See image (left). Russian control of Ukraine as of September 2022..."US officials closely watching sham referendums in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine and preparing to act" [LINK].. 'preparing to act'? LOL. Seriously? The referendum on September 23-27 ...
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Oblast...oh, blast!

See image (left). Russian control of Ukraine as of September 2022..."US officials closely watching sham referendums in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine and preparing to act" [LINK]... 'preparing to act'? LOL. Seriously? 
The referendum on September 23-27 in the Donbass and southern Kherson and Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine on their accession to Russian Federation is, prima facie, an exercise of the right of self-determination by the native population who reject the Western-backed regime change in Kiev in 2014 and the ascendancy of extreme nationalist forces with neo-Nazi leanings in the power structure.

[LINK] ) 'MK Bhadrakumar is a former diplomat. He was India’s ambassador to Uzbekistan and Turkey. The views are personal') 

Before you condemn, remember the Kosovo precedent. This is the same, 100%. No ifs, no buts. But it's "them": the baddies, right?...and IF the votes go the Russian way (they will) any action is then not helping the poor saintly (ahem) Ukrainians but an attack on sovereign Russia:
“In the event of a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and to defend Russia and our people, we will certainly make use of all weapon systems available to us. This is not a bluff.” ['bad' Vlad]
I concur. That, the course of the war, the Ukrainian "gains", and the map above, are EXACTLY what I told my military serving number-two son - to the letter - back in end-Feb/beginning-March this year. Exactly, precisely, TO-THE-LETTER. If fat Span Ows, England-loving, loud, overweight, brash, stubborn, impatient, non-Putin-loving but also non Mr Bean Zelensky-loving average 'man-in-the-street' (general gob-shite "know-all") "knew" this back a few days into the Russian invasion, what of our political class?

Hard to compute? Just think of the bidets (wonderful spell check) Bidens and Clintons (and by extension the Obamas) as crime families: they are; Ukraine is a massive money-laundering opportunity (it is); suddenly it all makes sense. 

Literally 5 minutes 'surfing' tells you all you need to know...BUT, if you don't want to know, well... LOOK! A squirrel!

You'll never guess the last time I used that squirrel pic [OMG]. Hopefully the links all are still active: 'A Twitter fest! #MemoDay (read in full on Axios: involves FBI, DOJ, Democrat Party probably Hillary Clinton, possible Obama. Bigger than Watergate)'

 ...well, you didn't think Obama was good, in ANY way, did you? I mean...what? There is so much...and not just outside the USA. So much

Ocean oscillations...

Not written about Pakistan directly before, except if you include all the problems with a certain community then I have mentioned it indirectly (mostly not good) a few times and for quite a while

Today, I only write this after watching rugby union at the weekend...bear with me...The BT Sport commentator remarked about their charity efforts for the Pakistan floods. I must admit I hadn't heard a thing (having been in the Americas for most of the last few months) so I looked it up.
That image is from the Wiki page and what struck me more is that in the first four paragraphs of that page they mention climate change nine (9) times**. After that it isn't repeated until the references at the foot of the page, almost like they were focussing and iterating...trying to convey a message? Here's the first paragraph:
In the sidebar they at least mention other causes: "Poor urban planning, Heavy monsoon rains, climate change". The first two they have got correct. The main text in the 'Impact' section goes on to say these are the worst floods since 2010. Which, in turn, were comparable to the floods of 1988, 1995, and 1997...oh. The monsoon rain that fell in 2010 was the highest since 1994 (another year...they missed 1992) which made it the second highest since 1961 (the 50 years recorded then 1961-2011). 

Hmmmm, see where I'm going with this? Seems the Pakistani Government would try to sort this out... oh they did, back in the 70s after the floods of 1973 and 1976. Difficult though, that Indus thing (big river apparently) starts in a gorge starting in the Himalayas (big snowy mountain range apparently). FFS. 

These floods happen all the time; in fact you could probably time them, literally. I wouldn't mind betting there's a boy and a girl involved. These climate patterns often lead to 'a cascade of global impacts' [LINK], El Niño–La Niña oscillation, part of  "the intricate relationship between the ocean and the atmosphere" led in 2010 to unusually intense monsoon rains; in fact every flood year mentioned above coincides with La Niña, which "impacts the global climate and disrupts normal weather patterns, which can lead to intense storms in some places and droughts in others". That last sentence was from the Wiki page, they were happy to say that back then (cue Lefty editing) but today it is all about climate CHANGE. No it ISN'T; these are climate events that have happened for hundreds of years! Probably for ever. 

** nine, the same number of MPs that attended a debate in parliament on the abuse, trafficking, rape,drug, gang-rape Pakistani 'grooming' scandal earlier this month

'One-off offer' offing offspring...

