September Blog Hop and more...

September Blog Hop

Hello Hoppers! It's September. Schools back in session, new idea book, and new stamp of the month. Could it get any better? You are arriving from Judy's blog. I love the Happy Hauntings Stamp of the Month. Be sure and contact me to order or go to my website. I had some old door hangers left that I decided to use for this months project. You could put a candy bar in it but I was making M & M tubes, so I thought I would try those it. I'm going to give to some of my teacher friends at school. Enjoy


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New 12 Inch Flip Flaps

I love, love, love, did I say love these new flip flaps. There are 8 in a pack for only $3.95. You get (2) 4x12's, (2) 8x12's, and (4) 6x6's. They add so many possibilities to your page. You can order yours starting tomorrow, September 1st. Order from my website or email me at Below is a couple of layouts I started at convention and then finished when I got home.

This layout is with (1) 8x12 and (1) 4x12 facing each other.

This is the same layout above but with the flip flaps open.

This layout is with (2) 6x6 flip flaps closed.

This is the same layout above but with the flip flaps open.


August Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Sorry for the delay on posting my pictures but here they are. You should be arriving from Jamia's site. The August Stamp of the Month is Something Splendid and it is something fabulous! I love flowers anyway, but I'm really enjoying this versatile set. To order, please visit my site. Stamp of the Month also qualifies for the 2, 4, 6, 8 campaign starting soon, so don't miss out. Visit my website for details.

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Welcome to the July Blog Hop Featuring "Happy Forever"

Happy Summer or should I say "Happy Forever" which is the name of this months stamp set. When I sat down to design for this month's hop, I wasn't really crazy about the furry little critters but now I LOVE them! I have probably have way too many pictures this month but the little critters kind of became a permanent fixture on each of the layouts for Kayla's prom. Hope you enjoy.

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I am alive! Have you taken advantage of the June Jackpot?

Sorry it's been so long since my last posting. Between baseball, finishing school for the year, and Close To My Heart, there is just not enough time. I hope you've been checking out the June Jackpot. I check everyday at 11:00 a.m. EST! I have even taken advantage myself and hit the jackpot a couple of times. Just a couple of days left!


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