a private dinner to celebrate.

Throughout the dinner, Roshi couldn't help but stare at her new Brian Gavin Diamonds ring. “My ring sparkles brilliantly with dainty classic simplicity and a flare of unique elegance,” she said.


Stories like these keep us focused on designing the highest quality rings for couples taking on forever together. We were so happy we could be part of this magical day and wish both Roshi and Brendon an eternity of happiness. If you’d like to shop other gorgeous engagement ring styles, visit the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

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5 Customer Proposals We Love

Being in the business of love we get to take part in just a little slice of people’s happily ever after. Sometimes we get couples that come through and we can’t help but fall in love with their story, here’s five of our favorite!

Barbara and Phil


Barbara and Phil's Proposal


How They Met: The Mermaid Oyster Bar in New York City was where these lovebirds met and they soon became the apples of each other’s eyes.

The Proposal: After two years of long distance dating, Phil knew Barbara was the one and wanted to take her back to where their love started. Phil created a personalized cocktail menu at the Mermaid Oyster Bar with a, “Will you marry me?” at the bottom. Barbara and Phil’s love came full circle when Barbara joyfully said yes to forever with Phil in the same exact spot they met.

The Ring: “My ring is such a masterpiece that I will treasure forever,” Barbara said dreamily. Phil worked with our team to design a 6-prong Classic Half Round setting in 18K gold.

Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

Katelin and Matthew

How They Met: Matthew and Katelin met in a high school economics class and have been crazy about each other ever since.

The Proposal: Matthew began planning an Alaskan proposal and expertly hid it from Katelin. On a helicopter glacier tour Matthew popped the question with the stunning Alaskan wilderness behind them. Katelin was completely surprised and said yes with tears of joy running down her face.

The Ring: Katelin’s finger is adorned with her dream ring, a Classic Three Stone open basket platinum setting featuring a center diamond from Brian Gavin Diamonds’ Signature Collection. The ring also features two surrounding diamonds from the Black by Brian Gavin Collection.

Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

Stephen and Angelina


Stephen and Angelina's Wedding Day


How They Met: Stephen and Angelina met in a college chemistry class where they went from lab partners to partners in crime.

The Proposal: After a long business trip away from his love, Stephen had plans to make Angelina his wife. Angelina got home and walked to their home office to welcome Stephen home. Upon opening the door, she saw “Will you marry me?” in Christmas lights, chocolate covered strawberries and the man of her dreams holding a ring.

The Ring: Stephen had specific standards for the ring and with the help of our team he chose our popular Classic Style Half Round engagement ring setting.  Stephen added a special inscription to express his love adding a unique touch to a stunning ring.

Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

Casey and James

How They Met: They say opposites attract, James and Casey can agree. After meeting through mutual friends, these two very different personalities fell in love.

The Proposal: In front of the Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya, Mexico, James endearingly asked Casey one of the most important questions of their lives. The ruins represented the thousands of years he wanted their love to withstand, just as the ruins have.

The Ring: With smiles on their faces James slid one of our Tapered Classic Style Half Round in 18K white gold onto Casey’s finger. With a personalized inscription on the inside, Casey’s ring dazzled as much as her smile.Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

Sabrina & Dana

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Sabrina on her wedding day


How They Met: After meeting through a group of mutual friends Dana couldn’t let Sabrina go. Dana did some investigating and found out Sabrina was going to be at the library the next day. Dana “randomly” showed up at the library and surprised her the rest is history.

The Proposal: On a chilly Minneapolis evening after dinner, Dana and Sabrina went for a stroll to a frozen waterfall. Before they froze like popsicles Sabrina headed back to the car and Dana didn’t follow. She turned around to see Dana one on knee with a Brian Gavin Diamond ring. She eagerly ran to him and completely forgot about the below zero temperatures around them.

The Ring: “I couldn’t take my eyes off it,” Sabrina exclaimed. Our Valentine Micro Pave 1 engagement ring, set in 18K white gold, found its perfect home on Sabrina’s left ring finger.

Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

These lovely engagements are just a handful of the romance we get to encounter here at Brian Gavin Diamonds. Designing one-of-a-kind engagement rings is our passion because we know an engagement ring is so much more than jewelry; it's a promise. If you’re ready to take the next step with the love of your life, visit our website to start building a ring as unique as your love story.

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

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Joseph & Vanessa: The Ingredients to a Perfect Proposal

Every wedding begins with an engagement and the details behind proposals are unique, and completely personal, to each couple. Some proposals are spontaneous, sealed with courage, a ring and a floor to kneel on. Other proposals are methodically, with the ring holder planning every minute of the event. Today’s story details Joseph, our scrupulously sentimental customer, who knew exactly how to pull off a truly one-of-a-kind proposal to his girlfriend Vanessa.

