Have you seen our 20 Meals for $150 Meal Plans Using Ingredients from Costco yet? We’ve got TEN of them including our latest featuring all organic freezer friendly meals! It’s a great way to save on dinners, using bulk ingredients from Costco!!! ...


Costco Top Deals for February 2017: Nutri-Grain Bars, Raisin Bran, Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Fruit Snacks + More and more...

Costco Top Deals for February 2017: Nutri-Grain Bars, Raisin Bran, Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Fruit Snacks + More


Have you seen our 20 Meals for $150 Meal Plans Using Ingredients from Costco yet? We’ve got TEN of them including our latest featuring all organic freezer friendly meals! It’s a great way to save on dinners, using bulk ingredients from Costco!!! Included are a price list, shopping list, full recipes, and more!

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Here are the top deals at Costco for this coupon cycle:
Costco Coupon Booklet – Prices valid 2/16 – 3/12 and may vary by store.

Baby Food & Care


Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants, 72 – 96 ct – $29.99

Includes: 2T/3T, 96 ct; 3T/4T, 86 ct; 4T/5T, 72 ct

  • $7.00/1 Huggies Pull-Ups – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes Sizes 2T – 5T; Limit 2 Each (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $22.99

Breakfast & Cereal


Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Cereal Bar Variety Pack, 48 ct – $11.99


  • $3.70/1 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Cereal Bar – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 48 ct Only; Limit 6 (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $8.29


Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, 2 ct 38.25 oz bags – $7.69


  • $2.50/1 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereal – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 2/38.25 oz Only; Limit 2 (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $5.19


Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety pack, 52 ct – $8.79


  • $3.00/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 52 ct Only; No Limit (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $5.79

Cookies, Snacks & Candy


General Mills Fruit by the Foot, 48 ct – $12.59


  • $4.00/1 General Mills Fruit by the Foot Variety Pack – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 48 ct Only; Limit 4 (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $8.59

Frozen Foods


Tyson Panko Chicken Nuggets, 5 lbs – $12.49


  • $5.00/1 Tyson or Perdue Panko Chicken Nuggets – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 5 lb Only; No Limit (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $7.49

Home Supplies


Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue, 30 Double Roll – $21.99


  • $4.40/1 Charmin Bath Tissue – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 30 Rolls/231 Sheets Only; Limit 1 Per Household (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $17.59


Duracell Coppertop Batteries, 32 ct AAA and/or 40 ct AA – $14.99


  • $3.00/1 Duracell Alkaline Batteries – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes AA or AAA; Limit 5 (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $11.99


Finish Powerball All-in-One Tabs, 115 ct – $17.49


  • $3.50/1 Finish Powerball All-In-1 Plus Tabs – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 115 ct Only; Limit 5 (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $13.99


Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent, 146 loads, 225 oz – $21.89


  • $4.00/1 Gain HE Liquid Laundry Detergent – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 225 oz 146 ld Only; Limit 1 Per Household (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $17.89


Glad 13 Gallon Odor Shield Trash Bags with Febreeze, 140 ct – $16.99


  • $3.80/1 Glad Odor Shield with Febreze Trash Bags – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 13 gal 140 ct Only; Limit 5 (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $13.19


Oxi Clean Versatile Stain Remover, 11.6 lbs – $17.99


  • $5.00/1 Oxi Clean Versatile Stain Remover – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 11.6 ld 290 ld Only; Limit 5 (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $12.99

Personal Care


Always Ultra Thin Pads, 76-96 ct – $12.49

Includes: Overnight or Regular

  • $3.00/1 Always Ultra Thin Regular or Overnight or Maxi Long Super – Costco Monthly Booklet; Limit 2 Each (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $9.49



Chobani Greek Yogurt Variety Pack, 20 ct 5.3 oz cups – $15.39


  • $4.00/1 Chobani Greek Yogurt Variety Pack – Costco Monthly Booklet; Includes 20/5.3 oz Only; Limit 8 (exp. 03/12/17)
Final Price: $11.39
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Disclaimer: I have no formal relationship with Costco and am not paid by them to share these monthly deals. These deals are found using the published monthly Costco coupon booklet.

Last Day to Register for My Winter 2017 Grocery Budget Makeover Online Class!


On a rare occasion, I’ll have an ‘off week’ where I only have half of my grocery plan in place and a chicken-scratched grocery list. (Just keeping it real, my friend!) And the result is I end up spending way more than I wanted to.

It’s an awful feeling. Which is why I don’t have those weeks often…I don’t like that crummy, yucky feeling…like I was flushing money down the drain as I walked out of the store. And it brings up terrible memories from years ago when I was stuck in an overspending rut.

