Since late 2015, I've been posting on Medium now. See my account page.

new posts are on Medium now

Since late 2015, I’ve been posting on Medium now. See my account page.

Another City is Possible: on overcoming housing-crises and resignation

[originally posted to discussion list of SFBARF, San Francisco Bay Area Renters Federation].  Today’s Vice article on SF housing (“Nobody Can Figure Out How to Fix San Francisco’s Housing Crisis” by George McIntire) does a good job articulating some different … Continue reading

Can we turn news articles into action? proposal for civic-ideas markets/accelerators

this is an idea I’ve been mulling and discussing with people for a while. A recent editorial by Greg Bauman, editor of Silicon Valley Business Journal, “Leaders need to step in on housing crisis,” prompted me to write the below … Continue reading

Disrupting Silicon Valley Housing and Homelessness

storify of and notes on discussion July 12-17 about new approaches to affordable and transit-served housing in Silicon Valley: Facebooks's HQ now fully auto-dependent, but sits on disused rail line to #Caltrain, East Bay, & space for housing — … Continue reading

How might Silicon Valley tackle a core social issue like housing?

exploring ideas & approaches for my Houslets project – low-cost mobile modular building. Follow project at @houslets.             just visited US' largest homeless camp #CoyoteCreekCamp in center of Silicon Valley nr downtown San Jose … Continue reading

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