Joseph and Vanessa met in college, where they both felt an instant connection. Over a lovely pasta dinner, the two found that they couldn’t stop talking on their first date. The first date led to an immediate second, and before they knew it, Joseph and Vanessa made their relationship “official” by the end of the weekend.

“I knew she was the one for me and there was no hesitation to look ahead at all that was to come with this special person I was so lucky to get to know,” Joseph said when thinking of their first date. They were the same thoughts he’d have leading up to their engagement night.

Being the meticulous planner that he was, Joseph visited local jewelers and combed online sites for 18 months in search of the perfect diamond. “Brian Gavin was the only place where I found all Signature cut diamonds; always meeting my picky standards as well as the AGS triple zero. As soon as I saw Brian Gavin Blue, I immediately fell in love with it and knew Vanessa would love it, too,” he said.

The BGD team did their best to find Joseph the exact Brian Gavin Blue diamond he wanted. Our team worked to design “The Vaness” setting to accommodate the 1.37ct H VVS2 Brian Gavin Blue stone, featuring a pave diamond twist on each side.


Professional, “yet friendly and concise,” are the three words Joseph used to describe our team’s service. “They never guided me wrong. Even for the engraving they told me it would be too small to see with the naked eye and they didn’t want to take my money for nothing. Honesty was refreshing,” he exclaimed.

“[The ring] was ready for pick-up two months before the proposal date. Communication was always very prompt,” Joseph remembered. Once the ring shipped, our team eagerly waited for news of the couple’s proposal.

Joseph’s knack for personalization didn’t stop with the ring; he dreamed up a larger than life proposal, too. A nautical limo would set sail on the banks of the Saint-Lawrence River in Montreal at sunset, stocked with champagne, a guitar, 36 roses to signify 36 months together, and “The Vanessa” ring, of course.

The centerpiece of the evening was a custom menu, created by Joseph, which signified a special milestone with every course using food from each restaurant. Pasta from the date where it all began, slices from the pizzeria where Vanessa agreed to be his girlfriend, Portuguese-style chicken from the spot they said, “I love you,” their first date — a feast baked in their favorite moments from the last three years.

Nervous but ready, Joseph got down on one knee to propose. Vanessa shares the romantic moment with us:

“I was shocked and overcome with emotion but managed to get a ‘yes’ out, completely overjoyed! It was the perfect, most romantic setting. Once all of the kissing and hugging was done and I finally took the time to look at what he had slipped on my finger, I saw the most beautiful elegant ring ever! I could not have imagined anything better. I loved the original color of the diamond as the last rays of hit it. Joseph definitely went all out and I could not have

asked for a better proposal, a better ring or a better partner.”

Vanessa’s ring was like nothing she’s seen before, which made it all the more special. “I would say it is a unique and brilliant engagement ring that gets many compliments and will be a heirloom for our future family,” Joseph remarked.

“I look most forward to finally marrying my best friend and being surrounded by all the people I care about, knowing we will have a lifetime of happiness together to enjoy,” Vanessa excitedly shared. The two are set to tie the knot in August of 2018 and dream of a honeymoon in Greece.

We’re thankful that Brian Gavin Diamonds got to be one ingredient in Joseph and Vanessa’s love story. Visit our website to learn about our custom rings and make a setting in your own namesake.


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BGD Travels the Globe

From Miami to Morocco, our jewels have traveled the world in the hands of wanderlust customers like you. In August, we challenged our fans to enter our #MyBGDTravels contest and show us the best photos of their BGD jewelry on the road.

My BGD Travels' Winning Photo Submission in Spain

We were blown away by the elegant, inspiring and astounding places your jewelry ventured to this season. Our winner, Ryan, was randomly selected to with our $500 gift certificate but we were blown away by every entry.JY (@ninjayap98) popped the question in sweet Paris with the Eiffel Tower romantically in the distance.
Chris took his wife to the most magical place on earth, Disney World. Who could resist a fairytale photo op in front of the Magic Kingdom?Denise (@deniseskk)and her beau, Wayne, elevated their love to new heights during a romantic trip to Emerald Lake in Banff National Park.
Madeline (@madelinera3) appropriately brought her bling to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for the ultimate ring selfie.
Last but not least, Di (@nguyend1anne)ended her travels with a bang at Lollapalooza in Chicago. She didn't miss a beat before letting her sparkle take center stage.
Thank you to everyone who shared their sparkle with us! If you want to see more amazing submissions, check out the #MyBGDTravels hashtag on Instagram.

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