I studied the “grocery game,” put into place some systems and goals for myself to cut my grocery spending and it worked. And I’ve developed this strategy into an online class that will teach you how to stop overspending on groceries.

Because I want to you to never have to feel that feeling again.

I want to ease the stress that comes with overspending on groceries. I want you to feel confident in your grocery planning & ultimately, your grocery spending each week. I want you to walk out of the grocery store with your head held high, like you are beating them at their own game. (It’s a game actually, and I’m gonna teach you how to play it!)

I’m here to encourage and lead you through the process of rethinking and reworking YOUR grocery shopping system. I’ll share powerful insights that will reshape the way you plan and shop for groceries…ultimately giving you control of your grocery spending and confidence as you walk out of the store each week!

In a few short hours, registration for the next online class of the Grocery Budget Makeover will end. If you want in on this next class and you want my help to stop overspending on groceries, I’d like to invite you to join!

Veronica says, “The Grocery Budget Makeover changed the way I looked at grocery shopping and now there’s a peace to grocery shopping. Thank you for making grocery shopping easier for me!”

Peaceful. Grocery shopping can be peaceful! Yes, it can be!

My system and methodology will help make the entire grocery planning process smoother and easier for you.

I want to help you. I want to make grocery shopping smoother and less stressful for you. Are you ready?!?

This is your last chance to get into this winter’s class and start saving big bucks on groceries this year!

Erin “no more flushing $$$ down the grocery store drain” Chase

P.S. I’ve answered a bunch of common questions about the class and the makeover here.



Are Your Overspending on Groceries Because You’re Making One of These 5 Mistakes?!?


Chances are you’re making 1 or more of these common grocery shopping blunders….and overspending as a result!

I’d love to teach you about these mistakes and what you can do to fix them in my free grocery savings workshop. In the workshop, we will be talking about these mistakes, how to fix them, as well as take a closer look at the different parts and pieces that go into planning your grocery shopping trips (or orders!). When you’ve got all the parts and pieces working together well, the result is that you stop overspending and you start saving big bucks.

If you’d like to sign up (for free!), you can do that here.

The free workshop is happening all this week!

Here’s to spending less in 2017!




15% Off EVERYTHING: Merry Christmas from Zaycon Fresh



HO-HO-HO Merry Christmas from Zaycon Fresh!

You’ve heard me gush about Zaycon Fresh, and I’ll keep gushing about it. Especially when I see these amazing prices. Better than grocery store prices! And amazing quality too!

I love this company, their products and the fact that I can ‘drive through’ on my way home from picking up the boys from school and have 40 lbs. of chicken to prepare and get into the freezer.

To take advantage of this site wide savings:

  • Sign Up for Zaycon Fresh
  • Find a pick-up location near you and select the chicken breasts option
  • Use Code: XMASSALE when you checkout
  • Add reminder to your calendar for your pick-up time and location (don’t worry, they will remind you too!)
  • Deal expires 12/26, so don’t wait in getting your order in!

This code (XMASSALE) will take 15% off order your entire order!!! <—– THAT IS AN AMAZING DEAL!!! (I’ve already signed up for mine!)

Now, while you wait for your chicken to arrive, I HIGHLY recommend getting set up with a MyFreezEasy membership so that you can create/build a meal plan for the 40 lbs. of chicken that will soon be yours!

You will THANK YOURSELF, if you set up all of this chicken (and other meats) you received as meals vs. just throwing it into the freezer without any meal prep. Even if it’s as simple

With the MyFreezEasy membership, you can pick from all of the different chicken meals that we have available – set up your meal plan with your Zaycon order in mind, print out the shopping lists. Then, the day before your Zaycon Fresh order pickup, I would go shopping for the other ingredients you need to make all these chicken meals for your freezer. MyFreezEasy has done all of the work for you!


Save MONEY with the $1.49/lb chicken deal from Zaycon Fresh.

Save TIME with the Meals Plans for Zaycon Fresh from MyFreezEasy!

Save SANITY by doing all the MEAT meal prep and getting your freezer loaded with amazing MyFreezEasy MEAT meals!



Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting $5 Dinners & MyFreezEasy!


LAST DAY TO ORDER for Christmas Delivery!!! #freeshippingday


Today is Free Shipping Day!

And it’s also the last day to order to ensure your FreezEasy goodies and stocking stuffers arrive before Christmas Day!

(Yes, free shipping day means free shipping – and there’s always free shipping in the FreezEasy Shop!)

Get Your Order In Today!!!!

Merry Christmas! 


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