After this week's encouraging conservative (almost Conservative!) mini-budget PM Truss continues the good start she has made. Two real issues she needs to sort: the English Channel organised human trafficking and the crazy continuation of vaccinations jabs against SARS CoV 2 to stop COVID.
The worrying rise in excess deaths in many age groups and many countries continues; HART wrote to the new British PM. The 'group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts' - amongst others - have oft raised concerns re excess non-covid deaths 'and the need for this to be urgently and thoroughly investigated'. "There is still a total lack of long-term safety data and the worrying rise in excess non-Covid deaths in young males aged 15-19 years has yet to be explained." ...

..."In short, the balance of benefit and risk, used to support the rollout of mRNA vaccines to the elderly and vulnerable in 2021, is totally inappropriate and inapplicable for children in 2022." 

Now, the latest UK Gov data shows a 22% rise in deaths of 5-9 year-olds. Obviously "...major ethical concerns remain" [LINK]
More than one year on, it is of extreme concern that so many warning signals have been blithely ignored.
Last year's minutes of JCVI meetings [PDF]

One's obit...

Inside Westminster Abbey: 'This was history - solemn, spectacular and intense' [BBC]
Hopefully together again and as happy as it is obvious they were...

Update 22:44 with obit: sorry I have no words; been welling up every time I think of it; I know it is eleven days since Her Majesty passed but I think His Grace does her justice: [LINK] "The curtain has fallen on the second Great Elizabethan Age."

Obfuscation over origins II...

Really this blogpost was meant to be the first Obfuscaion over origins not the second (II), it is just that yesterday I began with the blog title but then got side-tracked and ended up not posting on the origins of SARS CoV 2 but on the massive failure of the response to the virus. 

Back to the opaque origins: A couple of days back eugyppius posted "Every day there is more evidence that the SARS-2 outbreak began months before the earliest documented Wuhan infections. Why does nobody care?" 
"But, nobody wants to dig up further evidence on when and where SARS-2 entered humans – perhaps because everybody knows that more chronological clarity would do anything but support the case for natural origins."
eugyppius pointed to a recent Italian study on pre-pandemic SARS-2 infections in Lombardy. Resulting from the retesting of archival samples of suspected measles cases (a similar symptom for coronavirus and measles is skin rashes). Their analyses produced 13 positive cases for SARS-2 RNA; 
 "Eleven of these samples were collected before anybody declared a pandemic. Four of the eleven also had anti-SARS-2 antibodies – including the earliest sample, taken from an eight-month-old infant on 12 September 2019. None of these patients had any relevant travel history.
In a follow-up post yesterday eugyppius writes that "Since we’re talking about the origins and early history of the SARS-2 outbreak, it’s worth having a look at Jonathan Engler’s intriguing analysis of the all-cause mortality data out of northern Italy in the earliest days of the outbreak." yes it is worth it it and I'd also suggest subscribing to eugyppius's Substack*: a plague chronicle worth following. 

Some snippets from Engler's article below: 

"Both the lack of excess deaths overall and the lack of clusters of excess deaths are in fact totally unexpected in light of the evidence — now supported by papers studying antibodies and PCR testing data AND symptoms — of significant presence of Sars-Cov-2 in February (and earlier, in fact). "
How could an apparently highly contagious and lethal virus have spread throughout the region so much that case growth was apparently actually slowing in most areas by the end of February, without leaving any signal of increased deaths in its wake?
 "On the assumption that healthcare is organised by province, the conclusion can only be that it was the manner in which healthcare was delivered which was relevant to the death rate, not the spread of a virus, which would of course have no respect for provincial boundaries."
The fact that assumptions derived from the data from Lombardy — including estimates of the case and infection fatality rates — formed the basis of policies implemented first in the UK, and thereafter rippling across the world, makes this a question which should be addressed with some urgency. 
This is especially the case since these policies are now being recognised as having caused catastrophic long-lasting harm to much of the world’s population with little or no discernible benefit. 
I'll leave you with eugyppius's eye-opening and worrying conclusion, chiming with what many have thought for the whole COVID era, that political actions led directly to thousands of deaths: 

"Lockdowns were accompanied by a rapid collapse in influenza infections in many countries, followed almost immediately by a rise in SARS-2 mortality. It’s worth asking whether the flu and other common respiratory viruses are actually protective against novel pathogens because of interference effects, and whether our panic measures didn’t, in most cases, simply reduce the competition SARS-2 faced from other viruses. I also cling to my theory that, before Omicron, SARS-2 was an attendant-borne pathogen, which thrived particularly in healthcare environments. Emergency measures, including mass testing, had the effect of hoovering up as many SARS-2 patients as possible and putting them in environments where attendants could mediate transmission – precisely where SARS-2 does most of its killing."

* I subscribe to several allowing access across the platform. 

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